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Captain Nick Anderson, aka The Old Pilot, takes us on an aviation audio journey each week on the Airline Pilot Guy Aviation Podcast

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Captain Nick Anderson, aka The Old Pilot, takes us on an aviation audio journey each week on the Airline Pilot Guy Aviation Podcast

    Holmes and the Battle of Britain

    Holmes and the Battle of Britain

    On the 18th of June 1940, Churchill stood in Parliament and gave a speech in which he stated that what General Weyland had called the Battle of France was over and that the Battle of Britain was about to begin. In the middle of this remarkable conflict was one Raymond Towers Holmes...

    Sir Winston Churchill


    Hermann Göring


    Preparations being made for the invasion of Britain


    Joseph Kennedy, the US Ambassador to Great Britain


    Adolf Hitler


    The Me 110


    The Supermarine Spitfire


    The Hawker Hurricane


    The Me 109


    Battle of Britain pilots


    The coverage of Chain Home


    Chain Home operators


    Arty Holmes in his fighter


    Dog fights over London during the Battle of Britain


    Dornier Do 17s


    The secret weapon flamethrower


    The Do17 without its tail plunges down towards Victoria Station


    Wreckage of the Do17 that Arty brought down



    Images under Creative Commons licence with thanks to BiblioArchives, Bundesarchiv, the RAF, Wide World Photos, ROC, Adrian Pingstone, Imperial War Museum and the British Official Histories.

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    It’s Not What You Say!

    It’s Not What You Say!

    I was recently digging through some old airline paperwork and came across a delightful booklet from my old airline entitled Cabin Address from the Flight Deck - briefing notes and suggestions. The booklet is more than 20 years old so the content might, on occasions, fail to reflect current sensitivities but I thought it worth digging into so that I could share some of its suggestions with you.





    Images with kind permission of cartoonist Capt John Reed AKA Figment.

    • 19 Min.
    Little Nellie and Her Friends

    Little Nellie and Her Friends

    Little Nellie was a rare breed of aviatrix the name of which has its origins in Ancient Greek. In more modern parlance, we have the familiar name autogyro… literally meaning self-turning. The way they work is the same way as a seed from a tree like a Sycamore flies and flying an autogyro is a novel form of taking to the air but one that saved 007!

    Juan de la Cierva - the First Count.


    The world's first autogyro, Ciervas's C1


    A replica of the C6


    The Cierva C9


    The Pitcairn autogyro showing the rotor drive shaft


    The RAF's autogyro


    A stamp commemorating the Russian TsAGI 1EA


    The Fairy Rotordyne


    The Bensen gyrocopter


    Mailman Doug's gyrocopter on the west lawn of the Capitol after he was taken into custody.


    The Focke Wulf Fw-61


    Little Nellie


    A modern autogyro


    Images under Creative Commons licence with thanks to L'Aéronautique magazine, Pascual Marín, Gyromike, Diego Dabrio, Johannes Thinesen, NASA, Post of Soviet Union, NACA, Fair Use, Cheesy Mike and Asterion.

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    RAF Form 414, Volume 7

    RAF Form 414, Volume 7

    A continuation of the stories from Capt Nick's RAF Form 414... his flying logbook.

    BAe Nimrod MR2


    The Old Pilot and a Bear


    Norwegen F-5A


    The Shackleton AEW2


    A Canadian CL-28 Argus


    The Avro Vulcan


    The Skyflash semi active radar guided missile


    An AQM37. The Stiletto was an air launched version.


    A Skyflash missile firing from the F4 Phantom


    Post missile firing treasure


    Yours truly


    Images under Creative Commons licence with thanks to The Old Pilot, Dale Coleman, Crown, Rob Schleiffert, USAF and an RAF Photographer.

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    The Band Played On

    The Band Played On

    Now a story about the US Navy Band may not seem to be my usual fare in Tales but bear with me and I must thank serving Band member and APG listener Tuba Tony for suggesting the topic for this story.


    The United States Navy Ceremonial Band


    The distant origin of the first Navy musicians.


    The USS Macon


    Eisenhower as a General and President


    A DC3


    A US Navy DC6


    The Bandsmen lost in the tragic crash


    Sugarloaf mountain


    Images under Creative Commons licence with thanks to US Gov, Wiki Commons, US Navy, Library of Congress and the Washington Post.

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    Dr. Christmas and His Bullet

    Dr. Christmas and His Bullet

    There are many things that one might want to be remembered for. A fine physician, a pioneer aviator, a renown aeronautical researcher, an inspired inventor but perhaps not as the greatest charlatan ever to see his name associated with an airplane, even though his scout fighter the Christmas Bullet had a perfect kill record… it killed everyone who ever tried to fly it!



    The AEA Redwing



    One of Christmas's Patents


    The Christmas Bullet


    The Christmas Bullet


    The Liberty 6 Engine

    Dr Christmas


    Images under creative commons licence with thanks to the Library of Congress, US Gov, US Patent Office and the USAF.

    • 19 Min.


5.0 von 5
5 Bewertungen

5 Bewertungen

Markus Voelter ,

A great collection of short stories

Capt. Nick, a (now former) long-haul Airbus captain researches, writes and then narrates short stories, 10-15 minutes long, about all aspects of aviation. Very well researched, superbly written, and delivered very well. Highly recommended.

THierath ,

Spinn off

What a great treat to see the Airline Pilot Guy’s very own Captain Nick as a separate feed on iTunes.

Plane Tales are well curated, well narrated stories about airplanes, aviation and airmen(and woman). Very entertaining and informative, always eagerly awaited and worth a listen.

If you already subscribe to the Airline Pilot Guy podcast: this is Plane Tales as a separate feed.
If you have no idea what the Airline Pilot Guy show is: go check it out.

Qwetrtz ,

Take ‘em over, nick!

This might even be better than APG, but at least as good!

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