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Good questions. Great guests. Few beers....

    Matt Heath: TV star, radio star, fake musician (re-release)

    Matt Heath: TV star, radio star, fake musician (re-release)

    In this episode we’re winding the clock back two years to when we sat down with Matt Heath in November 2020. Matt was one of the first ‘big names’ that gave us his time when we were finding our feet in the podcast game, and we loved this one.

    Matt is an actor, producer, sports commentator, columnist, musician and radio host and can be heard hosting the Radio Hauraki breakfast radio show alongside Jeremy Wells, as well as commentating sport and smut with the Alternative Commentary Collective. 

    We talk about Matt’s humiliating experience at Laura McGoldrick’s wedding, his reflections on playing Danny Parker in Back of the Y Masterpiece Television, how his ‘fake’ band Deja Voodoo got a record contract, the time he made Jaquie Brown cry, the realities of working on breakfast radio and much more.

    Show notes | Matt Heath

    1.49 Matt politely declines a beer after four hours broadcasting and a big weekend in Taupo

    2.48 The time Seamus met Matt at Laura McGoldrick’s wedding and Matt got bullied into performing Deja Voodoo “Beers” at the reception

    5.21 The time Steve joined the Matt and Jerry Show to talk the Kipchoge Challenge and got an insight into the realities of commercial radio

    10.03 Balls of Steel UK and the time Matt and his mates slagged off their director unaware their mics were turned on

    13.47 Back of the Y Masterpiece Television: beginnings, police complaints, show synopsis

    20.06 Could the show exist in 2020? A recap of some of the more significant stunts and the end of the show

    27.26 Our favourite band. Your favourite band: Deja Voodoo

    30.03 Reflecting on Back of the Y and Deja Voodoo

    36.58 The jump to radio via and mainstream television, and the journey from bFM to Radio Hauraki

    46.40 “Changing lives”: Linking up with Jeremy Wells and creating The Matt & Jerry Show

    49.10 Is there a line for Matt Heath?

    51.29 Writing opinion columns for the NZ Herald  

    53.38 Vinewood Animation and winning awards with Fire in Cardboard City

    56.17 Baz Heath: The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree

    57.49 Making Jaquie Brown cry, wide ranging sports chat, and last words from Matt, Steven and Seamus
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    Kendra Cocksedge: I'm not done yet

    Kendra Cocksedge: I'm not done yet

    Kendra Cocksedge is the most capped Black Fern of all time and their record point scorer who recently announced her retirement from rugby after a stellar career.

    In 2019 she became the first female player to win the Kelvin R Tremain Memorial Trophy for New Zealand rugby player of the year. She was also recognised by World Rugby as the International Women’s Player of the Year in 2015 and was named as part of the World Rugby Team of the Decade for the 2010s.

    Growing up playing with boys in Taranaki from the age of four, Kendra turned away from a promising cricket career when she was called up by the Black Ferns in 2007 and learned valuable lessons from nine years sitting on the bench. Eventually, she rose to the very top of the game leading the haka in Christchurch in front of her proud parents and enjoying a fairytale end to her domestic rugby career. But Kendra is not done yet, with one more World Cup assignment ahead of her.

    This episode was in paid partnership with Rexona NZ, with Kendra charting her experiences in overcoming barriers along her journey in association with Rexona NZ's #NotDoneYet campaign.

    Show notes | Episode 97 | Kendra Cocksedge

    2:27: NotDoneYet

    8:59: A few tales from Kendra: school days, prank wars, axes and bike ramps

    17:08: Leading the haka

    23:11: Celine Dion

    25:52: A fairytale finish to a Canterbury career

    31:16: Back to barefoot rugby in Okato

    41:34: The cricket career that could have been

    45:58: Entering the Black Ferns environment at age 19

    51:01: Mental health

    54:17: Playing in Club footy

    55:44: Nine years as a back up Black Fern

    58:20: Taking a break from rugby

    59:36: The changing perceptions of women’s rugby

    1:07:07: Winning the World Rugby Player of the Year in 2015…

    1:10:34 …and then backing it up with the Kelvin R Tremain Memorial Trophy in 2018

