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Bringing a human slant to the tech industry

This Developer's Life Rob Conery and Scott Hanselman

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    • 3.5, 8 Bewertungen

Bringing a human slant to the tech industry


3.5 von 5
8 Bewertungen

8 Bewertungen

www.iThoughts.de ,


... Und Wohlstrukturiert. Nicht einfach nur so dahergelabert. Super Podcast für Software Entwickler & Co.

Markus Voelter ,

Different, but great!

Many of you podcast listeners might have heard about This American Life. It is a very well produced podcast by NPR where each episode covers a specific topic with several mostly true stories, interspersed with music. Many people consider it one of the best radio shows/podcasts ever, and it has won several awares.

Now there is something similar for software developers: This Developer's Life. Same style, same production value, but with stories about software development.

Different than all other software podcasts, but nonetheless (or maybe because of that) very much worth listening to.

And hats off to Rob Conery and Scott Hanselman for producing this. Being a podcaster myself, I know how much work goes into producing something like this! I hope they have the time and energy to keep it going :-)

rayt_de ,

Ruhig, Gute Musik und interessante Themen

Rob Conery und Scott Hanselman über die alltäglichen Probleme mit denen man sich als Entwickler bzw. Software Architekt herumschlagen muss. Dabei mit guter Musik unterlegt und bisher immer interessante Leute aus dem Hause Microsoft dabei.

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