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Error Broadcast invites underground producers to compile their favourite experimental beat music in a podcast of roughly one hour. Background to most mixes is instrumental Hip Hop, and taking this as a starting point, producers explore the most distant cavities and caverns. You need to subscribe to believe.

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Error Broadcast invites underground producers to compile their favourite experimental beat music in a podcast of roughly one hour. Background to most mixes is instrumental Hip Hop, and taking this as a starting point, producers explore the most distant cavities and caverns. You need to subscribe to believe.

    Dark Corners of the Earth

    Dark Corners of the Earth

    C L N K is Silviu Badea of Bucharest, Romania. The young producer publishes beat and ambient music under the name of Montgomery Clunk, Contorsionist, and Fjord. Adopting the C L N K moniker, Badea dives into nitty-gritty techno music that sets the pace for his upcoming debut album Black Ecstasy and this mixtape, too.

    Dark Corners of the World is an all-exclusive compilation of unreleased C L N K tracks, plus contributions of friends from Bucharest. In a recent interview, Badea reflects on electronic music in the Eastern Europe and hints at a new label in the making. His mixtape showcases the talent the Romanian capitol secretly covers. Enigmatic, filthy techno music that leans from ambient, dub, and noise. Dark Corners of the World should make not only a few heads turn.

    01. C L N K - Fuck hype
    02. C L N K - Earn cash, spend it all
    03. C L N K - We are mutants
    04. C L N K - Zombie Mechanic
    05. MGCH - Diva
    06. Unknown - Untitled
    07. ARME - Ziplock
    08. Unknown - Untitled
    09. MGCH - Diodie
    10. Garten - Untitled
    11. Polochord - Home Club
    12. C L N K - Of the Sun
    13. Picici - Duca

    • 43 min
    Johnny Cash Was Never your Dad

    Johnny Cash Was Never your Dad

    We first came upon Zack Christ when Soosh introduced the name as a potential remixer for his Colour is Breathe Remixes project late in 2012. Shortly after, Zack stared in a collaborative EP with prolific Muscovite Pixelord and had a single release on Infinite Machine. Just recently, he officially remixed Bambooman for Londons' Sonic Router Records. It is safe to Zack Christ made himself a name in no time. We are proud to present an exclusive contribution of the Danish producer in our infrequent series of mixtapes.

    Zack Christs' dark and eccentric blend of glitchy electronica, dub, and hip hop is the red line in his mix although the producer does not contribute an original. In fact, Christ traces his influence and pays tribute to Ben Frost, Tim Hecker, or Autechre while adding recent favourites like Bambooman, Lukid, Mount Kimbie, and many more. Zack Christ criss-crosses tempi and genres to deliver a mix that functions on an atmospheric level rather than rhythmically. In his hands, noisy ambient blends into a Turkish elegy, mixes with a North American Kunstlied and eventually becomes this fathomless UK ragga remix. Time to hit the play button.

    01. Ennio Morricone - A Fistful Of Dollars
    02. Dj Kost - Jeg knapper gerne (interlude)
    03. Ben Frost - Untitled transient
    04. Bambooman - Sun
    05. M.E.S.H. - On My Body (Arca Grind Edit)
    06. Nabo - 4 Minutes
    07. Lukid - Veto
    08. Mount Kimbie - At Least
    09. Felix de Luca - Ass So Fat (Filip Ja Remix)
    10. Tim Hecker - Introducing Carl Cocks
    11. Daniel Maze - Sledding
    12. Hafiz Cemal Bey - Feryat
    13. Colin Stetson - Lord I Just Can't Keep From Crying Sometimes
    14. Fire Room - Slag
    15. The Bug - Skeng (Autechre Remix)
    16. Joe - Claptrap
    17. Blawan - Shader
    18. Wols - Bushman's Oversized Vibe
    19. Burial - Spaceape
    20. Bjørn Svin - BooO
    21. Einar Scheving - 3
    22. Funkstörung - The Zoo
    23. Flössin - Untitled (A1)
    24. Snöleoparden - Dreng
    25. Emiliana Torrini - Beggars Prayer

    • 48 min


    H-SIK put together a tape for us that is not only brilliantly mixed but showcases the influences he draws from as a producer as well. You hear hybrid Ragga and Dancehall (Mad Cobra, Chrissy Murderbot), a whole lot of Juke-inspired tunagery (Moresounds, EPROM, EAN, Ital Tek) and the finest in electronic Rap music (Lorn, Illum Sphere, Om Unit). In the hands of H-SIK all the different sounds match each others perfectly, making 'SHTRAK LOVE' an instructive and entertaining 30 minutes lecture in bass music. We insistently recommend to get down with H-SIK on this.

    01. John Chantler - Untitled #3
    02. Mad Cobra - Shot A Talk (Danny Scrilla Edit)
    03. Nicolas Hayer- Bufin'
    04. 813 - Erotica (Om Unit Remix)
    05. Romare - I Wanna Go (Turn Back)
    06. Moresounds - Dancing Shoes
    07. EPROM - Regis Chillbin (Machinedrum Remix)
    08. EAN – Burnt
    09. Chrissy Murderbot - The Vibe Is So Right (Rashad & Spinn Remix)
    10. Fracture - The Limit VIP
    11. Lorn – Ghosst
    12. Cannibal Ox - Raspberry Fields
    13. Illum Sphere - Agent White (kidkanevil Agent Black Remix)
    14. Filtercutter - Butterfleaz (H-SIK Remix)
    15. Ital Tek - The Planet
    16. Om Unit x Baobinga - Triffidz
    17. H-SIK - Co-Energy (Moresounds Shtraked)

    • 32 min
    Arabic Gum

    Arabic Gum

    Oleg Buyanov aka OL is the unsung hero of the Russian beat scene. Based in Moscow and leading producer of the RAD collective, he's been low-key since the very beginning of his musical career. Following the 'Fly Russia' tsunami he emerged to the international scene with the 'Random Phrase' EP on Error Broadcast and the 'Kurilovo' 7" on Faces Records making heads turn from LA to Tokyo with his blend of textured beats. While working on new material for his forthcoming 12" EP on Error Broadcast he's been busy djing with his partner-in-crime Lapti, so we asked a contribution to our mixtape series to check what's going on in the club scene of Moscow.

