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A tongue-firmly-in-cheek podcast where Dave Fensome and Krister Greer, two lifelong music fans, go back and listen to every UK number one album from the 90s in chronological order to see if the decade's music holds up to scrutiny.

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A tongue-firmly-in-cheek podcast where Dave Fensome and Krister Greer, two lifelong music fans, go back and listen to every UK number one album from the 90s in chronological order to see if the decade's music holds up to scrutiny.

    S03E14 REM 'Automatic For The People'

    S03E14 REM 'Automatic For The People'

    Well this is a massive album and deserves a lot of time devoted to it, so we did. Fair warning - there are some subjects touched upon in our discussion that might be a bit too much for some people; the album itself is all about death, mortality, suicide, pain, grief etc and so we talk about our own issues and experiences with such things so if you think this might be a bit too heavy for what is normally quite a jaunty podcast with too many jokes about farts and dicks then we understand if you want to skip it. But there are also a load of stupid things we talk about as well in amongst the more heavy bits. Just so you know.
    We do also get the chance to talk about other bands such as The Prodigy, Suede and the Jesus Lizard so that's something to get your teeth into as well.
    The companion Spotify playlist has the whole REM album as well as all the chart singles we chat about and our ongoing playlist made up of songs from every number one album we've covered so far can be found here. Please do hit us up on facebook, twitter or instagram to let us know your thoughts or just to give us abuse. Cheers!

    • 2 hrs 11 min
    S03E13 Mike Oldfield 'Tubular Bells II'

    S03E13 Mike Oldfield 'Tubular Bells II'

    It was 1992, a time of musical turbulence and experimentation, when new and exciting bands were cutting through the dead weeds of a changing music industry and forever leaving their mark on a brave new world. So what better time for Mike Oldfield to have a number one album with his long-awaited sequel to 1973's original 'Tubular Bells'.
    We had no idea what to expect from this one, as you'll find out pretty much straight away, but we were definitely interested to see what made it such a big deal upon release. Along the way we also chat about the likes of The Shamen, Brand New Heavies and Skid Row among other people in the charts at the time.
    You can hear all of the Oldfield album and the rest of the singles we talk about on our companion spotify playlist, there are some ace tracks on there this week for sure. As usual please get in contact on our facebook or twitter to say hi or let us know your thoughts on Tubular Bells in general.

    • 1 hr 46 min
    S03E12 INXS 'Welcome To Wherever You Are'

    S03E12 INXS 'Welcome To Wherever You Are'

    We are back! After a slight hiatus (details of why are explained in the intro) we've got a new episode for you. Thank you for bearing with us and being so lovely and patient.
    In this one we're chatting about INXS and their 1992 number one album 'Welcome To Wherever You Are'. Remember that one? Well, fair enough. But how does it fare nearly thirty years after release? Should it be re-evaluated? We shall see.
    Also prepare yourself for hot discussions about the likes of Ministry, House of Pain and the Flaming Lips. It's like you can almost taste the early 90s just from reading those names.
    As usual we love to hear from you guys so feel free to hit us up on Facebook, Twitter or on our email. And check out this episode's Spotify playlist with all the stuff we talk about on it. Until next time...

    • 1 hr 33 min
    Special Download Festival Episode

    Special Download Festival Episode

    Because no festivals are happening this year Dave and Krister wanted to have a very quick chat about some of their favourite times from previous years at Download watching some of the best rock and metal bands of the 90s. This is just a one-off special, totally fine if you want to skip two middle aged men reminisce about getting drunk in a field and loving live music.
    Also, this was recorded over Zoom using that audio output so the sound quality is slightly lower than usual. The quality of the chat is its usual rubbishness though, that's not changed.

    • 27 min
    S03E11 The Orb 'U.F.Orb'

    S03E11 The Orb 'U.F.Orb'

    A seven track, 73 minute long, ambient album you say? And it got to number one in the UK? Well alright then! Chuck a load of drugs in your face and join us in a journey through space on an album where we really didn't know if we'd find anything to talk about [spoilers: we definitely did].
    We do chat about a LOAD of other stuff that was going on in the charts at the time as well such as Kyuss, Jimmy Nail and the prevalence of rave tunes involving children's TV themes that seemed to be going on in 1992.
    Companion Spotify playlist available to listen to here with all the stuff we talk about, and the Orb's website we mention where they sell cannabis seeds FOR SOUVENIR PURPOSES ONLY is here.

    • 1 hr 44 min
    Lockdown 90s Music Quiz 04

    Lockdown 90s Music Quiz 04

    Another 90s music quiz for you to play along with - this is a re-recorded version of the live quiz we do on Friday nights on our Facebook page at 8pm GMT so please join us for the next one if you're able, we'd love to have you along. This week we've got questions about 90s film soundtracks and name-the-next-album-in-the-sequence as well as general trivia and our wonderful music round courtesy, as usual, of Chris Green from Tyketto who has metalled-up some more 90s pop hits for you to identify. Check out his youtube channel and see how stupidly talented he is as he shows you how to be a better guitarist.
    We also have a picture round that you can check out, just name the famous 90s videos that podcast co-host Waffles The Dog has inserted himself into (big thanks to Jenny for making this round by the way).
    If you fancy challenging your friends you can download the PDF of the questions and answers from our website as well and see how you fare. Let us know if you enjoyed this one and how you got on, or let us know which ones you didn't get and feel eternally ashamed for not knowing.
    Credit as well to Bensound.com once again for the wonderfully smooth muzak you can hear running underneath the questions. We shall be back next week (hopefully) with another proper episode so until then stay safe and enjoy the quiz.

    • 29 min

Customer Reviews

4.7 out of 5
43 Ratings

43 Ratings

Darren Sole ,

I love these two idiots.

Krister and Dave take a deep dive (no one said deep dive in the nineties) into all the number one pop albums of the 1990’s. My entry point was their Erasure’s Chorus episode - I was sceptical at first, I thought it would be a bloodbath - but I was soon won over by their well researched, objectively un-woke, nob gag welding, obvious love of the subject. Over the past months I’ve slowly made my way through most of the other episodes (Right Said Fred and Enigma are highlights for all the wrong reasons) and am anticipating some more of my favourites to pop up in the future including Erasure’s I Say, I Say, I Say (their pastoral effort), Depeche Mode’s Songs of Faith and Devotion (Drums! Guitars! Heroin!) and Morrissey’s Vauxhall and I (their visceral hate for him is misplaced, he’s a genius. I’m prepared to fight. Or at the very least, wear a Moz t-shirt in public). I’m sad for today’s teens who don’t get to experience and consume, the all-consuming subculture of buying, treasuring (and sometimes taping) pop music in all its rewarding and maddening forms, like we did.
Or just maybe I’m really old. Keep up the good work guys x

NumberOneRerun ,

Greatest Name For A Podcast Ever

Can they live up to their oustanding name? Word to your mother they can.
Brilliant concept, extremely funny & wonderfully nostalgic.
Love it.

Derek Cuntchops ,

Makes me return to my music collection!

Slightly bias as Krister is one of my best mates and we’ve talked music since we DJ’d in Luton.

However, the combination of Dave and Krister is brilliant. The sparring off over the tracks is fun and enjoyable. It’s kind of like being in the pub with friends, the swearing, the rants and the jokes are very funny.

Most albums I have owned from there discussions and it’s made me go back to listen to them again. The majority I’ve not heard for a long time, so it’s nice to go back to them.

If you like music then there’s
Nothing not to like!

Also I love Krister is a grammar nazi!

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