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Extraordinary first person stories from around the world

    Photographing firefighters on the streets of Lagos

    Photographing firefighters on the streets of Lagos

    Akintunde Akinleye is an award-winning photographer who’s spent much of his career in Lagos, Nigeria, photographing the firefighters battling pipeline explosions around the gridlocked city. One photograph of the aftermath of an explosion changed his life when he won an international photography award.

    Producer: Emily Webb

    Photo: A Lagos firefighter douses himself in water
    Credit: Akintunde Akinleye

    • 13 min
    The Superheroes of Lagos

    The Superheroes of Lagos

    Outlook’s Abdulmalik Fahd drops in on Spoof Animations, one of Nigeria’s newest cartoon studios, where a new generation of Nigerians are drawing new kinds of superheroes. We talk to Ayodele Elegba who founded the studio and decided to recruit Emmanuel Oluwasegun and Tunrayo Oloyede, young animators who bring to life characters that reflect their own experience and tell the stories of their fellow Nigerians.

    Producer: Emily Webb

    Photo: Jinx the superhero
    Credit: Spoof Animations

    • 22 min
    Killing on campus: Nigeria's criminal fraternities

    Killing on campus: Nigeria's criminal fraternities

    In this special episode of Outlook, as part of our Lagos series, Helen Oyibo has been hearing remarkable testimony from three people whose lives have been affected by the confraternity system in Nigerian universities, student societies which have morphed into violent criminal gangs.

    Roland, who is speaking under a pseudonym, unwillingly joined a confraternity on campus in an attempt to find protection from a rival confraternity. He told us about the violent initiation ceremony he had to endure, and how he found himself trapped in the society, unable to leave.

    Professor Wole Soyinka is a revered writer in Nigeria, the first African to win the Nobel Prize for literature. He knows more about the history of these societies than most – he was a founding member of the first Nigerian confraternity in the late 1960s, ‘The Pyrates’, a light-hearted social group which originally had no hint of the criminality that permeates these societies today.

    Finally, we hear from Nigerian journalist Omoyele Sowore. In the early 1990s he was president of the student union at the University of Lagos, and decided to stand up to its confraternities and the violence they were inflicting on campus. For his resistance he was targeted and brutally attacked, but returned to campus to defy the gangs and sit his final exams.

    Producer: Harry Graham

    Picture credit: Getty Images

    • 39 min
    Lagos road trip challenge

    Lagos road trip challenge

    Outlook’s Abdulmalik Fahd undertakes a challenge: to travel around Lagos by car and canoe to record four interviewees in one day. First stop a police station, to talk to Celestina Nwankwo Kalu, the police officer who helped save Friday Ajobor, a gun attack victim, and who now calls him her son.

    Next, a voyage into the floating neighbourhood of Makoko – one of the biggest slums in the city – to meet Abigail Mpke, the make-up artist mapping her neighbourhood.

    Then on to a busy market to meet Ernestina Okwuchukwu, aka Madame Burgess. She was left with nothing but a new-born baby when her husband died, but her determination to feed her young family and talent for the Lagos hustle led her to become a top car tyre salesman in the area.

    And finally, we hear from Opemipo Kehinde and… Opemipo Kehinde. Now husband and wife, they tell us how their love story started on the streets of Lagos, during an evening commute.

    Producer: Emily Webb

    Photo: Traffic on the streets of Lagos
    Credit: Getty Images

    • 38 min
    Nigeria’s rebel artist families

    Nigeria’s rebel artist families

    In the first of four programmes from Lagos, Nigeria, Helen Oyibo meets the artists and revolutionaries who have shaped the country. A poet, playwright and essayist, Wole Soyinka became Africa’s first Nobel Laureate, and endured two years of political detention during Nigeria’s civil war.

    Femi Kuti is a musician and son of the legendary Fela Kuti. He tells Helen about how growing up in the shadow of one of Nigeria’s most famous musicians has shaped his life and own musical career. He also gives us a tour of a Lagos institution, The New Afrika shrine.

    Falz is part of the new generation of rebel artists in Nigeria – his parents are both famous activists and he's a popular Afrobeats star whose subversive music has got him into trouble with the government. He reveals why he's continuing his parents' work through his music.

    Presenter: Helen Oyibo
    Producer: Harry Graham

    Picture: Falz, Femi Kuti, Wole Soyinka
    Credits: Getty Images, BBC

    • 39 min
    ‘My heart goes out to the mums’

    ‘My heart goes out to the mums’

    Jacke Van Woerkom is rebuilding her life after a horrific event in her family. The experience has also changed the way she looks at the parents of murderers. Surrounding herself with women who have gone through a deep trauma has helped her recover emotionally from the fact that her son attempted to kill his wife and children and then took his own life. Jacke talks honestly about this devastating experience.

    Jacke has written a book called: Grieving moms, finding hope: resurfacing.

    Presenter: Emily Webb
    Producer: Deiniol Buxton

    Picture: Jacke Van Woerkom
    Credit: Holly Heine

    • 26 min

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Nest podcast that I have ever heard

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