    1:19:47: The effect of Covid-19 on Kendra

    1:21:35: If you can see it you can be it

    1:24:18: The physical toll of 30 years in rugby

    1:27:48: Nicknames

    1:31:22: Last words from Steven, Seamus and Kendra
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    Daniel Kereopa: The Ultimate Waterman

    Daniel Kereopa: The Ultimate Waterman

    Daniel Kereopa is a special person. You’ll hear it straight away. His messaging is subtle, captivating and deep. He’s disarming with his humour and self-depreciation, but behind it is real authenticity and humility. And he’s got an incredible story to tell.

    Daniel was one of New Zealand’s best surfers across the late 90s and early 2000s and travelled the world competing against the best. But in 2008 his world came crashing down. Across two years he lost all his sponsors, his marriage fell apart, he lost connection with his kids and came about as close to death as possible after a freak accident.

    In the midst of a deep depression, and a burnt heart, Daniel fell out of love with surfing, but used the structure and discipline of karate to help piece his life back together. After becoming a black belt, he returned to the water in 2015 to be crowned The Ultimate Waterman – beating nine of the world’s best water-athletes across five different ocean disciplines.

    Now Daniel’s life is all about helping. Teaching kids to surf, to love, and be safe, in the ocean and become better people – through his DK surf school. But he’s also under-utilised. He’s keen to do more public speaking, mentoring and ‘helping’.

    Show notes | Episode 96 | Daniel Kereopa

    2:04 No Wikipedia page, memories of 90s and 00s DK

    5:10 The ability to read people

    8:39 From farm to ocean: Building a picture of DK the surfer

    18:31 Becoming a professional surfer

    29:03 Losing it all

    36:21 Coming back from the dead and leading with aroha

    50:42 The Ultimate Waterman win

    1:01:49 DK Surf School: Teaching people how to connect with the water

    1:06:31 DK on asking for help, helping others, parenthood, and Raglan

    1:13:48 What does the future hold?

    1:17:09 Living in the real world

    1:20:52 Gratitude and last words from Steven, Seamus and DK
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    Brad Smeele: The ride that changed my life

    Brad Smeele: The ride that changed my life

    Brad Smeele was a world champion wakeboarder at the top of his game. His life was an endless summer of travel, competing, modelling, building and meeting women when a catastrophic accident changed his life and left him a quadriplegic in 2014.

    Brad talks about the astonishingly raw and honest book about his journey – Owning It – The Ride That Changed My Life. The mental and physical challenges of losing mobility, the realities of life without the use of limbs, his sex-life, what it looks like now and why he included so much of it in the book, the darkest thoughts he had – and how he overcame them, and his incredible path to happiness, fulfilment and being present. And how he got there.

    This is a chat that really left us speechless. Brad suffered just about the worst possible thing that could happen to a young man in the prime of his life – and has found a way to turn it into a positive. It certainly put our own struggles into perspective and we both left the episode feeling incredibly inspired.

    Show notes | Episode 95 | Brad Smeele

    2:03 A busy week for Brad Smeele: the book launch, media appearances, and going head-to-head with Ross Taylor

    5:00 Sex (and other reflections on the book)

    11:42 Painting a picture of pre-accident Brad Smeele

    21:59 A pause for breakdown on naming conventions for wakeboard tricks

    24:29 A preamble to the accident: opening up, shitting yourself, and having real conversations with your mates

    31:40 The accident

    40:16 The initial recovery post-accident

    53:12 Steve loops back to sex chat

    55:36 Finding inspiration from tragedy: transitioning back to life in New Zealand

    1:13:33 Helping other people deal with their shit

    1:17:46 Owning It: the process of writing, editing, and launching the book (and Steve triples down on sex chat!)

    1:22:30 Looking back at the accident

    1:26:05 Last words from Steven, Seamus and Brad
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    Dan Hooker: Built to fight

    Dan Hooker: Built to fight

    Dan Hooker has been a professional fighter for the last 13 years, forging a path to becoming one of the best UFC lightweight fighters in the world through kickboxing, Muay Thai, and mixed martial arts.

