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Paul Evans & Ben Mondy bring you the latest news and views from around the surf world in their light-hearted, heavily opinionated podcast It’s Not The Length.

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Paul Evans & Ben Mondy bring you the latest news and views from around the surf world in their light-hearted, heavily opinionated podcast It’s Not The Length.

    Ep 24: Gabriel Medina's New Coach Andy King!

    Ep 24: Gabriel Medina's New Coach Andy King!

    Gabriel Medina's new coach and friend of the show Andy King joins the pod down the line from the land Down Under to tell some of his own his incredible life story, offer insights into the Gabby hook-up and the pair's current working relationship.

    He even offers Evans and Mondy some (brutal) insights into their own surfing shortcomings.

    Elsewhere, the Aussie leg, Mondy's home patch of Newy, new webcast meat, the Surfing Super League and other scintillating topics are under the spotlight.

    Given Mondy's recent joining of the global elite 1% by expanding his investment portfolio into the exciting, delicious new CBD drink Good Rays, Paul - who continues to nobly fight for environmental and social justice - reflects on being the only person left in the surf biz over 40 who doesn't co-own a drinks brand.

    Running time: 1hr10mins

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    Ep 23: World's Greatest Surf Photographer Chris Burkard!

    Ep 23: World's Greatest Surf Photographer Chris Burkard!

    The latest ep of INTL brings you the greatest surf shooter in the biz, Chris Burkard.

    Chris joined the show down the line from Yosemite, to chat all things surf, photography and adventure.

    With a brand new Burkard Studio x Billabong Adventure Division Collection just launched, we celebrate the release of the purpose-built range by catching up on some of Chris' greatest adventures from the high latitude surf frontier.

    Elsewhere, topics up for discussion include:

    Naughty Pauline Menczer & the Girls Don't Surf documentary
    The Wozzle on Quarantine in Australia
    Surf comp names... could do better
    60-year-olds riding the tube
    Haz Bryant & Bigger boned surfers (& cricketers)
    Paul's Cory Lopez block
    Mondy's toxic surf media patriarchy mea culpa

    Plus, the return of quiz segment 'What C__t Said That?'

    We also hear from WL Editor Luke Gartside in Newquay, Cornwall, bringing some exciting live WL event announcements for 2021, as well as the forthcoming print edition of WL, Volume 260.


    Running time: 70mins


    • 1 hr 10 min
    Jon Frank on Litmus: Ireland Unveiled & The Birth of Ride Everything

    Jon Frank on Litmus: Ireland Unveiled & The Birth of Ride Everything

    This bonus ep of the pod features Jon Frank down the line from the Balearics talking us through the iconic 1996 surf film 'Litmus'.

    Teaming up with the creative force that is Andrew Kidman, Litmus was the mid 90's surf film that went against the grain of conventional surf flicks of the time, unveiling Hawaiian style surf in Ireland and helping launch a global rethink of surfing equipment with Derek Hynd's quiver section at J-Bay.


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    Running time: 27mins

    • 23 min
    Ep 22: Peter 'Condor' Mel aka THE MAV'S GOAT!

    Ep 22: Peter 'Condor' Mel aka THE MAV'S GOAT!

    Peter 'the Condor' Mel aka The Mav's Goat sure started off 2021 with a bang... Condor joins the pod to recount his ridiculous backdooring of the Mav's bowl on 8th Jan 2021, and impart wisdoms gleaned from a lifetime going full tilt in Half Moon Bay.

    At 51 years young and still pushing the boundaries of big wave surfing, Pete gives us some background on the La Niña winter in NorCal, which like him, is showing little sign of letting up.

    There's much more to Jah's rich shred tapestry than icy cold death teepees of course; we chat to lithe log lord Harry Roach in tropical Queensland, Australia about his style influences, notably the very fine noseriding of Mr Dane Peterson.

    Meanwhile, find out how and why co-host Mondy, famed for his frugality, spent £750 on a 3 second Cornish tuberide. That's three quarters of a bag of sand on a Kernow tunnel visj... but was it worth it?

    He says yes.

