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An unabashedly nerdy swan dive into networking technology. Weekly episodes feature industry experts, real-life network engineers and vendors sharing useful information to keep your professional knowledge sharp.

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An unabashedly nerdy swan dive into networking technology. Weekly episodes feature industry experts, real-life network engineers and vendors sharing useful information to keep your professional knowledge sharp.

    Heavy Networking 602: All About SPF, DKIM, DMARC Email Security

    Heavy Networking 602: All About SPF, DKIM, DMARC Email Security

    In a world of spam and phishing, running your own email server is fraught with peril. It can be hard to get your messages delivered if your server or domain has a bad reputation. You’re not one of those bad mail servers, but no one believes your mail server is trustworthy without a bunch of metadata proving it.

    Some of that metadata includes DNS records & SMTP headers that lend authenticity to your messages. If you’re thinking that an MX record was the only place where DNS and email overlapped, you’re way behind the times. These days, we’ve also got SPF, DKIM, and DMARC records that help mail servers decide whether messages claiming to be from your domain are legit.

    Today on Heavy Networking, all about SPF, DMARC, and DKIM. Our guest is Alex Blackie. He wrote an article on Email Authenticity 101 that I thought explained these topics really well.

    Sponsor: Dell Technologies

    Dell Technologies is helping enterprise customers to pave the way for transforming their networks with innovative open networking offerings and global support and services.  A key component of this journey are commercial versions of open source SONiC both within the data center and further.

    Learn how open source SONiC can play multiple roles in your enterprise network infrastructure with Dell Technologies.


    Even More Links For You To Click Upon To Connect With The Guest, Gain More Knowledge And Become A Dense Star Of IT Wisdom Shining Brightly Upon All So Blessed To Come Across Your Golden Path

    Alex’s post we reference in the episode – Email Authenticity 101: DKIM, DMARC, and SPF

    Alex’s Blog – https://alexblackie.com

    A Thing Alex Made: Zaiko Inventory Management – https://zaikoapp.com

    Alex on LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/in/alexblackie/

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    Heavy Networking 601: Monitoring The Dispersed Network With Cisco ThousandEyes (Sponsored)

    Heavy Networking 601: Monitoring The Dispersed Network With Cisco ThousandEyes (Sponsored)

    Network visibility and performance monitoring are the topics for today’s Heavy Networking episode sponsored by Cisco ThousandEyes.

    Cisco ThousandEyes is helping to solve the problem of your network being scattered everywhere but still needing consisting monitoring. Some of these networks you own and others you don’t, but you still need monitoring, telemetry and performance data to support workers and applications no matter where they are–on premises at those offices you’re going back to as the pandemic fades, home offices where many folks are working from permanently, and in the cloud. Because cloud. Of course cloud.

    Cisco ThousandEyes is a long-time Packet Pushers sponsor, and we’re going to probe deeply to discuss the latest feature additions that will bring you the data you need. And, since it’s been just about a year since ThousandEyes was acquired by Cisco, we’ll also discuss how ThousandEyes is being integrated into the gargantuan Cisco product portfolio.

    Our ThousandEyes guests are Angelique Medina, Head of Product Marketing; and Prab Singh, Group Product Manager.


    More About Cisco ThousandEyes

    ThousandEyes Internet and Cloud Intelligence in AppDynamics Dash Studio

    ThousandEyes Internet and Cloud Intelligence for Catalyst 9000

    Integration of ThousandEyes Internet and Cloud Intelligence with the Cisco Catalyst® 8000 Edge Series for SD-WAN and Cisco Nexus® 9000 switches

    Inside A Non-Profit Internet Exchange

    Inside A Non-Profit Internet Exchange

    Internet exchange points are networks you can use to connect to some other exchange participant. Sounds like maybe that’s a service provider thing, and it can be. But IXPs are useful for businesses, too.

    In this episode of Heavy Networking, we’re going to learn about IXPs, and non-profit IXPs in particular. What are these organizations? How are they different from an ISP? Why might you want to join one? How does the networking work?

    Our guests are Matt Peterson of the San Francisco Metropolitan Internet Exchange and Jim Troutman of the Northern New England Neutral Internet Exchange.

    We discuss:

    * How non-profit IXPs differ from for-profit exchanges

    * How non-profit IXPs operate

    * Why participate in an IXP

    * Peering, transits, and BGP

    * IXP infrastructure

    * How customers connect

    * More

    Sponsor: Itential

    Itential is network and cloud automation. Itential’s software makes it easy for network teams to get insights into your entire infrastructure, immediately detect non-compliant assets for rapid remediation, and manage and deploy changes across both CLI & API infrastructure. Find out more at www.itential.com/packetpushers.

