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A podcast interviewing the best indie talent the horror genre has to offer!

New Horror Express Scott Murphy

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A podcast interviewing the best indie talent the horror genre has to offer!

    Episode 45 – John McPhail

    Episode 45 – John McPhail

    NHE host Scott Murphy chats to director John McPhail about his latest film, the cult smash “Anna and the Apocalypse.” A zom-rom-com-Xmas-musical that is already establishing itself as a seasonal favourite since it was released back in 2018.

    In the interview (the interview begins at 2:02), we talk to John about the film’s ever-growing success, some of his top festival experiences with the movie. And the new deluxe Blu-ray release the film has received (where he tells about his excitement on doing his first directors commentary).

    We also to John about the production of “Anna and the Apocalypse,” including; how he came on board to the project, the difficulties of shooting some of the musical sequences (not helped by the Scottish weather!), and his favourite songs from the film.

    Away from “Anna and the Apocalypse” chat, we get to talk John about what his earliest horror memories are, what ranks among his horror favourites and he gives us his thoughts on the sudden upsurge in horror movies coming out of Scotland.

    Watch the trailer for “Anna and the Apocalypse” here

    “Anna and the Apocalypse” is available to buy here

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    Episode 44 – Staten Cousin Roe

    Episode 44 – Staten Cousin Roe

    EDIT: In the intro, I mistakenly talk about the birth of Staten’s daughter coinciding with the film’s premiere. Staten and his wife (and star of the film) Poppy actually welcomed in a baby boy on the day of the premiere. Apologies to both.

    NHE host Scott Murphy chats to writer/director Staten Cousins Roe about his debut feature “A Serial Killer’s Guide to Life.” A blackly comic road trip horror which involves murder, mayhem, and the quest for self-enlightenment.

    In the interview (the interview begins at 2:00), Staten talks about the inspiration behind the film, how he found the leap from short to feature film making and how his experience as an actor helped him work with others. He also goes into what other movies influenced him during the making of the film and why he thinks the comparison to “Sightseers” is a bit off the mark.

    Staten also talks to us about his festival experiences, an awkward screening with the in-laws, and whether there is something in the Brighton water given the horror it has produced in recent times with likes of himself, Ben Wheatley and Corin Hardy.

    You can watch the trailer for “A Serial Killer’s Guide to Life” here

    “A Serial Killer’s Guide to Life” is also now available to rent/buy on Amazon Prime here

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    Episode 43 – Charlie Steed

    Episode 43 – Charlie Steed

    NHE host Scott Murphy chats to director Charlie Steed about his latest feature, “The Barge People,” which pits a small group of city-folk on a barging holiday against a family of cannibalistic mutant fish people!

    In the interview, Charlie tells us about how he came to direct the picture, why he thinks backwoods horror movies are so rare in the UK and the difficulties of filming on a canal. Also, how he feels horror has lost some of its sense of fun and how we wanted to re-inject that with this film as well as his other movies.

    We also talk about Charlie’s ridiculously prolific output and how he has not one, not two, but three films in post-production in blaxploitation flick”Death Ranch,” vampire movie” After Dark” and haunted house film “An English Haunting.”

    You can watch the trailer for “The Barge People” here

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    Episode 42 – Juan Ortiz

    Episode 42 – Juan Ortiz

    NHE host Scott Murphy chats to director Juan Ortiz about his second feature “Fingers,” which we talked about after its European premiere at Frightfest back in August, his experience of which we talk a little bit about in our conversation.

    In the interview, Juan tells us all about the origins of the movie, the picture’s lengthy development, and how his script evolved over that process. Also, some of the reactions he received from actors to the movie’s oddball story. There is also some discussion about whether Juan set out to make a strange film or whether this is just naturally the type of story that he wants to tell. He also speaks to us about if he is fed up with the movie being so frequently compared to “The Greasy Strangler.”

    Away from the movie Juan talks about his directorial influences, the difficulties of getting any indie flick made and how his next projects are going to be very, very different from “Fingers.”

    You can watch the “Fingers” trailer here

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    Episode 41 – The Pierce Brothers

    Episode 41 – The Pierce Brothers

    NHE host Scott Murphy talks to directors Brett and Drew Pierce about their second feature, “The Wretched,” which has been played at a host of festivals since making its debut at this year’s Fantasia Fest and was recently picked up by IFC Midnight for release in 2020.

    In the interview, Brett and Drew tell us about some of the challenges of the shoot where they were not only working with children and animals (as the old adage advises you not too) but also had to deal with several night shoots. We also learn why the title changed from “Hag” to the title it has now. The brothers also talk about the research on the occult they did for the film and how they achieved the pictures multiple practical effects on a limited budget. Further on practical effects, we discuss a bit about Brett and Drew’s dad’s effect work on the original “Evil Dead.”

    Elsewhere Brett and Drew chat to us about their film festival, horror tropes they don’t like, horror trends and let us in what they are working on next.

    You can watch the trailer for “The Wretched” here

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    Episode 40 – Fernando Alle

    Episode 40 – Fernando Alle

    NHE host Scott Murphy talks to director Fernando Alle about his debut feature, the action-horror-comedy “Mutant Blast.” Which since it’s debut last year at MOTELX – Lisbon International Horror Film Festival has been at festivals all over the world, including a few here in the UK (Frighfest, Leeds International Film Festival, Derby Film Festival).

    In the interview, we talk to Fernando about how he came up with such a crazy idea for the movie, how he managed to balance various tones and genres in the film and how his cast reacted to the script on the first read. Moreover, we talk about how he and his crew managed to achieve the movie; multiple effects shot on such a low budget. Fernando also tells us how the film was picked up for distribution by famed genre outfit Troma and how he feels his movie differs from many of Troma’s own pictures.

    On top of all that, Fernando tells us about some unexpected influences on the film, his omnivorous tastes in cinemas, and the danger of putting directors in a particular genre box. Plus, how he feels he wants his next project to be something quite different from “Mutant Blast” (possibly even a drama).

    You can watch the trailer for “Mutant Blast” here

    You can also check out this Behind-the-scenes trailer here

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RobertF87 ,

A Must for Horror Fans

Always fun and informative this is a great place to find new and interesting films and filmmakers. If you are interested in innovative horror, this is a must listen.

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Always good interviews. Fun and informative.

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Awesome, unique horror podcast

Great show for discovering up and coming horror and finding new films to watch. Loads of interesting interviews with directors, actors and writers. A must for any horror fanatic.

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