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BBC TV NFL hosts Nat Coombs & Mike Carlson, comedian Dan Louw & a host of special guests keep you up to date with the latest happenings in American sports & popular culture. Americarnage is brought to you in association with men's grooming range Mancave who keep the guys fresh and help them #OwnTheBathroom
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BBC TV NFL hosts Nat Coombs & Mike Carlson, comedian Dan Louw & a host of special guests keep you up to date with the latest happenings in American sports & popular culture. Americarnage is brought to you in association with men's grooming range Mancave who keep the guys fresh and help them #OwnTheBathroom
- See more at: http://www.americarnage.co.uk/

    Americarnage #216: Sabbaticarnage

    Americarnage #216: Sabbaticarnage

    Nat, Mike and Dan aren't in the studio this week, it's just Harry the Producer and he has some news for ya'll.

    • 3 min
    Americarnage #215: The Game of the Dick-Punch

    Americarnage #215: The Game of the Dick-Punch

    With Nat on IR with a Filming, Mike and Dan needed a safe pair of hands to help them out with tonight’s show and they don’t come much safer (well, there is one guy…) than Mr Hockey Erik Janssen who immediately has the guys talking about money and not taking your dad to work…
    In other news: Mancave have 20% off all gift sets and buckets in honour of Father’s Day so buy some, tell yourself you’re going to give it to him, then keep it; Unibet are dishing out a £25 deposit bonus when you sign up via unibet.co.uk/americarnage; Mike dishes out a few betting tips, some are good; Dan suggests you go further, this might not be so good; Dan brings up the Great Slippery Phone Insurance scam; the guys all went to see The Boss; Mike talks about Ali; Erik tells us about Sidney Crosby lifting the Stanley Cup; no matter how good this is, should hockey tip into June? The gang think not; Mike and Erik talk about the late, great Gordy Howe; in the NBA things have been strangely un-thrilling as LeBron’s Cavs and Golden State knock it back and forth, including some dick-punches as per last year; then all of a sudden LeBron and Kyrie made a game of it which, combined with some Golden State indiscipline takes it to Game 6 in Cleveland; Mike talks baseball and Rex Sox knuckleballers; in the American League everyone sucks, in the National League there are some great games – we might be over-simplifying… things happen in the Non-Stop League too but still three months until first Gronk-Spike so let’s keep it to that right now; there are some cracking questions in the Mancave Mailbag and, you guessed it, much, much more…

    • 53 min
    Americarnage #214: Before Sunrise

    Americarnage #214: Before Sunrise

    Nat, Mike and… Well, that’s it this week as Hollywood is wrapped up in other business and the super-secret special guest fails to materialise – no, names, no pack duty to paraphrase the Iron One – but the guys might have done the odd show together so we’re in safe hands here. It’s not Americarnage After Dark, it’s Americarnage Before Sunrise – but who’s Ethan Hawke…?
    In other news: The Americarnage Question of the Week offers up another winner of epic amounts of goodies, guaranteed to let him give up renting and #OwnTheBathroom; old mates Unibet are offering £25 when you head over to unibet.co.uk/Americarnage; Mike used to teach kids who don’t read so good; Nat, Mike and Dan are off to see The Boss this weekend – Mancave goodies to any ‘Carnage fans who snap a pic with any of them; Mike talks epic tales of the sporting past; Nat talks Hanks and Desert Island Discs; we’re at the sharp end of the NBA season and it’s the Cavs vs Golden State; in the NFL, Walter Thurman has nixed his NFL career at the age of 28; Fitz and the Jets are talking but not agreeing yet; in the NHL it’s all about the Sharks and the Penguins; there’s some baseball – mainly Mike’s Redsox – loads of great stuff from the Mancave Mailbag and of course much, much, more…

    • 49 min
    Americarnage #213: Don't Ask Boring Questions

    Americarnage #213: Don't Ask Boring Questions

    Nat, Mike and Dan are all together again! It seems like it’s been ages but in many ways, not long enough… To make things even better the gang are joined by the award-winning sports journalist, old friend of Iron Mike and man who holds the key to the question he must never answer “will there be a London Franchise?” NFL’s David Tossell.
    In other news: Mike talks about what it is to be human; Dan talks about great telly; David mentions his new book which you need to buy – The Girls of Summer (it’s to do with cricket); Nat breaks the great news that we’re bringing back Ask Mike – new videos coming soon gang, get your questions in and we return to the cult of personality; in the NFL, lots of things were stolen and fraudulently sold but this time it’s nothing to do with the [insert least favourite coach here]; Mike rates the Baltimore, Green Bay, Seattle and Cinci; in the NBA, season MVP is Steph Curry - why even bother to debate it, not only did he win for the second year running but is probably a cyborg sent back to kill Trump who took up basketball instead and got all 131 first choice votes, the first player in history to do that; actual games happened, Dan tells you about them; in the NHL, the Lightning obliterated the Islanders; in the West the Sharks and the Predators have split 6 games, after San Jose cruised to a two game lead with Logan Courtue and Brent Burns scoring for fun; things happen in baseball, including slow, old, amazing home runs; loads of Mancave Mailbag goodness and my gosh with David in the house is there much, much more…