    Show Links:

    San Francisco Metropolitan Internet Exchange

    Northern New England Neutral Internet Exchange

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    DriveNets Taps Disaggregation To Build Networks Like Cloud (Sponsored)

    DriveNets Taps Disaggregation To Build Networks Like Cloud (Sponsored)

    If you’re the average network engineer working on the average network, you probably haven’t shifted to the disaggregated model. Most folks are still buying and installing vertically integrated networking hardware and software. That is, if you buy a box from say Juniper, you bought it with Junos on board. Integrated.

    Our sponsor today is DriveNets, and we’re talking about why it’s time to take the disaggregated model–where you buy whitebox hardware and put a network operating system of your choice on it–seriously. Along the way, we’re going to hit DriveNets network architectures and operating models, and get you thinking about why disaggregated networking might make sense for you, and the business you run a network for.

    Our guests are Dudy Cohen, Sr. Director, Product Marketing and Run Almog, Head of Product Strategy at DriveNets.

    Show Links:


    DriveNets blog

    @drivenets – DriveNets on Twitter

    DriveNets on LinkedIn

    DriveNets Resources

    DriveNets Network Cloud Whitepaper

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    The Future Of Networking - Quantum Communications With Joshua Slater

    The Future Of Networking - Quantum Communications With Joshua Slater

    Heavy Networking adds another episode to the Future Of Networking series we’ve been doing off and on over the years. Today’s series entry? Quantum communications.

    Important note: this isn’t about quantum computing. While quantum communications and quantum computing are related, they are different disciplines with different applications. We’re focused today on the communications and networking aspects of the quantum realm.

    Our guest is Dr. Joshua Slater. Josh is a Quantum Scientist and Engineer at QuTech in the Delft Area, Netherlands.

    We discuss:

    * How quantum communications differs from quantum computing

    * What a qubit is and how it’s encoded to carry data

    * The role of quantum entanglement

    * Moving a qubit across a network

    * Use cases for this technology, including key distribution

    * Why crosstalk is a problem for quantum communications, even on fiber

    * The state of quantum communications today and where it’s headed

    * More

    Sponsor: InterOptic

    InterOptic makes high quality optical modules you can rely on. Plus, they are far cheaper than OEM optics. Save big money without compromising quality. Visit interoptic.com/packet-pushers.

    Packet Pushers Livestream:

    Join the Packet Pushers at our Livestream event Sept 28, 2021 with sponsor Gluware. Gluware gives you quick network automation wins including monitoring and detecting config drifts, upgrading and patching OSs at scale, and enforcing configuration policy, while also helping you to evolve toward infrastructure as code.

    Show Links:


    Joshua Slater on LinkedIn

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    Why Enterprises Want Private 5G (Sponsored)

    Why Enterprises Want Private 5G (Sponsored)

    On today’s Heavy Networking podcast we discuss why an enterprise might want its own private 5G network. Wi-Fi is the common mechanism for mobile access, but it has drawbacks including dead zones, interference from physical structures or other RF signals, as well as latency and bandwidth challenges.

    With private 5G, you can address coverage issues related to interference and distance, as well as provide greater capacity and reach, particularly for IoT devices. Private 5G can also enable better security control than Wi-Fi.

    We’ll discuss the pros and cons of private 5G, examine use cases, unpack the hardware and software required to build and operate private 5G, and more. Our guest from Intel is Bhupesh Agrawal, Director, Product Marketing – Private Wireless Networks & Edge Computing.

    Show Links:

    Private 5G Networks – Intel

    Intel FlexRAN

    @Intel5GNetworks – Intel 5G Networks on Twitter

    Bhupesh Agrawal on LinkedIn

    LoRa – Wikipedia

    Narrowband IoT – Wikipedia

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Customer Reviews

4.9 out of 5
77 Ratings

77 Ratings

mister_potato_head ,

Future If Networking

I started to look at networking more with VMware NSX a few years ago. Initially I found it impossible to keep up but this podcast gives me a great understanding of current and future networking news. Keep it up Greg and Ethan!

Hairy51 ,

Worth investing in, great show

I have been listening to the Packet Pushers show for a while now and find it to be consistently excellent. A great way to keep on top of what is happening in the industry.

IcarusII ,

Education with chuckle muscle exercises

This is a great show for keeping up to date with what's happening in the world of IT. Explaining whats going on to make it sound simple only comes from a huge depth of knowledge - they wade through the White papers and marketing volumes of vendors so we don't have to - but all the links are there if we need to deep dive on the subject. A treasure trove for the curious and essential listening for those who need to know all about IT.
Education made to feel like recreation. Thanks to all those involved and long may it continue.

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