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    TRKPOD #19 // Ad Infinitum (DJ Mix) - Mixed By Scorb

    TRKPOD #19 // Ad Infinitum (DJ Mix) - Mixed By Scorb

    TRKPOD #19 // Ad Infinitum (DJ Mix) - Mixed By Scorb

    Hey yo :) Its May 11th 2020 and we are stepping up the pace a touch for TRKPOD #19, this time bringing a full album mix of 'AD INFINITUM', carefully crafted by our very own Scorb. If you like what you hear, you can pick up the hi-res versions of all the individual tracks over at the Trick Music Bandcamp page -
    https://trickmusic.bandcamp.com/album/ad-infinitum-24-bit -
    ENJOY ;)

    / Scorb & Contineum - Adrift
    / Scorb & Neuroplasm - Gimboid
    / Scorb - Fabrication (Materia Rmx)
    / Antispin - Divergence
    / Madmind - Snake oil (Octognoma Rmx)
    / Scorb & Deviant Species - Stromatolite (Module Virus Rmx)
    / Scorb - Tundra (Virtual Light Rmx)
    / Scorb - 13.5 Hours (Plasmotek Rmx)
    / Scorb & Antispin - Ad Infinitum

    // Links
    Trick Music: www.trickmusic.com / info@trickmusic.com
    TRK Mastering: www.trkmastering.co.uk
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    TRKPOD #18: ChillPOD // May 2020

    TRKPOD #18: ChillPOD // May 2020

    Yes! Hope this mix finds you well and good :) Its May 2020 and Spring is in full force in the UK, with lush birdsong and plant life going for it all around us. Amongst the strangeness we find ourselves in right now it seemed about time to slow things down and pull together a left of centre selection to reflect the pace of life all over the world. So put your feet up, take a walk, or just sit in the sun and zone out to this laidback excursion through sound and space :)

    Special design shout out to Christopher Dowding this time for his incredible illustration skills in the form of the Heuglin's Robin sketch used in the episode graphic. Check out his work:

    Pollo and Pan - Abysse
    Superpitcher - Little Raver
    Ben Lucas Boysen - Golden Times I
    Nils Frahm - A Place
    [layer] W.B Yeats - 'He wishes for cloths of Heaven' (read by Anthony Hopkins)
    Rone - I, Philip
    Lusine - Caught in the Middle (transition)
    Max Richter - XIII Orlando - Genius of Poetry
    Hidden Orchestra - Stone
    Radicalfashion - Ballet
    Christian Loffler- Swim
    Stick in the Wheel, Jack Sharp - Lemady Arise (Mixed)
    Josiah Steinbrick - vibes, mallets etc...
    Building Instrument and Co - Mangelen Min
    Iona Fortune - Xu
    Chris Carter - Cernubicua
    Porya Hatami - Fen
    [Layer] Patrick Watson - Melody Noir
    John Cage - In a Landscape (si begg remix)
    Carmel - Georgia
    Max Richter - We Circle Through the Night
    [layer] Do Not Go Gentle into That Good Night”_BY DYLAN THOMAS_Read by Alfred Molina
    Selling, gold Panda, Jas Shaw - Shimmer
    S Carey - Meadow Song
    Penguin Cafe - Control 1 (interlude)
    Neil Cowley, Ben Lukas Boysen - Motes

    Trick Music: www.trickmusic.com/podcast / info@trickmusic.com
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    TRKPOD #17: Ady Connor // November 2019

    TRKPOD #17: Ady Connor // November 2019

    Yo Yo! It’s November 2019 and this time around we bring an alternative flavour for the Trick Music Podcast from someone at the very heart of Trick Music, Ady Connor; dishing out 1.5 hours of tripped out Techno infused sound system favourites of now. But this isn’t just any selection, many of these tracks were mastered by Ady at his TRK Mastering studio, so they have well and truly passed through track phatness QC! Expect a solid, dark, late night journey of pure dancefloor vibes.

