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film talk and some with ølund & martin duverge


the list of films we will be watching can be found here: https://bit.ly/3nITjTE

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film talk and some with ølund & martin duverge


the list of films we will be watching can be found here: https://bit.ly/3nITjTE

    Ep 39: Shiva Baby

    Ep 39: Shiva Baby


    Taking things back to the old skool way, ølund & martin watch 2020’s family nightmare opus “Shiva Baby” directed by Emma Seligman.

    It is with our great pleasure to have our end of podcast tune provided by our very own ølund with his rendition of the classic “fly me to the moon”.

    Thank you so much for listening :)

    • 44 min
    Ep 38: Paris Is Burning

    Ep 38: Paris Is Burning

    Pushing the very fabric of our being and identity here at It's Not That Deep Bro we are honoured to welcome our first guest, Daniel Peel!

    Native to our hometown of Leicester, Dan is a part of several local musical groups such as Dad Jokes & Heart Sauce, the former of which provide this weeks musical number.  Jennie Livingstone’s 1990 identity think piece, Paris is Burning is the film of the second and the episode ends with an exclusive debut of “Hey Suzanne” by Dad Jokes. 

    Dad Jokes Insta 

    Heart Sauce Insta

    • 49 min
    Ep 37: Chungking Express

    Ep 37: Chungking Express

    Choo Choo!

    All aboard the Chungking Express! 

    This week on INTDB Martin & ølund watch Wong Kar-wai's 1994 opuscule "Chungking Express".

    As always, thanks for listening!

    Music: Thrown by These Furrows

    • 47 min
    Ep 36: Bicycle Thieves

    Ep 36: Bicycle Thieves

    Italian Neorealism.

    That is the soup du jour and our unsuspecting hosts Martin & Ølund sit down for a hearty bowl on this week's instalment of It's Not That Deep Bro.

    Unfortunately, just like in Italian Neorealism, everything cannot go well 100% of the time and just for this week, one will have to put up with some minor audio issues due to unforeseen circumstances. 
    To attempt to make up for this we have provided an extra exclusive slice of music titled "Up" from our in house producer, Brogan, which we hope subsequently soothes the damage we may have caused.

    Again, many apologies and we will see you next week in what we hope to be a return to from!

    Thank you ever so much for listening :)

    Our Insta: https://www.instagram.com/mipltd/

    Brogan's Insta: https://www.instagram.com/broganmusic/

    • 33 min
    Ep 35: The Good Shepherd

    Ep 35: The Good Shepherd

    An actor directing a film?

    What a preposterous notion I hear you say!

    I won't have it!

    I can't accept it!

    Well, that's exactly what martin & ølund attempt to wrangle this week on It's Not That Deep Bro as they watch Robert DeNiro's directorial opus "The Good Shepherd". 

    In an unprecedented double billing, 247 Studios alumni Brogan handles the smooth sounds on the tail end of this slice of pre-recorded sonic slop with his remix of Teardrops by Portishead.

    As always, a thousand thank you's for listening and please, take good care of yourself.

    Brogan's Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/broganmusic/

    Teardrops (Brogan Remix):https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8rLinS8jh_4

    • 53 min
    Ep 34: The Iron Giant

    Ep 34: The Iron Giant

    Scaling it back after last week's marathon episode, Martin & ølund dive into a childhood classic, The Iron Giant. Things get nostalgic and ølund even gets a little teary eyed whilst our 247 Studios colleague, Brogan provides some soothing sounds to play us out! As always thank you for listening and we shall see you next week! 

    Interactive Write Up: https://cutt.ly/WbFdb4p // 

    Brogan's Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/broganmusic/ // 

    Video For Passenger (HoFu Remix) by Brogan: https://youtu.be/MUlHO0iy9ok

    • 36 min

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