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Steve & Grant get together to discuss aviation news in the Asia/Pacific area and interview guests

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Steve & Grant get together to discuss aviation news in the Asia/Pacific area and interview guests

    PCDU Episode 130: Avalon 2017 – Alpha

    PCDU Episode 130: Avalon 2017 – Alpha

    Steve, Grant and Maikha were on-site at Avalon recording plenty of content and this episode is our first collection of audio content covering some of the companies, people and aircraft we encountered while there. Steve & Grant have already started editing the next batch of content for Episode 130 and Maikha's starting to wade through all the video he collected so we can show you a few of the sights from the event (and there were many!).

    For now, enjoy Episode 130 (Avalon 2017 - Alpha) which unfolds as:

    . Kimberley Turner, Aerosafe

    . Patrick Coleman, Garmin

    . Associate Professor Andrew Kornberg, Fly for the Kids

    . Matt Hall, Red Bull Air Race

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    . Kurt Lyall, Rocket Route

    . Alan Wilson, AirBP

    . Steve's F-35A news bulletins for AIR News

    . Kreisha Ballentyne-Dickes, Cirrus Australia

    . Heidi Fedak, Gulfstream

    PCDU Episode 129: Going Back to School

    PCDU Episode 129: Going Back to School

    Steve & Grant have both been back to school in the past week with Steve revisiting his old high school (Brentwood Secondary College and yes, it's still standing) where they have a great aviation curriculum. Meanwhile, Grant's been out to Bacchus Marsh airport to the TVSA flying school's open day. This one's a short episode as we're trying to get some topical information out before Avalon Air Show 2017 starts this week.

    • 49 min
    PCDU Episode 128: Unprecedented

    PCDU Episode 128: Unprecedented

    From Grant's collection of ballooning interviews to a chat with Owen Zupp about his latest book and our tribute to Hannes Arch, this episode is our biggest yet (yes, even bigger Episode 51, our tribute to the RAAF's F-111s!). We've even captured Anthony "The Infrequent Flyer" Simmons' first ever viewing of the movie TopGun (in IMAX 3D no less :) ).

    • 3 h 15 min
    PCDU Episode 127: From the Vault

    PCDU Episode 127: From the Vault

    We've gone into our archives for some great content that haven’t released before. We have more Avalon 2015 interviews & WGCDR Tim Alsop discusses planning & implementing an F-18 Hornet handling display & doing a pre-flight walk-around. Thanks to the heroic efforts of Maikha (the king of the aviation selfie stick), the collection of content has been edited and put together ready for Steve to finalise and Grant to make the show notes. Send your thanks his way for having the time & energy to get it put together :)

    . Grant talks to SQNLDR Adrian about flying the PC-9 in the Forward Air Control role.

    . Maikha catches up with Dave Wheatland from Mahindra about the GA10.

    . Mike Seers from Northrop Grumman describes how the Triton UAS is providing Broad Area Maritime Surveillance (BAMS).

    . Maikha speaks to three dedicated Mission Aviation Fellowship volunteers, long serving MAF Pilot Ron Watts, State MAF Advocate and retired MAF Pilot Max Chapman and MAF Promotional volunteer Daniel Prowse.

    . CMDR James Walker of the US Navy talks about the upgraded Fire Scout UAS which is produced using the Bell Long Ranger helicopter.

    . FLGOFF Moles talks to Grant about being a load master on the RAAF C-17.

    . Grant discusses flying the RAAF C-17 with FLTLT Marshall.

    . Maikha speaks to members of the Japan Air Self Defence Force (JASDF) during their visit to Avalon 2015, starting with JASDF Staff Sergeant Yoshi Uesugi (translated by Public Relations officer Major Shigenari Tomioka) regarding the JASDF’s travelling Taiko Drums band, followed by an interview with Lieutenant Colonel Takahiro Seki, the Pilot In Command of the visiting JASDF KC-767 and also the Commander of 404th Squadron from Komaki Air Force Base in Japan.

    . WGCDR Tim 'Slops' Alsop discusses his flying career from learning to fly at Tyabb and Moorabbin to his current role as CO 3SQN.

    . WGCDR Tim Alsop discusses the planning and performance of the RAAF F-18 Handling Display performed for the Tyabb Air Show 2014.

    . Grant catches up with FLGOFF Michael ‘Newbs’ Newby to discuss his flying background and career to date the with RAAF.

    . WGCDR Tim Alsop walks us through an F-18 Hornet preflight.

    • 2 h 31 min
    PCDU Episode 126: Emirates Wants You!

    PCDU Episode 126: Emirates Wants You!

    They say patience is a virtue and hopefully our audience has plenty of it because it's been a while since our last episode was released. Fortunately we've been able to make some time available to record content, edit it and get this episode into the feed. For this one Steve & Grant are joined by Maikha Ly for interviews with guests on topics including Emirates recruiting, photography at Melbourne Airport, the inaugural Womens' World Hot Air Balloon champion and breaking an ATC simulator (no, really, Maikha somehow managed to do it!).

    • 2 h 5 min
    PCDU Episode 125: Avalon Charlie (The Avalon Airshow Goodness Continues)

    PCDU Episode 125: Avalon Charlie (The Avalon Airshow Goodness Continues)

    Welcome back to our coverage of the 2015 Australian International Air Show (aka Avalon Airshow) with our third release of content recorded at show. It's been a while since the last episode and we're sorry for that but as with many labours of love & fun, life gets in the way and paying the rent, keeping the family happy, airshow commentariesand producing the Australia Desk for the Airplane Geeks often wind up taking priority over producing an episode

    For this episode, we have:

    . Heidi Fedak from Gulfstream discusses the bizjet market & how Gulfstream aircraft fill the various segments within it.

    . Todd Baker who used to fly AV8B Harriers in the US Marines before transitioning to Gulfstreams to fly the top brass around.

    . Andrew Carter from The Australian Vintage Aviation Society tells how he was enjoying flying the Fokker Triplane in the gaggle of WW1 aircraft at the show.

    . Gene De Marco from The Vintage Aviator Limited in New Zealand talks about the collection of fantastic WW1 replica aircraft they brought over for the show.

    . Jeff from the Australian Aviation Hall of Fame

    . Dr Graham Dorrington from RMIT about RMIT's involvement with Airbus' Fly Your Ideas competition plus some of the students involved & Isabelle Floret, Snr Vice President, Airbus Pacific.

    . Mike Bausor, Airbus' A350 XWB Marketing Director about the A350 going live with Qatar Airways

    . David Vellupillai about Airbus Corporate Jets including the newly available ACJ330, the A380 and its market niche, Airbus' view on passenger seating and the nuances of supporting ACJ owners

    Thanks to everyone for your patience with our delays and thanks also to those who have been contacting us to check that we're still alive and asking when the next episode would be out. We've not pod faded yet & there's still a big backlog of content for us to edit & get into the feed. Meanwhile, you can usually hear us each week on Airplane Geeks podcast & Grant’s been helping out Dave Homewood with the Wings Over New Zealand Live show that comes up monthly on Warbird Radio. He’s also recently appeared on Adam Knight's great podcast called Go Flying Australia as well as turning up as a guest on the Plane Talking UK podcast.

    We've also been mentioned on Global Pilot Life and Airport Spotting as both sites have included us in their lists of "Favourite Aviation Shows." Thanks to both sites for including us despite the gaps between episodes of late :)

    • 1h 25 min

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