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The Weekly List is a podcast hosted by Amy Siskind, author of The List. It supplements the popular Weekly List on our website, www.theweeklylist.org, which tracks the ever changing new normals of American politics. The podcast gives greater context to the "not normal" news items from the previous week, and will highlight a few stories and changing norms from the Trump regime that you may have missed.

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The Weekly List is a podcast hosted by Amy Siskind, author of The List. It supplements the popular Weekly List on our website, www.theweeklylist.org, which tracks the ever changing new normals of American politics. The podcast gives greater context to the "not normal" news items from the previous week, and will highlight a few stories and changing norms from the Trump regime that you may have missed.

    After - December

    After - December

    In December, Trump continued to push lies and  conspiracy theories about the election, not only failing to concede, but  pushing efforts to overthrow the election results. During this month,  Trump became increasingly isolated as even loyalists pushed back on his  false allegations or resigned, leaving an inner circle composed almost  entirely of his family members and conspiracy theorists. Trump continued  to avoid the press and the American people, seeming to hide in the  White House, other than a brief holiday trip to Mar-a-Lago.

    This month the Supreme Court, which Trump had  viewed as loyalists who would act at his behest, rejected his election  challenges. Other setbacks came on December 8 when the safe harbor  deadline passed, and then on December 14 when the Electoral Colleges in  each state cast their votes, and ratified Biden’s victory — a typically  mundane process that goes unnoticed, which was for first time was  broadcast live and closely watched. After the results were ratified,  Senate Republican leadership recognized Biden as president-elect, while  House leadership continued to demure. Trump raged against all those who  refused to go along with his despot coup, while his supporters took to  threatening election officials and other subjects of his ire.

    This month, a major Russian hacking — perhaps  the most significant of modern times — of federal agencies and  corporations was revealed. As has been a familiar pattern, Trump refused  to acknowledge Russia’s involvement or condemn the attack, which some  lawmakers likened to an act of war. December also marked the most deadly  month of the worsening pandemic, which Trump almost completely ignored,  along with any and all other presidential responsibilities.

    Although Trump had yet to admit defeat, he did  grant several controversial pardons, including four figures that were  subjects of the Mueller probe, as well as Jared Kushner’s father, and  employees of a company run by loyalist Erik Prince who were found guilty  of murdering Iraqi civilians. As the month came to a close, Trump  continued to push for allies to overturn the election and hence  America’s still young experiment in democracy. And tragically, many  Republicans appeared all too happy to comply with his antics, despite  the damage to our democracy and world standing, in order to benefit  their own political futures.

    Read the full list here:  https://theweeklylist.org/weekly-list/after-december/

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    After - November

    After - November

    Summary of the continuing broken norms in the weeks after the election of Joe Biden as the 46th President of the United States.

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    Week 208 - Victory

    Week 208 - Victory

    This project could not have ended in a more  perfect way (she writes while sipping champagne): Donald J. Trump was  defeated shortly before noon on Saturday, the cutoff time each week, and  so I was able to gloriously write “THE END” at the end of Week 208   — something I have been waiting to do for four long years.

    This week, the U.S. held its election, and it  was different than any other due to the pandemic and the resulting  record early vote. It took days for the race to be called for Biden, as  early votes were counted. Nonetheless, as he telegraphed he would do in  the weeks and months leading up to November 3rd, Trump tried to steal  the election, declaring victory at a hastily assembled news conference  at 2 a.m. on election night.

    As you read this week’s list, you can see the  intent: dismantle the U.S. Postal Service so mail-in ballots mostly  availed of by Democrats don’t arrive in time; have GOP state  legislatures disallow early vote counting so Trump can claim a lead and  declare victory on election night; and stack the courts so the judicial  branch will determine the outcome. Thankfully, the American people voted  in numbers too great for these plans to work, with a record 75 million  Americans voting for the winning candidate, Joe Biden (with votes still  to be counted).

    As we leave the final weekly list, we enter the  most dangerous phase of the pandemic so far. The week starts with Drs.  Anthony Fauci and Deborah Birx taking the unusual step of warning us  publicly, ahead of the election, of the dire state of things. By week’s  end the nation recorded daily record cases for three days in a row.

    On an administrative note, I will continue to  document broken norms until inauguration, although not in the weekly  format of the past four years. They too will be recorded as part of our  road map back to normalcy.

