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The world's best board game review show.

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The world's best board game review show.

    Rodney & Quinns - 10 Years In Board Games!

    Rodney & Quinns - 10 Years In Board Games!

    For this special episode of the Shut Up & Sit Down podcast, join Rodney and Quinns for a celebration of 10 years in board games! This is an audio-only version of their chat from AwSHUX 2021 - and you can find a video version of it right here. Thanks once again to Rodney for coming on to chat!

    Normal podcasts will begin again next week, with Matt and Tom talking about Dice Realms, Atlantis Rising (2nd Edition) and Q.E; and a video review will be out around the middle of next week too!

    • 1 hr 36 min
    Podcast #166 - Live From PAX Unplugged! (Part 2)

    Podcast #166 - Live From PAX Unplugged! (Part 2)

    In this admirably 166th episode of the Shut Up & Sit Down podcast, we’re BACK at PAX Unplugged! Even though it was multiple weeks ago, we’ve brought the past into the present through the media of recording - which we, of course, invented. From the heady heights of Himmelsstürmer to the sandy shores of Strand Unter - the twisty time travelling of That Time You Killed Me to the dastardlly Doodle Dash… we’re talking about a lot of games! Ducks In Tow, Biblios: Quill and Parchement and Scape Goat all get to stick their respective oars in, before tying everything up in a trio of trick takers. What a treat!

    We’ll be back to the normal podcast schedule very soon!

    Have a lovely weekend, folks!


    02:19 - Himmelsstürmer

    07:45 - That Time You Killed Me

    12:55 - Ducks In Tow

    19:41 - Strand Unter

    25:01 - Scape Goat

    30:45 - Doodle Dash

    37:58 - Biblios: Quill & Parchment

    43:35 - Cat In A Box

    45:34 - R-ECO

    47:26 - Wind The Film

    • 50 min
    Podcast #165 - Live From PAX Unplugged! (Part 1)

    Podcast #165 - Live From PAX Unplugged! (Part 1)

    In this wobbly 165th episode of the Shut Up & Sit Down podcast, the whole gang beams their thoughts about games to an audience of hungry gamers at PAXU 2021! Enjoy a quippy Quinns, a meticulous Matt, an articulate Ava and a terrified Tom as they collectively ramble through no less than 5 excellent games - from the undead discos of Castle Party to the hellacious horse racing of Long Shot: The Dice Game; ‘this one really do got it all.’

    This will be the last podcast of 2021, but stay tuned for early next year where we’ll be uploading the second PAXU special.

    Have a lovely weekend, folks!

    1:50 - Castle Party
    11:51 - The Great Zimbabwe
    17:33 - Reef Encounters
    25:31 - Big Shot
    32:31 - Long Shot: The Dice Game
    44:56 - 2021 Spatchtower Backer Update

    Castle Party, Long Shot: The Dice Game, Big Shot, Reef Encounters, The Great Zimbabwe

    • 49 min
    Podcast #164 - Rushin' Retail

    Podcast #164 - Rushin' Retail

    In this industrious 164th episode of the Shut Up & Sit Down Podcast, Matt and Quinns are mostly talking about two games where I (Tom, hello) rinsed them; two crusty brains pummelled into the dust by three cups of coffee and an unending desire to ‘prove myself’ in the cardboard battlegrounds of ‘board games’. Huzzah.

    On this podcast you can hear words about the hellacious retail disasterpiece of Brick & Mortar, the dice-chucking mayhem of Rush Out! and the nonsensical auctions of Furnace. Three games wallowing in a lot of minutes - minutes stuffed with observations, rammed with remarks and runneth(ing) over with criticismé.

    Have a lovely weekend, folks!

    03:37 - Brick &Mortar
    25:38 - Rush Out!
    42:19 - Furnace

    • 51 min
    Podcast #163 - The 2021 Christmas Gift Guide

    Podcast #163 - The 2021 Christmas Gift Guide

    In this FESTIVE 163rd episode of the Shut Up & Sit Down podcast, the whole gang’s here to talk you through all kinds of games, big and small, that they reckon you should buy for your loved ones this holiday season! A bumper list of 13 entire boardgames; there’s got to be something for everyone, even if one of them is – of course – Quacks of Quedlinburg.

    Fancy something we mention in this episode? Here you'll find shopping links, videos, and brief written details of every game we’ve recommended in this episode. https://www.shutupandsitdown.com/xmas-gift-guide-the-13-best/

    Have a lovely weekend, folks!

    Tap below for full timestamps and more info!

    01:21 – Confident: The Guess A Range Party Game
    05:13 – Barenpark
    09:02 – Decrypto
    12:23 – Galaxy Trucker
    15:07 – For Sale
    18:23 – Lost Cities Roll and Write
    22:52 – What Next?
    25:50 – Quacks of Quedlinburg
    32:02 – Quest for El Dorado
    35:25 – Just One
    42:18 – Super Skill Pinball: Ramp It Up!
    45:13 – The Fuzzies
    50:35 – SHILL ZONE

    • 59 min
    Podcast #162 - The Dice-Head Special

    Podcast #162 - The Dice-Head Special

    In this week’s episode, Ava is joined by Matt for a natter about two recent games - both of which feature DICE and HEADS. You can see the whole creative process unfolding! Matt has checked out the Cuphead game, and Ava is bang-on-time for Halloween with the gorgeous Die of the Dead.

    1:09 - Die of the Dead
    12:36 - Cuphead: Fast Rolling Dice Game

    • 35 min

Customer Reviews

4.9 out of 5
576 Ratings

576 Ratings

arkman87 ,

Quite possibly the greatest podcast of all time

That’s not entirely correct, but the team’s expert coverage of all things board games definitely is. This show (along with the excellent YouTube channel) have helped steer us in the right direction re tabletop purchases for years.

QwertyBastard ,

Excellent show in its own right

I have been listening to the SU&SD podcast for a few years now and even though it’s meant as an accompaniment to the YouTube channel, I probably think of it as the team’s “main” thing because it accompanies me on my commute.

Excellent coverage, always warm and funny, and - unlike a lot of “geek culture” content out there - I can usually go whole episodes without anyone expecting me to want to hear a million MCU or Star Wars references in lieu of actual wit or insight.

Keep up the good work you excellent excellent people.

Josh Chimp Martin ,

Effortlessly charming, informative and British

Fantastic podcast and team. I don’t always feel the same way about games as they do but they are so clear and concise about what they recommend and why, that even if our opinions differ, hearing theirs helps me make an informed choice about what game I’ll buy next.
Their passion and humour shines through every episode, they clearly have great chemistry with each other and they are borderline caricatures of that British charm I am such a fan of that similarly great teams (like The Dice Tower) aren’t lucky enough to have (poor chaps and chapesses).
Genuinely lovely podcast that I cannot recommend enough if you enjoy boardgames and/or people being passionate about stuff.

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