    Elsewhere, enjoy the usual thrust and parry of surfing's hot topics being dissected and debated by two middle aged men who were in their primes before the Internet or podcasts were even invented, struggling desperately to maintain relevance in what is essentially, a youth sport.

    - Going the wrong way at surf spots.

    - Mondy's long JoB submission.

    - Moana Wong / Tati West beef & women at the Pipeline.

    - Accidental lineup shots: Yes please.

    - Vintage tube stances in the magic 3-4ft range (come back Tudor, all is forgiven): Mike Ho's cheater 5 steez, Jim Banks' peace sign, Occy's hands behind the back, Bugs' iconic pointing etc.

    - Mondy takes on the FB anti-vaxxer conspiracy theory mafia faction of the Aussie surf media

    - Leo vs Mikey's not-so-sudden death surf off

    As the show comes to its thrilling climax, ITNL's exclusive quiz segment 'What C__t Said That?' returns as Mondy poses 10 quotes from surf luminaries and Paul attempts to guess from whose lips they emitted.

    Paul's choice of song to play out the show if he wins: Tom Zé - Jimmy Renda Se
    Ben's choice: Grace Jones - William's Blood

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    Running time: 1h 11min

    Is 2021 merely 2020 in a trench coat (with its pubes on fire)?


    It's fine it's fine it's all gonna be just fine.


    • 1 hr 11 min
    Ep 21: 2020's Best Bits

    Ep 21: 2020's Best Bits

    Like the welcome relief felt when that obnoxious drunk of a mate has finally passed/been punched out(or roofied, if that's what it takes), 2020 's fun n' games are finally all but over.

    We've put together some highlights from a year of podcasts that include an assortment of voices, from Evans and Mondy's regular rip snorting contributions to colourful insights from the likes of G-Mac, Sean Pertwee, Chas Smith, Andy Martin and Nick Hayes.

    Big thanks for tuning in and continuing to support the pod, wishing you the very best of health and happiness for the new year and beyond.

    "Enjoy yourselves, it's later than you think" - Evans
    "Get a dog up yas" - Mondy


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    Running Time: 55min 50s

    Running order:
    00:40s Live from Nazaré
    06:20s Mondy on heartbreak
    10:00 Andy Martin on Bradshaw & Foo and Lord Ted Deerhurst
    18:10s Lockdiggity vibes and new localism
    22:30s Nick Hayes on Right to Roam & the Natural Health Service
    29:30s Chas Smith's General Knowledge (from BeachGrit vs WL)
    35:50s Sean Pertwee on becoming a surfer for Blue Juice
    38:50s Are You Smarter Than A Smooth-Talking Matt Barr steward?
    43:00s Geoff Lawton, Rasta & the Top 3 descriptions of surfing ever
    49:10s 'Joel Tudor leaves me cold'
    51:05s G-Mac on the best day ever at Nazaré


    • 55 min
    G-MAC on the 'Best Day Ever At Nazaré'

    G-MAC on the 'Best Day Ever At Nazaré'

    With one of the biggest, cleanest and most beautiful swells ever ridden in Europe hitting 29/10/20, we catch up with Garrett G-MAC McNamara to get his insights into how big it really was, who ruled it... and his thoughts on the alleged fisticuffs that went down between battling tow crews in giant surf.


    - Paul & Ben wrap up on the WSL's Euro Cup of Surfing: Mondy's Italo Ferreira soggy bum kick and Paul's Kikas t-shirt shame
    - Discuss the curious appeal of Surf Ranch loggers as tubby fibbers
    - Wonder if anybody, ever has spent 30 mins in a Boardriders store?
    - Reveal what an adolescent Mondy did over 10 times per day, everyday, much to the dismay of his poor mum
    - And play a brand new quote-based quiz: What C*nt Said That?

    Running time: 50m10s

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4.7 out of 5
18 Ratings

18 Ratings

realmojo90 ,

Funny and importunate

Good bantz, good fun, good times. Irreverent and whimsical all wrapped up in a podcast bag of excellence.

pod2pod88 ,

Funny and informative

No topic too risky no opinion too strong. Good insight to the going’s on in surf and some fun look backs into the past

Linley Lewis ,


Like and subscribe, like and subscribe. Great chat from the boys, fearless to say it how it is. Happy listening

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