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A video gaming podcast that covers both retro gaming as well as modern systems. The show features discussion on various topics, reviews and more.

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A video gaming podcast that covers both retro gaming as well as modern systems. The show features discussion on various topics, reviews and more.

    Episode 106: Tim Weaver Interview

    Episode 106: Tim Weaver Interview

    Tim Weaver has been writing for decades. Currently he has 10 David Raker novels under his belt, a very popular crime/ thriller series.
    He started his career at Future Publishing back in 1996 on Nintnedo magazine Total! Tim shares the early days on the mag as well as other Snes magazine Super Play before he went on to work on the magazine that gave him his happiest years - N64 Magazine.
    N64 mag still has so many fans today and was the go to magazine for N64 owners. As well as sharing stories and experiences here we also cover NGC, Arcade, Xbox World magazines plus more. Tim goes into detail about the challenges he had on certain magazines over the years also before needing a new challenge as a full-time author.
    We do discuss his novels as well as his podcast "Missing" from a few years ago.
    We hope you enjoy the interview and thanks to Tim for his time.

    • 2 hrs 26 min
    Episode 105: Better Call Paul(s)

    Episode 105: Better Call Paul(s)

    In this episode Paul sits down to discuss CVG magazine and more with Paul Glancey and also another Paul, this time Davies! Yes three people on one call all called Paul (that's a mouthful).
    Paul Glancey makes his MPU debut to take us through some key moments of his career. Starting on Zzap64, working with Jaz Rignall he soon got into the swing of things and followed Jaz to EMAP and CVG magazine. He tells us about learning the ropes, a few fave games as well as working on Megatech, Mean Machines and more.
    Paul Davies returns to the show to speak more in depth about his time on Nintendo Magazine System and CVG. It was great to hear both Paul's share their experiences and crossed paths at EMAP.
    We hope you enjoy the show and thanks to PG and PD for their time.

    • 2 hrs 29 min
    Episode 104: Chris Scullion Interview

    Episode 104: Chris Scullion Interview

    Chris Scullion joins us this episode to discuss his career as a games writer. Starting on Official Nintendo Magazine in 2006, he has also written for the online versions of N Gamer and CVG as well as being a regular contributor to Nintendo Life.
    When he joined ONM the Gamecube was on the way out but the Wii would go on to become one of Nintendo's most popular consoles. We discuss some key moments in his career, meeting some well known names, certain games reviews for Sonic titles and much more.
    Chris shares some honest thoughts in our conversation especially how CVG ended! Finally we also discuss his work on the NES and SNES Encyclopedias and his future plans for follow up books.
    We hope you enjoy the interview and thanks to Chris for his time.

    • 2 hrs 17 min
    Episode 103: Paul McNally Interview

    Episode 103: Paul McNally Interview

    In this episode Paul interviews Paul McNally about his career in videogames journalism and much more.
    Paul started his career on ST Action under the guidance of previous guest Nick Clarkson. Working up-to editor he stayed there until the magazine began to wind down in a challenging market for the ST.
    Staying at Europress publishing he also worked on Mega Action, Bad Influence (both the mag and show) before the company was bought by IDG Media.
    We discuss some mags for the first time with a guest such as Playstation Pro (and it's laddish covers), GamePro UK and others. Paul shares some great stories about games events with the guys from Loaded magazine, an unplanned trip to Mexico and much more!
    This interview has a lot so we hope you enjoy it.

    • 2 hrs 3 min
    Episode 102: Martyn Carroll Interview

    Episode 102: Martyn Carroll Interview

    In this latest interview, we speak to original Retro Gamer magazine editor Martyn Carroll. We cover several magazines for the first time on the podcast as Martyn shares his early experiences of the magazine industry.
    It wasn't a games magazine he started on however. As a rabid horror fan his first published work was in long running horror magazine, Darkside. From here we discuss trying to get work on games magazines at Paragon Publishing before starting a job up North at Live Publishing in Macclesfield.
    Martyn tells us about how Live attempted to grow their magazine output from just PC mags and into the world of PlayStation and more, however this eventually caused problems. We cover his time on Tipstation mag as well as PSG 24/7 - both magazines not previously covered on the show. 
    Retro Gamer magazine has been going for almost 17 years now from it's launch in 2004. We talk about how the idea of the magazine was pitched and those early days of having no staff to help write the mag. As it became more popular it soon became a monthly magazine but before long Live Publishing were in trouble....
    We hope you enjoy the interview and a massive thanks to Martyn for his time.

    • 1 hr 21 min
    Episode 101: Listeners Choice Mega Drive

    Episode 101: Listeners Choice Mega Drive

    This episode we revisit the "listener choice" format, previously used on our Dreamcast, Game Boy and Commodore 64 shows. Back before the world went mad, we asked our listeners to share their five favourite SEGA Mega Drive games with us, which we then got Paul to count up and combine to create a Top 10 of the most popular ones.
    Join Chris Smith v2 and Tom Charnock as they tackle the listeners top 10 Mega Drive games, and try to find new things to say about a list that holds few surprises. They mostly seem to manage this by just going wildly off-topic. Enjoy!
    Do get in touch on the usual channels to say hello or to give us any feedback. If you enjoy our work, it would be great if you could drop us a review on iTunes, they really do help us get the show out there.

    • 2 hrs 27 min

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4.8 out of 5
76 Ratings

76 Ratings

Jason Luxton ,

Maximum Power!

Informative, funny and always entertaining. This podcast is a must for retro gamers worldwide.

McGuiganBarry ,

Perfect listening for the golden era

Been listening to the back catalogue, and the magazine writers interviews are terrific. Super Play, Steve Merrett and Mr Biffo himself (Paul Rose) are all here. Well done to Paul for getting such interviews in the first place. Top work.

NO1Kimifan ,

Great Listening

These are genuine guys talking about what they love, I like that they do a bit of modern and retro, and talk about what they have been playing recently I can highly recommend

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