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Love your pet? Love the Petcast! Emma Barton has candid conversations with celebrity guests and some of the UK’s leading pet experts about the big issues facing pet owners across the country.

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Love your pet? Love the Petcast! Emma Barton has candid conversations with celebrity guests and some of the UK’s leading pet experts about the big issues facing pet owners across the country.

    Things We Wish We Could Ask Our Pets

    Things We Wish We Could Ask Our Pets

    Is it normal for my rabbit to thump its feet all the time? And why do my dog’s ears go back? Does my cat purr too much?

    In this final episode of The Petcast, Blue Cross Rehoming Manager, Kayleigh Hill, joins presenter Emma Barton to answer some of the most commonly Googled questions about our pets. Plus, Loose Women’s Kaye Adams asks some of the questions that she has always wondered about her beloved dog, Bea.

    Discussing horses, rabbits, dogs, cats and more, this animal loving trio uncover what our pets are really trying to tell us with their unusual quirks and unique personality habits. Kaye also finds out why her dog Bea always brings her a gift (often a shoe!) when she arrives home, and Kayleigh shares some tips and tricks around road safety:

    “We would always advise to keep your dogs secure on a lead, anywhere that there might be traffic, but there is always a situation where they may get free. In that instance, if you have done some really good training with a stop queue it can save their lives, even in a situation where they are distracted by something.

    “Therefore, you want to build distractions into their training … so that if the situation ever arises they will automatically listen to that command when you ask them for a stop - because you never know when that’ll save their life!”
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    Should I Get A Puppy?

    Should I Get A Puppy?

    Emma Barton is joined by Blue Cross’s Animal Behaviourist, Claire Haynes, to discuss the rewards and realities that come with owning a puppy. Former CBBC presenter and presenter of BBC Radio 1’s Life Hacks, Katie Thistleton, also joins Emma and Claire to talk about her love of dogs and decide if now is the right time to bring a puppy into her busy life.

    From puppy proofing the home during the first weeks of their arrival, to socialising with other people and their pets at the park, the trio draw on their previous experiences and Claire’s expert knowledge to share useful tips, tricks and hacks with Petcast listeners.

    Claire also explains that puppy training should begin the day that they arrive in your new home, and shares some advice:

    “Puppies learn by their environment and they learn from how we respond to them. So if you get your puppy home and they jump on the sofa and you give them a good cuddle, that’s totally fine, but you’re rewarding your puppy for that behaviour, so it’s that awareness of knowing that how you respond to what they do is how they learn what’s right and wrong.”
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    Creating The Paw-fect Partnership – Children & Pets

    Creating The Paw-fect Partnership – Children & Pets

    Growing up alongside a pet can be a wonderful experience for a child, so it is essential to think about the needs of everyone in the home and ensure the relationship works for both people and pets.

    Many parents look for advice on how to get these relationships right, so in this episode of The Petcast, Emma is joined by Kerry Taylor from the Blue Cross Educational Team, to discuss the many different species that may be a wonderful addition to a family home – and how everyone can work together to ensure that their chosen pets have a happy, healthy life.

    From tips on how to get your children thinking responsibly about pet care, to the common mistakes to avoid when introducing a pet to young children, Kerry and Emma have a candid conversation around the key things to consider when welcoming a new pet into your family and home. 

    On top of these tips and tricks, Kerry also speaks about how some social media platforms and trends might be more harm than fun when it comes to filming our pets: 

    “You have to think, is this fun? When you look at some of these videos of the trend of scaring your pet and seeing their reaction, or getting in their face and seeing how they react … we are putting pets into a situation that makes them feel uncomfortable, scared and they can’t tell us. In some of these videos, you can see their body language – dogs with wide eyes and their ears are back showing they are worried.

    “What worries me is people watching these videos in society, especially young children… and thinking that it is okay to put animals in that situation. I understand that people think it is a little bit of fun, but when you look at it, it’s not nice to put our pets in that situation.”
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    Your Pet’s Autumn and Winter Survival Guide

    Your Pet’s Autumn and Winter Survival Guide

    From colourful leaves and crisp morning walks, to the run-up to Christmas and the prospect of snow, Autumn and Winter can be a magical time of year, but it can also present lots of hazards for our pets.

