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In The Know by INSEAD is a collection of career development and leadership insights from INSEAD The Business School for the World.

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In The Know by INSEAD is a collection of career development and leadership insights from INSEAD The Business School for the World.

    Pushing Beyond Your Career Limitations - ITK#22

    Pushing Beyond Your Career Limitations - ITK#22

    We live in a world of constraints - some are physical, some cultural but they are always personal. These mindsets limit our human potential to achieve great things in life and hinder experiences that not only enrich ourselves but also benefit society at large.

    INSEAD celebrates women who have dared to push beyond their own limits and conquer obstacles in their lives to create positive change.

    Welcome to another episode of In The Know where in today’s episode we celebrate the incredible feats of our five guests with a digital roundtable discussion.

    Our Guests

    Tade Fayomi – MBA’19J
    Finance & Strategy Consultant @ BCG

    Straight from university, Tade joined Goldman Sachs. She worked there for eight years and rose through the ranks from Analyst to Associate, and Vice President while being moved to work in the organisation’s London, New York, Singapore and Dubai offices. Tade went on to complete her MBA and work with the Africa Finance Corporation in 2018 before landing her current role as a Finance & Strategy Consultant at BCG.

    Isavella Vitou – EMC’21
    Chief Strategy and Transformation Officer @ Allianz Greece

    Isavella joined Allianz in May 2021 as the Chief Strategy & Transformation Officer. Before joining Allianz, Isavella worked for Egon Zehnder and gained valuable experience in C-level executive search and assessment. In her mandate, she supported the growth of the business and successfully managed rapport with both candidates and clients. Before that, Isavella worked for Eurobank, Ernst & Young and at the Ministry of Tourism acting as a Consultant to the President of the Greek National Tourism Organization at the Ministry of Tourism.

    Sofia Arhall Bergendorff – MBA’03D
    Director, Platforms and Partnerships, Northern Europe @ Google, Denmark

    Sofia is the Director of Partnerships in Northern Europe for Google, managing the relationship between Google and publishers when it comes to ad markets. Before that role, Sofia spent seven years in a Google strategy operations team in the Nordics and globally with the publisher business.  Before Google Sofia spent many years in management consulting and working with start-ups.

    Maria Pereira – MBA’18D
    Chief Innovation Officer @ TISSIUM

    Maria Pereira leads the Innovation Hub at TISSIUM. She co-invented the development of Tissium’s range of biomorphic programmable polymers technology while a PhD student at Prof. Jeff Karp’s Laboratories. She has been recognized for her research by MIT Tech Review’s “35 Innovators Under 35” in 2014, as well as Forbes in its “30 under 30” selection in Healthcare in 2015. Maria holds a PhD in Bioengineering from the MIT-Portugal program and an MBA from INSEAD.

    Chiara Lepora – EMBA’18Dec
    Head of the Manson Unit / Deputy Medical Director of OCA @ Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF)

    Chiara trains people in the design, planning, implementation and management of humanitarian medical interventions; security management; networking and negotiations; project management, especially in emergencies.
    Chiara also provides consultation services in the topics of ethics of medicine in non-ideal circumstances; ethics of research; ethics of public health; bioethics; global health; allocation of scarce resources.





    Time Stamp

    01:25 - Guest background and career aspirations

    08:31 - What do you consider your greatest achievement?

    17:10 - What does limitless mean to you?

    22:18 - Can you describe some of the limitations you have faced and the tipping point that motivated you to take action against those limitations?

    32:27 - What are some of the most meaningful skills young women can learn today to help them achieve their ambitions?

    39:15 - What is one tip you can offer to help build a more inclusive and

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    The Life of a Pioneering MIM Student - Student Life Feature - ITK#21

    The Life of a Pioneering MIM Student - Student Life Feature - ITK#21

    INSEAD's Master in Management (MIM) programme is designed to empower the next generation of innovative individuals who are ready to positively impact society. If you are a young professional with zero to two years of work experience looking to learn beyond theory, acquire practical skills and maximise your career potential, INSEAD's MIM is one to explore. Discover more about the programme as we discuss the INSEAD MIM student experience with a couple of pioneering MIM students on topics ranging from class experience and diversity to career services, academics and more.

    Our Guests

    Raag Sudah

    Raag is the Founder of an integrated education hub with a demonstrated history of working in the education management industry. Raag has honed her skills in Nonprofit Organizations, Analytics, Communication, Management, and Leadership.

    Jeffery Dong 

    Jeffery's career highlights to date include conducting due diligence for early-stage startups, interviewing founders, startup operators & venture capitalists and researching & analyzing parallels between the ‘kingmakers’ of Hollywood and Silicon Valley. Jeffery also co-launched Wrapped Up, a curated weekly newsletter to give you insights into the world of startups and VC, from the East to the West.

    Time Stamp

    02:39 - Guest background and career aspirations

    03:42 - What does it feel like to be a part of the Pioneering class of MIMs at INSEAD?

    04:57 - The main motivation for wanting to partake in the MIM programme at INSEAD

    07:35 - The preparation done before coming to INSEAD, and tips for future MiM students thinking about applying.

    10:42 - Challenges faced and how did you overcome them?

    14:24 - What does a typical day look like for a MIM student at INSEAD?

    17:58 - Most exciting moments about being in the MIM programme

    21:39 - What are the things you did during your free time, and how did that change after moving to Singapore?

    26:35 - How was it like to mix and interact with the MBAs on each campus?

