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Run Things - where we talk all things running, people and mental health!

Run Things Podcast Kev and Clare from Run Things

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Run Things - where we talk all things running, people and mental health!

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4.9 out of 5
23 Ratings

23 Ratings

joshhhhh112 ,

Keep on running

Please make sure the podcast isn’t ever actually 15 minutes, would be way too short!! Perfect length as it is now

Loving the format and the content, keep up the good work!

Also, maybe add links/social media handles in the podcast notes for easy access? Too easy to forget them or get them wrong by the time I’m off the tube

Andy Holbert-Rolls ,

Andy (A Fit Mind)

I’ve been meaning to listen to this for so long.. I follow you on social media after discovering RunUpToChristmas last year. I had a horrendous year in 2018 and always found inspiration in running and living an active life and like Clare (no E) - when things got to the lowest moment imaginable, it was exercise that motivated me and inspired me to get out of bed every day until I got to the place I am now. With that being said.. I do still have moments when I struggle. The difference is I now can recognise it much sooner and have ways to manage stress, anxiety and NEAD.

Tonight I just couldn’t sleep and listened to your initial podcast and loved it. Am now even more inspired by you two than I was before. A serious and meaningful message, whilst being very lighthearted and funny. You have to be able to laugh at yourself and it’s great to hear others who have that same mindset.

Good luck with the club and podcast - am now subscribing!

Andy (A Fit Mind)

Hannyboobs ,

Speak up!

Guys, awesome work but even at full volume it can be hard to hear you! Kev you trail off and speak quietly. Closer to the mic please!!!
Other than that, keep it up please!!!

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