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There's nothing sensible about what we're doing — like hosting Iran's #1 English-language podcast, based in Iran... until we can't. So get that hashtag ready #FreeAskAnIranian

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There's nothing sensible about what we're doing — like hosting Iran's #1 English-language podcast, based in Iran... until we can't. So get that hashtag ready #FreeAskAnIranian

    Why do Iranians think we're better than them?

    Why do Iranians think we're better than them?

    To Iranians, ze Germans are foreign, but ze Chinese… well, they're just Chinese! It’s the same with many other nationalities and ethnicities for Iranians in Iran — some are foreign and some are just themselves. This type of categorisation tacitly exists and is just… discriminatory. Yes, it’s kinda racism, but the good kind, right! Iranians will hold certain peoples in high esteem and although they won’t make their prejudices institutional, they will bestow privilege to those deemed foreign. Enraged? Don’t be! Allow us to explain how it is that Iranians can be racist, kinda.

    Throughout this episode, we also provide anecdotes from various foreign friends of the show. They were kind enough to share their stories of how Iranians have judged them as foreigners. These stories were provided by a Brazilian, a Brit, a Syrian, and an Afghanistani. Most of their experiences were positive, but no prizes for guessing which of them experienced the opposite.

    So, go here if wanna read more about why Iranian love foreigners, but only certain foreigners?

    Are Iranians racist?Are Iranians "kinda" racist?How exactly do Iranians determine who is foreign?How are people from Afghanistan treated by Iranians?Is using the word "Afghan" for people from Afghanistan racist or otherwise inappropriate?Why are Iranians racist or insulting towards people from Afghanistan?What do Iranians think of Brazilians?How do I date an Iranian?What do Iranians think of Arabs?Will I be overcharged in Iran?What do Iranians think of the British?

    Image credit: Marion Doss, via Flickr - "Conference of the 'Big Three' at Yalta makes final plans for the defeat of Germany. Prime Minister Winston Churchill, President Franklin D. Roosevelt, and Premier Josef Stalin." February 1945. Image edited by Ask An Iranian, 2021.

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    How much do Iranians tip?

    How much do Iranians tip?

    You do it. We do it. Even educated Iranian PhDs do it. Let's do it. Let's show a little extra gratitude. So yes, Iranians do have a culture of tipping, but there are differences. Now, where, when and how should you show this gratitude when tipping in Iran — well, allow us to explain.

    In this episode we discuss how to tip in Iran by sharing our experience of such moments. We tell you how Iran is similar to other nation with respect to tipping, as well as how it differs. For example, you probably should tip your taxi driver that will pick you up at the airport, but you won't necessarily tip drivers for inner city journeys. If you're staying in Iran for a while, you may have a porter that will take care of odd-jobs here and there, but when should you tip and how much?

    Listen to this episode, to learn how Iranians go about tipping, and thank us later for the millions (of Rials!) you'll likely save.

    How much should I tip at a restaurant in Iran?Are tips expected at Iranian restaurants in Iran?Where's the best place to buy pistachio nuts in Tehran?How much do the English tip?Should I tip for food delivery in Iran, and how much?

    Image credit: Tip jar with a QR code leading to the Ask An Iranian Support page.

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    Why bother?

    Why bother?

    We want your questions, BUT... not those questions! No, we're not talking about the ones where we get asked about where men can meet men in Iran. No, no, it's that one question that we repeatedly get asked. It's asked by our parents, our siblings, our aunts and uncles, and most of our friends.

    In this episode, we answer that question. We would, however, prefer to answer your questions about Iranians and their culture. We would also prefer, try to get you the Iranian take on things. Regardless, you asked an Iranian, so we'll happily answer.

    Do we make any money from the Ask An Iranian podcast?Why make a podcast if you don't make any money from it?Why do most podcasts not make it to 50 episodes?Why podcast in Iran?How did Ask An Iranian begin?Will we keep doing Ask An Iranian?

    Image credit: Two women (bottom: "the incomparable Anis al-Doleh") from Naser al-Din Shah Qajar's Harem, Tehran, Iran. Date unknown. Edited by Ask An Iranian 2021.

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    What do Iranians vote for?

    What do Iranians vote for?