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    Week 207 - The Final Countdown

    Week 207 - The Final Countdown

    In the final full week heading into the  election, the seeds of Trump’s bungled pandemic response came back to  haunt him, with the twin challenges of record daily cases and  hospitalizations in many states, along with the worst week for the stock  market since March. Even as a new outbreak hit Vice President Mike  Pence’s staffers, Trump’s chief of staff Mark Meadows all but conceded  the regime had thrown the white flag on any federal response, saying,  “We are not going to control the pandemic.”

    Trump barn-stormed battleground states, all of  which were facing surges in cases, and continued to hold rallies with  supporters packed together without face masks. Unthinkable. Polling  showed nearly 6 in 10 Americans disapproved of Trump’s rallies, and  evidence continued to come out that the rallies were leading to sickness  and death.

    This week Amy Coney Barrett was confirmed as a  Supreme Court justice, for the first time in 151 years without a single  vote from the minority party, heading into a highly litigious election  with Republicans and the Trump campaign bringing hundreds of lawsuits in  an effort to suppress voting. Nevertheless, a record 90 million  Americans had voted by the end of the week, two-thirds of the total 2016  vote, as the country braced for violence on Election Day.

    Read the full list here: https://theweeklylist.org/weekly-list/week-207/

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    Week 206 - Record-Setting Week

    Week 206 - Record-Setting Week

    This week, with Election Day nearing, the  coronavirus raged out of control, with a record number of new daily  cases on Thursday, and then again Friday, topping 83,000.  Hospitalizations also soared in many states, and the death toll started  to rise. Trump meanwhile continued to hold campaign rallies in  battleground states, almost all of which were in the midst of surging  cases. His supporters stood packed together, shoulder-to-shoulder, and  mostly without face masks. It was unthinkable that a leader would do  such a thing — but Trump proved once again his care is only for himself  and his re-election, even though many of his supporters will end up  getting sick and some will die.

    Meanwhile, Americans voted in record number, by  Thursday topping the early votes for all of 2016, and by week’s end, 56  million had voted, 40% of all who voted in 2016. Record turnout  continued in multiple states, with registered Democrats far outpacing  Republicans. Despite the huge turnout, Senate Republicans continued to  push through Trump’s Supreme Court nominee — even as Democrats boycotted  the Judiciary Committee vote — and while eschewing a Covid relief bill,  as 8 million more Americans descended into poverty.

    Trump spent the week all over place: attacking  Dr. Anthony Fauci, then “60 Minutes” anchor Lesley Stahl, and gaining no  ground as Americans voted and Election Day neared. News of foreign  interference loomed large, as did acts of violence and intimidation from  far-right groups.

    Read the full list here: https://theweeklylist.org/weekly-list/week-206/

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    Week 205 - Early Voting

    Week 205 - Early Voting

    This week, despite millions of Americans having  voted already, Senate Republicans started the process of confirming  Trump’s nominee for the Supreme Court. With Republicans in control of  the Senate, there was little Democrats could do to address the hypocrisy  and outrage over Trump’s actions, other than show up to vote, which  they did in record numbers.

    Behind in the polls, Trump got out on the  campaign trail, claiming he was no longer contagious and holding daily  rallies in states, many of which were experiencing coronavirus  outbreaks. As the virus surged nationally, there was no federal  government response, and in fact Trump seemed increasingly to lean on  Dr. Scott Atlas, who continued to push the notion of herd immunity.  Trump also made increasingly desperate statements at his rallies,  indicating he did understand the gravity of Election Day approaching and  Biden’s lead.

    State officials braced for violence on Election  Day, as Trump continued to give credence to the QAnon conspiracy theory,  and encouraged an “army” of supporters to sign up as poll watchers.  Meanwhile, Attorney General Bill Barr remained conspicuously absent from  the public eye, as the “unmasking” probe quietly and unceremoniously  ended, and he had yet to comment on the alleged plot against Michigan  Gov. Gretchen Whitmer. Trump allies Rudy Giuliani and Stephen Bannon  introduced a supposed hard drive belonging to Hunter Biden in a “smoking  gun” story at the New York Post, that was soon under investigation by the F.B.I. as a possible Russian intelligence operation.

    Read the full list here: https://theweeklylist.org/weekly-list/week-205/

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5.0 out of 5
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6 Ratings

Wood sage ,

The best resource

Amy Siskind has provided the most comprehensive list of actions by the current administration. I am so very grateful for her hard work to keep us informed of the abnormal activities and destruction of democracy invoked every day.

Tetsumiru ,

Thank you Amy Siskind

The fact that there are people out there working as hard as Amy to try and make us aware of what is happening in the United States at the moment gives one hope that the world hasn’t gone completely crazy.

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