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A podcast about mysteries, hosted by Starlee Kine. From Gimlet.

Mystery Show Gimlet Media

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A podcast about mysteries, hosted by Starlee Kine. From Gimlet.


4.7 von 5
41 Bewertungen

41 Bewertungen

SenoritaBandita ,

Amazing show - this has to come back!

Just discovered this show. I absolutely love it, and hope that Starlee will continue it somehow, somewhere, somewhen! What i like especially is, how she has a genuine interest in all the people that she meets on her journeys, so wonderful, amazing little side stories are weaved into the main mystery.
Plaese continue this show, it's amongst my favorite podcasts.

Dulcinea1234 ,


Great Show!!

BchanBB ,

Twee, hip, ironic, quaint - but no substance.

This show perfects the type of pseudo-journalism that made This American Life a hit show - it mixes hip little indie music soundbites with quotes “from real people” and cute little female voiced musings about the “small things in life” which appeals to twenty-somethings.
The point this show (and all other shows that came up in on the TAL hype train) tries to hammer home is that “the big themes can be found in the smallest of matters”, but it does it in such a formulaic, twee way that it becomes sickening - like a cake that’s too sweet, or the song “Barbie girl”.
When you pick apart the elements of the show, i.e. write them down on paper, the quotes she picks up from “real life people”, they reveal their inherent blandness and the suggestive nature of her questions doesn’t help.
If you’re under 30, think you have the world figured out, and like twee, girlie things, like Zooey Deschanel or Cody Diablo scripts, this might be just the thing you’re looking for. But don’t be fooled by the hype into thinking this show is somehow “deep” or has any kind of journalistic integrity.

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