    In this episode, host Emma Barton is joined by Blue Cross Vet, Bev Wilson, who offers listeners tips and advice on how they can keep their pets warm, happy, and safe during these seasonal periods.

    The colder months can be lots of fun for the whole family, but only if you are prepared for the risks that come with it. Swapping advice on how to keep our four-legged friends safe, Emma and Bev talk about the dangers to look out for both inside and outside the home - from safeguarding your dog from conkers on their daily walk, to ensuring your smaller pets don’t get cold in their outdoor hutch, to protecting them from hazardous Christmas foods that might be lurking in a nearby bin.

    “At this time of year, as we are worried about the calories as they aren’t doing as much, my go-to thing is to give my pets winter vegetables…things like carrots are great and scramble eggs are also safe for dogs.

    “Hide them in various places around the house, or you can even create some fun activity feeders … old shoe boxes with tubes from your kitchen roll put inside and wrapping from your Christmas presents. Then sprinkle in some treats and chopped up vegetables and your dog can spend some time sniffing through and finding all the tasty treats to eat.”
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    Pets in Covid Lockdown

    Pets in Covid Lockdown

    Emma Barton is joined by fellow EastEnders actress, Kellie Bright, and Blue Cross Animal Behaviourist, Leigh-Anne Reed to discuss how our new way of life may have triggered different behavioural traits in pets, and how pet owners can look to address them.

    From more one-on-one time with families, to less opportunity to travel outside of their local areas, our pets have certainly experienced a different way of life over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic.

    Throughout the episode, Leigh-Anne shares her expertise on the different behaviours pets might exhibit as a result of the pandemic including heightened separation anxiety as well as offering some guidance on what our pets might be trying to tell us - and Kellie and Emma share their own experiences of living in lockdown with their beloved pooches Bohdi and Poppy.

    Leigh-Anne also discusses how allowing your pet time alone to relax is so important during these testing times, when there is constant noise and movement in the house:
    “In the exact same way as it is for us, having a good night sleep really sets our pets up for the day. It increases our tolerance levels, and we know our pets are the same – so without that it can really effect their ability to behave and accept things that they would normally cope with.”
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    Fireworks & Your Pet

    Fireworks & Your Pet

    With firework displays being cancelled this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many people are planning to revert to traditional backyard displays for their bonfire night festivities. However, while
    fireworks are fun for many of us, sadly they aren’t as much fun for our pets. So in the first of a new series, Emma Barton is joined by Blue Cross Animal Behaviourist, Claire Stallard, who shares her tips and advice on how you can keep pets feeling calm and safe during firework season.

    Emma, and Claire swap tips on how to ensure pets remain comfortable and protected when fireworks are going off within close proximity – and Emma shares her own experience of how she makes the occasion more manageable for her dog, Poppy. As well as providing insight on how to keep your own pets safe, Claire also offers advice for listeners who may be thinking about hosting their own firework display, and how they have a responsibility to their community:

    “COVID-19 has resulted in many public firework displays being cancelled increasing the potential for more back garden fireworks parties – which may cause a lot of problems this year. Therefore, it’s
    important to inform your neighbours with pets in advance if you are planning a private display so that they can put a plan of action into place.

    “Community Facebook groups can be a useful tool, as people will often post on them to warn neighbours about upcoming firework shows.”.
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4.8 out of 5
57 Ratings

57 Ratings

.w.4 ,

Emma Barton is a joy!

What a fabulous podcast for us dog lovers. So informative and also fun to listen to. Thanks to all involved.

Natz11 ,

Love it!

Brilliant podcast - So informative, I always learn something new! Can’t wait for the next episode!!

hhhhhhhannnah ,

5/5 star review

I honestly am loving this podcast so so much. Emma is doing amazing and I love listening to it. It’s full of information that I never knew. After I finish an episode I’m always so exited for the next one. I love this podcast so much. As well as having lots of information about dogs it contains information about other animals

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