    Arabic Gum is the perfect reflection of what's contemporary and fresh in the beat sphere: from the Lex Luger bassocentric hip-hop of Tyga to the hyper dance-music of Sinjin Hawke passing through Juke (Distal & Rashad) and Techno (Benjamin Damage & Doc Daneeka, Nah Like). By tuning in you'll experience 30 minutes of pure dopeness for the dancefloor, a major system-upgrade from one of the finest digger. Sit tight and get ready to dance.

    01. Casey Veggies - I Be Over Shit
    02. French Fries - Crushin On Me
    03. The Quest - Swirl
    04. Dj Jayhood - Round Of Applause
    05. ASAP ROCKY - Been Around The World (Sweatson Klank RE-RUB)
    06. Sinjin Hawke - Crystal Dust
    07. Kittypillarz - M.M.T v1
    08. Wiz Khalifa ft. Juicy J - In My Car (Tha Puff Bus)
    09. CDBL - Gangsta's Anthem
    10. Benjamin Damage & Doc Daneeka - Deaf Siren
    11. Nah Like - Hunt Season
    12. Distal & Dj Rashad - Stuck Up Money
    13. Rabit - F****n Bitches
    14. Tyga - Lapdance
    15. OL - IWM
    16. Hodgy Beats - BKLN

    • 30 min


    Maguett aka Dmitrii Drozdov started his carrier in music with razor-sharp and nihilistic IDM on a number of Russian netlabels. When he had his track 'Fog Movement' on our first release 'Bag of Nothingness' Dima had moved towards a more beat scene-oriented sound already. Maguett has never been at the very core of the 'Fly Russia' movement, but his contribution 'Orange Flame' to the compilation of the same name added a dark shade that is important for the full picture. Thus it is no wonder G5 Music has eventually put its hands on Maguett and published his first proper releases in a long while. Make sure not to miss out on 'Twilight'.

    Maguetts' mixtape 'Blurred' plays the cards pretty smooth. He sews soulful vocals into ambient textures, plays with different time codes and atmospheres and switches elegantly from lo-fi VHS sounds to ultradeep Dub spheres. By times sugarsweet, then again intractable this is not a DJ set to rock a club but an artistically challenging patchwork of contemporary Bass Music.

    01. The Fog Detonator
    02. Maguett - Data (Intro)
    03. Napolian - Olympia
    04. Atom TM - Moral Poverty Three
    05. Hype Williams - Three Bands
    06. iL - Conductors
    07. Trey's Patience (Voice)
    08. Björk - Storm
    09. Computer Dreams - Rain
    10. Palmistry - Black Creps
    11. Nocow - Dispel The Wind
    12. Werken - Dub Traffic Pt. II
    13. Maguett - Prickly
    14. David Lynch & Dean Hurley - Blurred Dancer Music
    15. RZA - Domestic Violence
    16. Jhene Aiko - My Mine
    17. Alessio Ballerini - The Small Sea And The Great Ocean
    18. Midnight Television - After Party
    19. Maguett - Outme
    20. How To Dress Well - Can't See My Own Face

    • 30 min


    Next in our in-frequent series of mixtapes is ichiro_, one Japans' top-notch beat makers. We have been working with the Nerima-based producer for remixes on ‘Error Code’ by AEED and DZA’s sold-out cassette. He just released the debut album 'Unconsidered_' with Japanese Oilworks and published a digital EP 'Noon' earlier in June 2011.

    What is true for ichiro_’s original productions can be found with ‘Zansho’ as well. He squeezes 23 tracks into 60 tight minutes, songs strongly enlaced and re-edited with reverb, delay, and compression.
    What we get to hear is one hour of high energy beats, a mesmerizing flow of instrumental Hip Hop and electronic music, with hints of UK Bass and Japanese Rap. ichiro_ balances abrasive beats with highly textured pads; his influence from Ambient and Tape music is obvious.
    Despite all the heavyness ichiro_ manages to surprise with elegant and fresh sounds every once a while, making 'Zansho' a proper must-listen.

    01. ichiro_ - Kusamushiri
    02. Actress - Supreme Cunnilingus
    03. Hubert Daviz - Falling
    04. Moa Pillar - Water Lily
    05. Samiyam - Where Am I
    06. DZA - Softgram (ichiro_ Katte Re-edit)
    07. Circle vs Square - Eraser
    08. Shlohmo - Things I Lost
    09. Circle vs Square - Random Drums
    10. Downliners Sekt - Negative Green
    11. James Blake - Give a Man a Rod
    12. ichiro_ - el duke
    13. fad.art.dis - Wars Left Behind
    14. JOOB - Battleship
    15. Oliveoil - Kamase
    16. Fitz Ambro$e - Bo$$Yaght
    17. Dibiase - Abstract
    18. Ramb Camp - Wait So Long (Repeat Pattern Remix)
    19. Circle vs Square - Can't Sleep
    20. Filthy Ingredients - Silk Eyelashes
    21. Neith - Azul
    22. Bluezr - Defensive Position
    23. Braccory - Kiss and Tell

    • 1 hr

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