    29:01 - Tell us about your cohort and how the international/global aspect affects the dynamics of the classroom

    31:44 - What would you say the classroom experience was like?

    34:15 - How did you organise your workload and studying? Did you study more in groups or individually?

    36:19 - How would you describe the INSEAD MIM culture?

    39:34 - If you were to go back in time and do things differently in MIM, is there anything you would change?

    42:20 - If you had to summarise your experience at INSEAD in 3 words or less, what would it be?

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    Coaching and the Art of Giving Back - ITK#20

    Coaching and the Art of Giving Back - ITK#20

    Successful executives seldom get to the top alone. Even the most talented need the help of other people to reach their true potential. As the workplace becomes more competitive and interactive, the practice of leadership coaching and mentoring is becoming more common as ambitious individuals seek guidance, and senior executives realise the importance of helping people reach their full potential by sharing knowledge and insights. Today we're going to delve into a successful career coaching partnership and discuss the differences between the many roles people can play in guiding us in our careers, and the benefits that can bring the individual.

    Our Guests

    Nicolaas Woudenberg
    Nicolaas is a Consultant at BCG and the CEO & Founder of Strōm which is a Human Performance coaching platform that energizes people to thrive through an offline coaching marketplace integrated with a digital journey of gamified micro-learning and habit building.

    Gene Cleckley
    Gene is a Career Coach in INSEAD’s CDC. He worked with hundreds of clients from all over the world, leveraging a 25-year career in global management, leadership development, corporate and organisational culture. Gene holds an academic and training background in organisational behaviour, psychotherapy and counselling, while also being an INSEAD EMC graduate.

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    Career Strategies in 2021- ITK#19

    Career Strategies in 2021- ITK#19

    “Don't wait for the future to tell you what to do. It is better to make mistakes in a strategy than having no strategy at all.” - José Luis Álvarez, INSEAD Senior Affiliate Professor of Organisational Behaviour. In episode 19 we discuss the importance of having a strategy or at least an idea ready for implementation and what career strategies look like in 2021.

    Our Guests

    Sonal Bahl
    Sonal is the Founder and Career Strategist at SuperCharge, a career advisory firm specialising in helping senior CSuite executives with their career challenges. Sonal is also the creator and host of the podcast How I Got Hired, which is a show aimed at inspiring 400 million jobseekers, looking to revive their work careers affected by the pandemic. Sonal is an MBA’09J and was an active member of INSEAD Women in Business Club and was responsible for Sponsorship, Marketing and Campus Liaison activities.

    Christos Manolis
    Christos is the Head of HR Benelux, Germany, France for PepsiCo and Human Resources leader with experience in the consumer goods industry in a variety of HRBP and specialist roles with UK, Europe and Globally. Christos leads a talented HR team at PepsiCo and partners business leaders across 7 western European markets supporting the growth of a $2bn portfolio and the organisation's transformation. Christos is an MBA’09J and was the President & Career Representative for the Consumer & Luxury Goods Club.



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    Pursuing an MBA with your Partner and Children - Student Life Feature - ITK#18

    Pursuing an MBA with your Partner and Children - Student Life Feature - ITK#18

    Partners and children enrich and enliven our community and we try to make sure that everyone benefits from the INSEAD experience. Through the availability of on-campus support, activities and the INSEAD Partners' community INSEAD children even get their own network of international friends, just like mum and dad. Plus, both Singapore and Fontainebleau are child-friendly places to live.

    Our Guests

    Ana Val Romera

    Ana is a supply chain specialist with bachelor and master degrees in industrial engineering. Before pursuing her MBA, Ana joined Daimler in 2014 and managed Daimler's largest spare part procurement team and oversaw 40% of Daimler’s global spare part procurement worth a total of €820 million.

    Tim van Vliet

    Tim is the Co-founder of an alternative protein start-up INSEACT www.inseact.com. His start-up has received many awards, including the INSEAD Venture Competition, INSEAD Social Impact Award, Most Disruptive MBA Start-Up of 2019 (Poets and Quants) and the MBA Start-Up to look Out For In 2020 (Business Because).


    Visit https://www.insead.edu/master-programmes/mba/student-life/partners-families to find more information about partners and families within the INSEAD MBA programme. 


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    How to Succeed in Your Future Career - ITK#17

    How to Succeed in Your Future Career - ITK#17

    The last 12 months have shown us that the unpredictable can happen and our best-laid career plans don’t always work out the way we intend them to.

    To help us explain how we can understand and succeed in an ever-changing career landscape I am joined by two individuals responsible for ensuring students in the pioneering INSEAD Master in Management class build solid foundations for their future career success.

    Our Guests

    Jessica Whitehead
    Jessica is the Assistant Director of Career Development and Employer Engagement for INSEAD’s Master in Management.  Jessica has a background in managing programmes and strategic partnerships in Canada, the UK, and China. Most recently she worked in the Global Engagement Office at UCL, and prior to that, she worked at London Business School helping to operationalise the re-launch of the MiM programme. She also holds an undergraduate degree in business and a Master in education.

    Thibault Seguret
    Thibault is the Programme Director for INSEAD’s Master in Management programme and holds a Master of Computer Science as well as an MBA from INSEAD (12J). An experienced manager with over 12 years of experience, he started his career in the video games industry. Passionate about career development, he launched a start-up right after his MBA to challenge the way teenagers and young adults thought about their careers.


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