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Head of TED Chris Anderson speaks with some of the world’s most interesting people to dig into the provocative and powerful ideas of our time.

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Head of TED Chris Anderson speaks with some of the world’s most interesting people to dig into the provocative and powerful ideas of our time.

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4.7 out of 5
10 Ratings

10 Ratings

PTWaade ,

Critical yet comprehensive, the podcast is an important addition to TED

Dear TED,

I am writing here a review just to share that I think highly of the interview podcast. It is inspiring, at times fundamentally so, to listen in. Many episodes leave me more hopeful, or more ambitious, or with a quickened heartbeat. It comes partly from the content of the talks, for I have always loved learning, and many strike a chord with me, so that they often come up in conversations for weeks after. But just as much is it valuable to me to see people who to such a degree participate in shaping the world around them for the better. It gives, at times, a surge of motivation strong enough that the only really hard question is which of the many ways to strengthen our world I could suit the best. And I am grateful for that.

This is also true, to a degree, for the ordinary shorter talks. But I think there are decisive advantages to the podcast format. The longer time allows for more depth, but also breadth and nuance. That it is pure audio also makes it more convenient, especially for traveling. And the podcast also naturally offers a varied selection of some important speakers from the rather large amount of TED talks, which I can otherwise find a bit too overwhelming to know what to pick from.

But most importantly, the conversation format affords a much more critical view to the standpoints of the speakers. The ordinary talks are short and polished, and often without many alternative viewpoints, counterarguments or more pessimistic assessments of methodology and technical aspects. While I don’t necessarily think this could or should be much different, it does mean that it can be hard to take a critical stance to the presented ideas, especially as a layman. Realizing this has in turn made it hard for me to know which claims to trust in especially the more technical talks - and this had somewhat lessened my interest in the TED project. But in these podcasts, the speakers are presented together with, and are allowed to give answers to, many of their critiques, and speak in a freer forum out of which comes a more comprehensive picture of their whole person and general worldview. It does not entirely resolve the issue, for the speakers are of course eloquent and convincing people, and it is easy to simply listen and be excited. But it does go a long way to present ideas and to inspire while keeping me as a listener active and aware. This is also not least due to Chris Anderson’s commendable ability to question clearly and critically but humanely and without antagonizing. He provides a face and vision for the sometimes seemingly anonymous TED organization, which in fact becomes itself inspiring as an idea on par with those of the speakers.

These podcasts have shown me new areas of issues and questions, inspired me deeply although to so many things that it is difficult to choose, and in the bargain done much to revive my enthusiasm for the TED project. And for that, I warmly recommend them.

And who knows. Maybe some day I would be able to be part of a cause as interesting and worthwhile as some of those of the TED speakers, or even TED itself.

Misbo ,

Going more in-depth, but into what?

I really like the TED interviews. I like to get a bit of background about the speaker, that you discuss the subject in depth and the questions and wonderigns about them, and the informality of the conversation as well.
However, I would like a better starting point. Even though it becomes clear during the interview, at the beginning there is only a hint of the original TED talk(-s), on which the interview is based. And since I have only heard/seen a few TED talks, I have a distinct disadvantage regarding this “detail”. Would it be possible to add the original TED talk(-s) to this series? Or maybe just a link to them?

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