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    Episode 31. Early Access To Super

    Episode 31. Early Access To Super


    Today I’m chatting to Sam.

    A financial planner from around the Byron Bay area who had a really interesting path before he landed in Finance. Sam reached out to me after my Super podcast with James from earlier on in the year and explained that there was so much more to cover when it came to Super and FIRE for Aussies.

    Some of the topics we cover:

    - Early access to Super and what it means
    - Eligibility to get early access 
    - Circumstances where it makes financial sense to withdraw your Super early
    - First Home Super Saver Scheme (FHSSS)
    - Sam's approach to the classic dilemma of investing inside or outside of - Super even when aiming for FIRE

    • 57 min
    Episode 30. FIRE & Chill with Pat and Dave

    Episode 30. FIRE & Chill with Pat and Dave


    What a treat I have for you guys today.

    I’m joined by two of my absolute favourite bloggers who have been creating Australian FIRE content for years. We’re speaking to Pat from LifeLongShuffle.com and Dave from StrongMoneyAustralia.com.

    Both Pat and Dave have already been on the podcast before... in fact, this will be Pat’s third time.

    How greedy I know…😜

    Today we’re chatting how COVID has effected each of us, has anyone changed their investment strategies due to the recent events but most importantly, they have some exciting news that coming to the Aussie FIRE space next week and that’s a brand new podcast they’re starting called FI/RE and Chill.

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    Episode 29. Starting an Online Business - Games Like Finder

    Episode 29. Starting an Online Business - Games Like Finder


    Today I have the pleasure of speaking to Sam from Games Like Finder.com which is a curated video game recommendation database where you can discover new games based on what you’re currently into.

    What I absolutely LOVE about Sam’s story is he took a passion and turned it into an online business that helps out over 10 million gamers and generates up to an astonishing $4K a month in profit.

    Some of the topics we cover:
    - How Sam came up with the idea for gameslikefinder.com
    - What were the steps from inception into a product
    - How does Games Finder make its money
    - How much does Games Finder make
    - How much time do you put in each month to keep it running
    - Tax benefits of having an online business
    - Sam's advice for anyone thinking about turning their passion into a side hustle

    A full transcription of this episode can be found at aussiefirebug.com

    • 56 min
    Episode 28. Coronavirus market crash with Peter Thornhill

    Episode 28. Coronavirus market crash with Peter Thornhill


    I chat with Peter Thornhill about the current market crash and if this is any different to previous bear markets.

    Some of the topics we cover:
    - Peter's experiences with previous bear markets
    - Similarities to the GFC
    - What Peter's buying in this downturn
    - DCA or lump sum?
    - Is this just fear and confusion or maybe a financial reset?

    A full transcription of this episode on the blog

    • 1h 14 min
    Episode 27. Superannuation and FIRE

    Episode 27. Superannuation and FIRE


    We’re kicking off 2020 with probably my most requested podcast topic of all time… and that’s Super and its role in the FIRE journey for Australians.

    This is an absolute monster of a podcast (nearly 1.5 hours long 🤯) where I’m speaking to Super Guru James Coyle. We cover so many things in this pod and the topics range from “I know nothing about how Super works” all the way into the nitty-gritty technical details that hopefully will shed some light for us FIRE folk and maybe will help some people out there that are weighing up the pros and cons of Super when it comes to FIRE.

    Shoutout to everyone who contributed to the questions on the Aussie FIRE discussion Facebook group. I did my best to tried to ask James the most ‘liked’ questions from the community but couldn’t get them all in.

    Also massive shoutout to Josh for the transcript below and Victoria who helped with some of the technical questions we had 🙏

    Some of the topics we cover today include:

    - The basics of how Super and the pension work in Australia
    - Tax benefits of Super
    - The tax-free environment within Super and how it works in practice.
    - The major differences between funds and what to look for
    - Children inheriting Super
    - How it works from the accumulation phase to your pension fund
    - Smart things to do if you're 50-60 and nearing your preservation age
    - SMSF, are they worth it for FIRE chasers?
    - Women-specific considerations to maximize the outcome of Super (great tip below)
    - How do minimum withdrawal rates work in retirement
    - First Home Super Saver Scheme

    And that's not even all of it I swear 😅

    • 1h 25 min
    Episode 26. Making Money On Youtube - Brandon

    Episode 26. Making Money On Youtube - Brandon


    Have you ever heard stories about some people being able to make a living by uploading videos to YouTube?

    You know what I’m talking about, those urban legends of a cat video going viral and the owner receiving thousands of dollar each month in passive income.

    Today I’m speaking to Brandon, a 24-year-old Physio from Canberra who also runs the Aussie Wealth Creation YouTube Channel that currently has over 45,000 subscribers and generates over $3,500 thousand dollars a month through YouTube Ad revenue.

    Some of the topics we cover today include:

    - Why Brandon started his YouTube channel
    - How to monetise a Youtube channel
    - What’s important when creating content
    - How much money you can expect to make per views
    - Other passive income techniques Brandon has tried
    - The Young Investors Podcast

    • 1h 2 min

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