    Dan gives us an insight into the realities of fighting for a living including reflections on dealing with head trauma, and all of his back catalogue in fight sports from featherweight all the way through to a heavyweight bout with an opponent who weighed over 130kg!

    He also takes us behind the scenes of the UFC machine all the way from signing his first contract in 2014 at UFC Auckland all the way to the PPV cards and his upcoming fight at UFC 281, press conferences with Conor McGregor, and training with Israel Adesanya.

    Dan is unique in the New Zealand sporting landscape. An athlete at the top of his field that calls it as he sees it. His thoughtful, introspective answers to some big questions revealed an incredibly likeable, warm guy.

    Show notes | Episode 94 | Dan Hooker

    1:34: An appreciation for Export Gold!

    2:23: Comparing a day at The Wiggles to a UFC PPV

    7:11: Dan Hooker’s podcast history and some social media gold

    10:50: Tricks of the trade as a doorman in downtown Auckland

    15:52: Frenemies and training with Israel Adesanya

    22:03: Taking a leg kick from Dan Hooker

    24:37: Pre-combat sports Dan Hooker and the influence of The Ultimate Fighter

    32:14: Dan Hooker v the 130kg heavyweight

    37:42: Getting the call up to the UFC in 2014

    44:39: The Edson Barboza fight

    52:25: The aftermath of a big fight: Dustin Poirier and Paul Felder

    57:48: Reflections on the management of a mixed martial arts career

    1:04:34: Is the UFC a viable career for future athletes?

    1:08:35: Backstage at the UFC

    1:17:25: The importance of Eugene Bareman

    1:21:47: The psychology of the weigh-in and the dynamic change with Conor McGregor on the card?

    1:25:24: Cutting weight (and missing weight)

    1:29:04: Head trauma, CTE, and combat sports

    1:36:30: Fighting, family, public profile, and upcoming fights

    1:41:10: Last words from Steven, Seamus and Dan
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    • 1 hr 43 min
    Ross Taylor: My side of the story

    Ross Taylor: My side of the story

    We talk to Ross Taylor about the response he’s had to his new book ‘Black and White’, the joy of dominating schoolboy cricket with a teenage Jesse Ryder, the hidden agendas which led to him being ousted as Black Caps captain, becoming an overnight millionaire in the IPL auction, the best memories of the late Sir Martin Crowe, deep convos with Kane Williamson, what life after cricket looks like and much, much more.

    Show notes | Episode 93 | Ross Taylor

    1:51: Is Ross Taylor a HAMbassador?

    4:06: The journey after launching the new book Black and White

    10:23: The process of writing the book and pulling out transcripts after eight years 

    13:25: The fallout after the first five days

    14:54: Will Ross Taylor still pay for half of Seamus’ wedding? 

    17:20: What’s The Time Mr. Wolf?

    19:58: Opportunity costs and getting used to life at home

    26:41: The change in Ross Taylor from the start of his career to the end

    27:57: Rising through the ranks at Central Districts and growing up with Jesse Ryder 

    36:48: Early sponsorships, why Ross could never play rugby, and being available for domestic cricket

    43:06: The mechanics of an IPL auction

    48:45: The captaincy saga

    56:11: Similarities to the Ian Foster All Blacks coaching situation 

    1:00:19: Does time heal old wounds?

    1:06:55: Racism, culture, and identity

    1:16:48: Ross Taylor on the late Sir Martin Crowe

    1:23:46: The relationship with NZ Cricket

    1:26:12: Ian Smith, Andy Haden, and Leanne McGoldrick

    1:30:28: A conversation between Ross Taylor and Kane Williamson

    1:33:23: The long, bumpy road to retirement 

    1:44:08: What’s next for Ross Taylor?

    1:46:25: Some quick yarns the boom box in the Long Room at Lords, Peter Andre’s Mysterious Girl, and a near miss in St Kitts 

    1.54.03: Last words from Steven, Seamus and Ross
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    • 1 hr 53 min

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