    01. Lampé - Come to Me (Carbon Remix)
    02. DJ Poli & Paul London - Broklandia (Orzels Machine Rmx)
    03. Kliment - Metasphere
    04. Enrico_Sangiuliano - Eating Bloody Shit
    05. Peter Groskreutz - Red Snow
    06. Triphonic - Resonator
    07. Peter Groskreutz - Zyprex
    08. Kliment - Dominator
    09. Extrawelt - Das Grosse Flimmern
    10. Peter Groskreutz - Honeymoon
    11. Airi - Elevator
    12. Kliment - Mental Storm
    13. Evil Oil Man (feat. Dirty Hippy) - Crunchy Tech
    14. VORG - Beyond

    Trick Music: www.trickmusic.co.uk / info@trickmusic.com
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    TRKPOD #16 July 2019 // SQUID INC LIVE from NOISILY FESTIVAL (2017)

    Its 2019 and its summer time in the UK, and a perfect time to put out another TRKPOD! What better way to bring things back than to delve into the vault of recordings and pull out a gem of a live mix from Trick’s very own Squid Inc! But not just any mix… This one was recorded on a baking hot Sunday in 2017, out in the Leicestershire woodland at the brilliant Noisily Festival. So a perfect way to take yourself back to heady stompin’ times, OR an ideal way to prepare for Scorb Live at this years Noisily. What a treat!

    Trick Music: www.trickmusic.com / info@trickmusic.com
    Tweet us @TRKPOD
    Noisily Festival: July 11-14 2019 (uk) www.noisilyfestival.com

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    TRKPOD #15: MOTEKA // June 2014

    TRKPOD #15: MOTEKA // June 2014

    Its June 2014. Its #TRKPOD 15.
    We're going deep...
    This is #MOTEKA !

    We are super excited to host a guest mix from the brand new Moteka project, the brainchild of French Techno producer #PierreDelort. As no stranger to electronic music, Pierre has had releases with production partner #RemyMaurin on the labels Boom and Timecode (back in the day for Psytrance project 'Principles of Flight') and in recent years, #Skryptom, Flash and Stephan Bodzin's #Herzblut. This mix fully delivers that late night #Techno vibe with its stripped back rhythms, raw production and atmospheric sound design.

    Track List:
    1. vDimension (Jonas Kopp 5th Dimension Remix) - Secluded
    2. A series of Shock - D02 - Tobias
    3. WILD (The plant worker RMX) - LISSC.
    4. Ive (Markus Suckut Remix) - Heron
    5. Range - Lewis Fautzi
    6. 1975 B - Developer
    7. Reference 97 A01 - Blue Hour 003
    8. UNTITLED 1 - Moteka
    9. Objects From The Past (Neel Remix) - Peter Van Hoesen
    10. Beauty - Doubt
    11. Singularity One - Moteka
    12. Russian Torrents 5-A02 - Wanzer Beau NJB
    13. Crypto X - Moteka
    14. ET (Sleeparchive RMX) - LISSC.
    15. Crossing Bridges - A01 - Northern Structures
    16. Circinus - Jonas Kopp
    17. B02 Goetz - Marcos Cabralv

    Trick music homepage: www.trickmusic.com
    Scorb will be performing at Noisily Festival (uk) July 10-13

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    TRKPOD #14: IanVoid April 2014

    TRKPOD #14: IanVoid April 2014

    This month on the #TrickMusic podcast we've got the man behind some very large parties in the 90s and early naughties in the form of the awesome #Geushky #Techno club. He also ran both Geushky and Intravenous Cuts labels and its fair to say after playing in over 30 countries Worldwide his DJ sets are what Techno is all about.... From the Outpost, Its #IANVOID.

    #TRKPOD 14 Guest mix: Ian Void.
    Uncompromising productions earned him acclaim in the late nineties, with a style that was aimed directly at the harder end of the techno spectrum. His Dj sets have been hi-octane mixes encompassing many genre's that can sustain a direct but diverse approach sometimes surprising crowds with breakbeats, vocals and rave anthems whist maintaining that locomotive techno groove, His sets that have won him both acclaim and awards in the past as the best DJ at some of the large European festivals.


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