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Exploring Law in an engaging and scholarly way.

    Episode 100 - COVID-19 and the Laws of Death and Burial

    Episode 100 - COVID-19 and the Laws of Death and Burial

    ​In this episode, PhD candidate Paula Shilliday talks to Professor Heather Conway about the intersections between the COVID-19 pandemic and the laws of death and burial. Prof Conway outlines the ways in which COVID-19 and related restrictions have impacted upon the socially and culturally significant act of the funeral, and the implications of this - in particular in terms of the potential risk to emotional wellbeing and mental health.
    You can read Heather Conway's post for The Conversation on this issue here and you can access a longer piece by Heather on the NI specifics for (2020) 2 Folio: Northern Ireland Conveyancing and Property Law Journal 16-21 here.

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    Episode 99 - The Shadow Pandemic: Domestic Abuse and COVID-19 

    Episode 99 - The Shadow Pandemic: Domestic Abuse and COVID-19 

    In this episode Dr. McQuigg shares her reflections on the effect of lockdown and social distancing measures implemented due to the Covid-19 pandemic on rates of domestic. She points to the numerous ways in which the pandemic has exacerbated the situation for victims and survivors of domestic abuse and made it more difficult to reach women in crisis. Dr. McQuigg also discusses the ways in which human rights frameworks can be used to mitigate against domestic abuse. 
    Further reading: Dr McQuigg's original QPol blog , McQuigg (2018) 'Is it time for a UN Treaty on Violence Against Women?' , McQuigg (2014) on human rights law, the courts, and domestic violence.

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    Legal Lexicon: Parliamentary Sovereignty

    Legal Lexicon: Parliamentary Sovereignty

    This episode explores the concept of parliamentary sovereignty with Professor Aileen McHarg. It is a wide-ranging conversation which touches on foundational elements of parliamentary sovereignty, judicial interpretation, devolution, Brexit and democracy. It is an engaging and enlightening look at a key legal concept which underpins constitutional law in the United Kingdom and has been at the forefront of political discourse in the debate over Brexit.
    Further reading on parliamentary sovereignty by Professor McHarg:
    A. McHarg, (2018) “Constitutional Change and Territorial Consent: The Miller Case and the Sewel Convention” in The UK Constitution after Miller (eds) M. Elliott, J. Williams and A. L. Young. Hart Publishing.
    A. McHarg and C. McCorkindale "Continuity and Condusion: Towards Clarity? The Supreme Court and the Scottish Continuity Bill" (blogpost, UKCLA)
    A. McHarg (2006) “What is devolved legislation?” Public Law.
    The academic work mentioned by Professor McHarg in the episode can be found here:
    Public Law for Everyone - Professor Mark Elliott (Professor of Public Law, Chair of the Faculty of Law, University of Cambridge)
    J. Goldsworthy, (2001) The Sovereignty of Parliament: History and Philosophy. Oxford University Press.
    M. Gordon, (2015) Parliamentary Sovereignty in the UK Constitution: Process, Politics and Democracy. Hart Publishing.
    Oxford Putney Debates 2020 - Keynote lecture on parliamentary sovereignty by Prof Mike Gordon (Constitutional Law, University of Liverpool)
    AL. Young, (2009) Parliamentary Sovereignty and the Human Rights Act. Hart Publishing.

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    Being Black in Northern Ireland: BLM Protests, Institutional Racism and Social Media

    Being Black in Northern Ireland: BLM Protests, Institutional Racism and Social Media

    ​In this podcast we discuss with guests Tura Arutura, Cassie Logan (both activists for BLM) and Sinead Marmion (from Phoenix Law) the PSNI's approach to the BLM protests in Belfast last June. Our guests discuss their experiences of institutional racism in Northern Ireland and how social media plays a key role in educating others about the reality of being black in Northern Ireland. This episode also discusses the importance of representation in the legal field and how the law can be changed to protect minorities in Northern Ireland. 

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    Episode 78 - Informers and Transitional Justice

    Episode 78 - Informers and Transitional Justice

    ​In this podcast Prof Kieran McEvoy and Prof Mark Drumbl explore the intersections between informers and transitional justice. Drawing in particular on Mark and Dr Barbora Hola's research on informers and collaborators in the former Czechoslovakia, this podcast explores the role of informers in transitional justice so far and considers what transitional justice should do with informers.
    Kieran and Mark discuss the complex motivations behind informing, reactions to informing, and the implications for victims of the activity of informants.

    • 33 min
    Episode 77 - Contact tracing apps and Data Privacy

    Episode 77 - Contact tracing apps and Data Privacy

    ​In this episode, Arianna McBurney and Megan Burns talk to Professor Daithi Mac Sithigh about the contact tracing apps in the UK. Professor Mac Sithigh discusses the implication for data privacy law, whether we should be concerned about data breaches, and what his ideal contact tracing app would look like.
    Professor Daithi Mac Sithigh is a professor of Law and Innovation at Queen's University Belfast. His research interests are in law and technology, with recent work addressing audiovisual media law, legal issues in the creative industries, the 'sharing economy', and data privacy issues. Further details are available here: https://pure.qub.ac.uk/en/persons/daith%C3%AD-mac-s%C3%ADthigh

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