    • 1 hr 7 min
    Americarnage #212: I Can Hear Jimmy

    Americarnage #212: I Can Hear Jimmy

    Nat and Dan rock up to the studio this week in the certain
    knowledge that the Iron One is elsewhere, although quite what this
    means is up for debate – options include stumping for Ted Cruz,
    doing things for the mob and other less (more?) salubrious options.
    Whatever he’s up to he’s sent in lots of good stuff and, what’s
    more, the guys are joined by the legend that is Erik The Producer

    In other news: the Mancave Champions Club App Question of the
    Week winner this week is Mr James Cooper of Minehead who bags
    himself a load of goodies – you can get involved too by downloading
    it right…. NOW! Jimmy Garopollo makes an early appearance and then
    reappears quite a bit – which is nice; Erik has been watching
    Better Call Saul – a near-Nat level of cultural relevance;
    conversely, Nat has been watching The Jungle Book – the new one and
    everything; Dan ran the Brighton marathon and got sunburnt in the
    cold; all sorts of pre-draft manoeuvring in the NFL and Iron Mike
    talks you through his version of the first 10 picks; will a new top
    cornerback make the Racistskins any better? Johnny Manziel is still
    in the news for all the wrong reason, think this is just how it
    goes; the NBA Playoffs are underway and everyone is injured;
    Cleveland are the only ones through so far; OKC and the Spurs will
    play each other in the West; Erik tackles the NHL with a catch in
    his voice due to the lack of Canadian teams in the playoffs; the
    Blues are through to face the Stars; the Kings are out; in the MLB
    the White Sox execute the most ridiculous triple play ever in the
    history of anything; Albert Pujoles hits 565 homers, which is also
    pretty mental; Erik then breaks out The Birthday Game for the first
    time in a while and it inspires this week’s competition; there’s
    the usual Mancave Mailbag goodness and definitely much, much

    • 1 hr 8 min
    Americarnage #211: The Sound of Two Hands Clapping

    Americarnage #211: The Sound of Two Hands Clapping

    With Nat still in Panama dealing with the fallout of recent events, Mike and Dan find themselves doing a two-hander this week, something that immediately and unsurprisingly becomes a bit rude. It involves hands.

    In other news: Mike stood in for Nat on Talksport 2 the other night, it was fun; the Question of the Week on the Mancave app is Adam Wright from Cardiff – he wins a big box of goodies and you can too; Dan has a lot of three points, but that’s what happens when he’s not allowed to talk for two weeks; one of them is a film, another is telly and the third is a book so it’s very nearly a media clean-sweep; the NFL round-up is less sports and more CSI but then that’s depressingly familiar; lots of trading and manoeuvring ahead of the draft; Kaepernick is once again in the news and what the bloody hell is going on there? In the NBA the Cavs have won the East and the Warriors have won the West, although the Spurs did their damnedest to spoil that party; Kobe’s retiring apparently, no-one cares; the NHL playoffs start TONIGHT and Washington had their best ever season resulting in a top seed while everyone else just kind of gets slotted in somehow; lots of other things but also David Cameron has been fired… From his coaching job with the Ottawa Senators; stickball season is back and Mike talks a lot about that, Dan less so; loads on Mancave Mailbag goodness and just the right amount of much, much more…

    • 56 min

Customer Reviews

4.7 out of 5
102 Ratings

102 Ratings

Greg Matthews ,

Love it

Keep up the good work

Heavy Sid ,

Simply the best

Nuff said

Cyril from Bristol ,

Not what it once was

Still listening - just! Used to love the show but it ain't the 'must listen' it used to be. Still the odd moment of genius - when they actually get around to recording a show, which lately has been sporadic at best. Even the most ardent fan of the show must be getting fed up with the much reduced output of late - having been promised a show this week I see it's not going to appear after all. Really hoping it can return to former glories when the NFL season kicks off again. Even as recently as six months ago this would have been at a 4 or 5 star review from me. Come on guys you can do so much better than of late.

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