    Yes, Iran has a functioning democracy, and no, this episode won't help you fully understand its complex structure. We can, however, help you understand that its structure has a presidential role. Yes, every four years Iranians will get out and vote for a candidate to fulfil this role. This year—2021—is one of those years, but rumour has it that not as many Iranians will go and exercise their democratic duties. This doesn't seem to just be a rumour, however! Some of our Iranian audience on Instagram suggested they likely not participate in this Iran presidential election.

    In this episode, we do our very best to give you an overview of how Iran is both similar and different in its political structure. We also share our experiences of voting in Iran during recent years. Lastly, we give you an audio glimpse of how Tehran looks as it gears up to election day. Oh, and we delicately skirt around how things went down with previous elections. We're looking at you 2009!

    Is Iran a democratic nation?What type of political system exists in Iran?Does Iran have a president or prime minister?Are there political parties in Iran?Can women be presidential candidates in Iran?What happened when the UAE authorities didn't let Iranians vote?

    Image credit: one of the promotional points for Iranian candidates at the 2021 elections, edited by Ask An Iranian

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    What doesn't happen at Iranian birthday parties?

    What doesn't happen at Iranian birthday parties?

    Birthdays happen to the best of us, and Iranians are no exception. To make things worse, these yearly occurrences won't just happen once a year — no, no! Think about it, there's your parents' birthdays, your aunts' and uncles' birthdays, your work chums' birthdays, and maybe even your pets' birthdays. In fact, chances are that you're planning for a birthday, or even an Iranian birthday, right now!

    Celebrations for birthdays are somewhat similar around the world, in that we make a fuss for the ones we love. Yes, every culture makes its own fuss in its own way, so we thought that we'd make a fuss, about how Iranians make a fuss.

    If you're learning about Iranian culture, or happen to be surrounded by Iranians, then learning about Iranian birthdays is kinda important. Knowing how to say "happy birthday" in Persian (Farsi) and when to say it is a good start, but we recommend you learn a little more. Also during this episode, we teach you what gifts to get Iranians on their birthdays, and how they will be received during an Iranian birthday party.

    For all the above, and more, be sure to check our this episode.

    How do I say "happy birthday" in Persian (Farsi)?What food is normally served at an Iranian birthday party?Do Iranians throw surprise birthday parties?Are alcoholic beverages served at Iranian parties?Do Iranians have themed birthday parties?Why do Iranians dance with a knife when a birthday cake is presented?Do Iranians get gifts for colleagues?Why do Iranians say their age in really weirds ways?Who wrote the Iranian birthday song?Why are so many Iranians born in September?

    Image credit: Colourful cupcake with a question mark for a candle, created by Ask An Iranian, 2021.

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    Can women play football... in Iran?

    Can women play football... in Iran?

    In 2005 our guest, Katayoun Khosrowyar, arrived in Iran, fresh-off-the-boat and completely unaware of how her visit would change the direction of her life, as well as the lives of other Iranian women. This isn't because she turned up without a headscarf and had to borrow another woman's, but more because of her role in shaping women's football in Iran.

    What clothing do Islamic women wear when playing football?Can women watch football in a stadium in Iran?Why was the Iranian women's football team forced to forfeit the 2012 London Olympics?Who is the top international goalscorer in football?Did Iran have a women's football team before the Iranian revolution?How supportive are Iranian families and institutions with women in sport?Are earthquakes caused by women playing sports?

    Find Kat Khosrowyar on Twitter and Instagram

    Image credit: Iranian women's under 19 national football team - with coach Katayoun Khosrowyar. Image heavily doctored by Ask An Iranian, using a background image of Kiev stadium.

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4.1 out of 5
9 Ratings

9 Ratings

Mostafa khalil nasab ,

Awesome Infortainment Podcast.

Being a guest at the “Ask an Iranian” and spending an hour with David the host and his co-host Mohammad was an honer. I enjoyed every second, thanks to you both for the opportunity!
This podcast is an effort to introduce Iran and Iranians in an infortainment approach.

Well Done David

lolk1 ,

Iran unveiled, like no other

I hear a lot about Iran from various places, but this is something else. The Ask An Iranian podcast covers current Iranian culture in a way that always has me smiling.

Max_Millions ,

Hilarious, insightful and creative

A fun glimpse into a little-known culture. Ask An Iranian shows are unlike others Iranian podcast shows — firstly they’re recorded in Iran, secondly they explore emerging subjects.

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