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One From the Vaults, a trans history podcast by Morgan M Page. We bring you all the dirt, gossip, and glamour from trans history!

One From the Vaults Morgan M Page

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One From the Vaults, a trans history podcast by Morgan M Page. We bring you all the dirt, gossip, and glamour from trans history!

    OFTV Presents - Interview with Abram J Lewis

    OFTV Presents - Interview with Abram J Lewis

    In this double-length episode, OFTV speaks to trans historian Abram J. Lewis about TAO (Transsexual Action Organization), about oral history work, and about how magic, witchcraft, and "unreason" intersect with the emergence of Gay Liberation and early trans organizations.

    AJ Lewis is a post doctoral fellow at Grinnell College in Iowa, and the co-founder of the NYC Trans Oral History Project, a partnership with the New York Public Library system.

    • 1 hr 43 min
    OFTV Presents - Librada and Cubanecuir

    OFTV Presents - Librada and Cubanecuir

    This month OFTV presents a special interview with archivist Librada González Fernández of the Cubanecuir archive! Librada is a young trans woman based in NYC and Miami who is pulling together the stories and ephemera of queer and trans Cubans, both on the island and in the diaspora! She joins OFTV to talk Cuban queer history, the ethics of archival work, being a trans person working in history.

    You can follow the archive @cubanecuir on Instagram and Twitter!

    • 59 min
    OFTV Presents - Interview with Zackary Drucker

    OFTV Presents - Interview with Zackary Drucker

    To celebrate five years of One From the Vaults, this year I'll be presenting a series of interviews with artists, filmmakers, writers, and historians working on trans history. First up is the brilliant and beautiful artist Zackary Drucker, co-director of the new HBO docuseries The Lady and the Dale, which tells the wild story of 1970s icon Liz Carmichael!

    • 42 min
    OFTV 35 - La Prophetesse

    OFTV 35 - La Prophetesse

    This month's episode of OFTV follows the life of a gender non-conforming mystic who lead an early insurgency in the Haitian Revolution!

    Works cited:
    The Priest and the Prophetesse (2018) by Terry Rey
    Des hommes et des dieux (2002)
    Sex and the Empire That is No More (1994) by J. Lorand Matory
    Mama Lola: a Vodou Priestess in Brooklyn (1991) by Karen McCarthy Brown

    • 45 min
    OFTV 34 - Gym Class

    OFTV 34 - Gym Class

    In this episode of OFTV, we follow Steve Dain - teacher of the year, and later mentor to Lou Sullivan - in his fight for the right to keep teaching after his sex change!

    Works Cited:


    • 24 min
    OFTV 33 - A Bunny in the Front Seat

    OFTV 33 - A Bunny in the Front Seat

    In our first episode for 2020, OFTV looks at the tumultuous life of early gender clinic patient, sex worker-turned businesswoman Patricia Morgan!

    Works cited:

    • 26 min

Customer Reviews

4.7 out of 5
39 Ratings

39 Ratings

Cardiff Sam :) ,

A great podcast

Each episode is so well researched and the show is engaging and informative!
Thank you!

Michaela Hodges ,

Really interesting and well researched

I’ve really learnt a lot about trans history from this podcast, I always listen to new episodes as soon as they come out. It comes across really clearly how knowledgable Morgan is on this subject and she always seems genuinely interested in what she’s talking about, which adds to the enjoyment of listening

Josephine Jones ,

Fabulous and informative

Very well researched. X

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