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Come and explore the mysterious and wonderful world of language. Each episode we ask questions like: Why are malapropisms funny? What on Earth are malapropisms? What makes English so special? How can a language belong to a family? What’s a conlang? Why is tea called tea, and gin called gin? So, pour yourself something, and listen, learn, laugh, subscribe and share.
Written and presented by Alex Morgan, an English actor, writer, accent coach, and linguaphile (with a ‘ph’...). www.alexjmorgan.com

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Come and explore the mysterious and wonderful world of language. Each episode we ask questions like: Why are malapropisms funny? What on Earth are malapropisms? What makes English so special? How can a language belong to a family? What’s a conlang? Why is tea called tea, and gin called gin? So, pour yourself something, and listen, learn, laugh, subscribe and share.
Written and presented by Alex Morgan, an English actor, writer, accent coach, and linguaphile (with a ‘ph’...). www.alexjmorgan.com

    The Final File

    The Final File

    Time to leave geeks’ paradise...

    Arabella Merryweather was played by Felicity Houlbrooke.

    Alex was played by Alex Morgan

    The wizard was played by Alex Morgan

    Music and effects by Epidemicsounds.com


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    Put that in your wizard’s pipe and smoke it...

    Performed by Alex Morgan.

    Music and sounds by Epidemicsounds.com


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    Tea for Two

    Tea for Two

    Ooohhhhhhh...don’t mind if I do...

    Arabella Merryweather was played by Felicity Houlbrooke. 

    Music and sounds by Epidemicsounds.com


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    The Peacock has Landed

    The Peacock has Landed

    Bon joor? Bone jowar? Bong zhoor? BONJOUR!

    Justin Case was played by Paul Sandys

    Gudrun Schneider was played by Rachel Morgan

    Music and effects by Epidemicsounds.com


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    • 24 min
    Biting the Wax Tadpole

    Biting the Wax Tadpole

    Still hanging. Need some fried carbs, and good chat. Pocari Sweat, anyone? 

    This episode contains some swearing

    Britney was played by Helen Keeley

    Music and effects by Epidemicsounds.com 


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    • 20 min
    On the (Etymological) Lash

    On the (Etymological) Lash

    Alex really wanted to take you out for a drink, because you’re awesome. However, seeing as that’s off the cards at the moment, he decided he’d take you on a virtual night out instead. Go on, you know you want to. Let’s go on the (etymological) lash. Just, don’t tell his mum...


    Mylène: Charlotte Mangel

    Yelena: Kat Soloviev

    Piotr: Egor Gavrilin

    Barman: Alex’s Father

    Darren: Also Alex’s Father

    Alex’s Mother:...Alex’s Mother

    Music and effects by Epidemicsounds.com


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Customer Reviews

4.9 out of 5
17 Ratings

17 Ratings

Fern the Rower ,

Thought you were the footballer

I came here after looking for the footballer but then saw this and thought I might give it a try and it is fantastic!

Kathryn Case ,

Fascinating & lively

Alex Morgan has the innate gift of knowing how to blend a genuine passion for linguistics with a wry, gentle humour that is both soothing and fascinating. The episodes are frothy yet weighty - light enough to devour during a tea break, but offering a depth of historic and academic richness that will keep your mind meandering back to it all day long. Addictive and fiendishly clever.

Keeley1989 ,

Funny and informative!!

A tour de force...I wonder where that comes from? Maybe Alex can tell me!