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Real talk for competitive Kill Team Warhammer 40,000 from today’s top players. Tactics and strategy, news you need to know and listener Q and A every 1st and 3rd Monday each month!

The Killzone Podcast with Beeranid40k Beeranid

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Real talk for competitive Kill Team Warhammer 40,000 from today’s top players. Tactics and strategy, news you need to know and listener Q and A every 1st and 3rd Monday each month!

    Pariah Nexus: 5 BIG Changes Competitive Players Need To Know

    Pariah Nexus: 5 BIG Changes Competitive Players Need To Know

    Pariah Nexus is coming and today The Killzone Podcast is here to talk about 5 BIG Changes You Need To Know. Pariah Nexus was much more than a board and a few models, we got some leaks and it was basically an annual or another Elites-type supplement for 2.5 factions and also has changes to how we play arena.

    Today I’m joined by Oodsicle where we’re covering the 5 biggest rules changes coming to Kill Team from the Pariah Nexus, and what I think it means for our game looking from a competitive lens. So strap in and let’s get started.

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    Advanced Tournament List Building

    Advanced Tournament List Building

    Do you want to win more games of Kill Team? In today’s episode Beeranid goes solo teaching a three-step process for building strong Kill Team Tournaments lists!

    You will learn what to look at when choosing a faction for competition (and how what you look at *chooses* the faction you should play). You will be able to build a focused team that “beats the packet”. You will understand the two main archetypes and how your decisions can “point” you at the win condition. Your secondary objectives likely now won’t be a struggle to choose in the muster phase — because this process already made it crystal clear for you (you have built to what’s strongest). Your lists will be hard to beat, and you’ll likely have one of the strongest Kill Teams at your next tournament. Sound good?

    Remember that you can play Kill Team at home in your underwear during quarantine on TTS! There’s still tournaments and plenty of “pick up games” waiting for you on the busy Command Point discord here:

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    Killzone S2E1: "Jumpstart 2021"

    Killzone S2E1: "Jumpstart 2021"

    Welcome to the Second Season of the Killzone Podcast, Real Talk for Competitive Kill Team; This is your host, Beeranid 40k.

    We're kicking off 2021 with the most ambitious undertaking I have ever attempted on this show: The idea was simple: Break out the contact lists, phone numbers and text messages to get as many Top Players and Great Thinkers as possible and get them to give one top tip each to help YOU win more games in 2021.

    The response was out of this world -- While I wasnt able to get everyone I wanted, everybody that I asked jumped at the chance to help the community and lend their voice to the discussion. Some wanted to be here but couldn't make work last-minute -- and speaking of which, wow, coordinating with so many guests was a heck of an endeavor: but the guests I did get are literally among the best players on earth, all here in one show.

    This is the proudest I have ever been of this podcast, and the hardest I have worked at it. I truly hope you enjoy and it helps you grow in 2021. So sit back, grab a notepad, and listen in as the Titans of Kill Team pull back the curtains and share their thoughts. Welcome... To Killzone Season 2, Episode 1: Jumpstart 2021...

    Don't forget to check out all the awesome content this episode's guests make!

    Command Point Discord: https://discord.gg/mcDJbPmhUm

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    Alec's new Twitch stream: https://m.twitch.tv/alecontabletop/profile

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    Killzone Episode 23: Micromancer's Pro-Tips

    Killzone Episode 23: Micromancer's Pro-Tips

    Welcome to Episode 23 of The Killzone! The dust has settled from the TAO tournament and a few months of games saw a recent guest of ours crowned the winner. Today Matthew Fong aka “Micromancer” returns to the podcast not just covering how he did it — but sharing tips to help YOU become the next big tournament winner! There’s something here for every player so saddle up and let’s dive into Episode 23!  TIMESTAMPS:  Intro to the Episode and Guard Tactics vs Drukhari for TAO 00:00:00 — 00:06:00   The Importance of Tourney Prep and Micro’s Tips for Practice  00:06:01 — 00:15:00 Micromancer’s Unique Flamer Tactics and Philosophy  00:15:01 — 00:21:20 Understanding and Screening against Reserves in recent formats where the mechanic is typically abused 00:21:21 — 00:28:00 Tourney Stamina 00:28:01 — 00:29:50 Discussing Chess Clocks and Tourney Time Limits 00:29:51 — 00:39:00 Do skills that win other games translate to Kill Team? 00:39:01 — 00:44:25 CP Management and philosophy of Tactics  00:44:26 — 00:52:50 Ranged vs Melee Strengths/Weaknesses and the importance of a Combined Approach  00:52:51 — 00:59:00 Do you use a Subfaction to buff what’s already good? Or what struggles in your list /faction? 00:59:01 — 01:01:55 Why is Action Economy so Strong? 01:01:56 — 01:10:20 Guard Tactics that buff survival  01:10:21 — 01:12:22 A question from Beeranid’s Coaching Quiz: “How do you know you’re winning”? 01:12:25 — 01:13:40 Discussing why the best players are exceptional at something but good at everything, and a few of the different things you can be exceptional at 01:13:41 — 01:16:30 Micro talks big points swings, avalanches and not chasing points too early  01:16:31 — 01:19:58 Beeranid gives a counter thought: Turn 4 is not guaranteed so pick up points NOW. And a brief bit on the “clean evolution” that TTS is causing  01:19:59 — 01:22:25 Best of 3’s: the interesting dynamics and a quick survival guide 01:22:26 — 01:36:10 Closing

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    Killzone Episode 21: "What the Rulebook Doesn't Tell You" with Alex and Emmanuel from Strategic Advantage

    Killzone Episode 21: "What the Rulebook Doesn't Tell You" with Alex and Emmanuel from Strategic Advantage

    Welcome to Episode 21 of the Killzone Podcast! I am joined today by Special Guests Emmanuel and Alex from Strategic Advantage on YouTube. They have taken over the podcast to talk about "getting back to basics" and how a look back at the core manual once-in-a-while can help players new and old play better Kill Team. Their message is simple: there are things in there that the book doesn't "tell" you. Sure it lists how mechanics work in-game but those are just ingredients -- it's up to you to make it a recipe! So sit back and relax as they give us insights into the recipes that have worked for them, after all, they have consistently placed VERY well at big events (such as 1st place at SCO, 2nd at LVO, among others) so there is a lot they can teach us. I hope you enjoy today's episode!

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    Killzone Episode 19: "Level Up in Kill Team!" w/ Shane and Ryan from Command Point Podcast

    Killzone Episode 19: "Level Up in Kill Team!" w/ Shane and Ryan from Command Point Podcast

    Welcome to Episode 19 of the Killzone Podcast: "Level Up in Kill Team" with Shane and Ryan from the Command Point Podcast and Discord server. Today we share actionable tips to help you "get good" at Kill Team tournament play, with multiple strategies and tips to help you improve at this amazing game we call Warhammer 40,000: Kill Team.

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