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From the creator of The Wild Life, Devon Bowker, this show is for all of us—fans of science and otherwise.

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From the creator of The Wild Life, Devon Bowker, this show is for all of us—fans of science and otherwise.

    Motion Commotion!

    Motion Commotion!

    Welcome to the very first episode of my new show, Science People!
    I believe we're all science people. We're all capable. We're all bright. It's mmy mission to help you find, see, and nurture your inner scientist.
    In my first episode, we'll explore motion!
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    • 12 min
    How Much Does the Sky Weigh?

    How Much Does the Sky Weigh?

    It's a question you may have never asked, or wondered about, but now I bet you're wondering.
    As it turns out, it's an unexpectedly loaded question, too!
    In order to answer, you have to know where the sky is. Where does it start? Where does it end?
    You might say "that's easy! the sky goes to the edge of the atmosphere, and then it's space?
    But then you need to know where the atmosphere ends! Is there an edge? At what point does it become space?
    I'm going to attempt to answer every connected question in this post. Buckle up your brain buckets!
    https://devonbowker.com/2021/04/28/how-much-does-the-sky-weigh/ (Read the transcript for this episode here)
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    • 15 min
    What are Momentum and Acceleration?

    What are Momentum and Acceleration?

    Changing speed is different for different things depending on their current speed and size, or their mass.
    To understand this, we use something called momentum.
    Have you ever been on a roller coaster? They start of slow. You can move around and lean forward in your seat with almost no energy, but when they start to speed up, like at the first drop, you get pushed into the back of your seat until you’ve stopped speeding up.
    That change in velocity over time is acceleration.
    These are our next stops in our series on introductory physics!
    https://devonbowker.com/category/science-people/motion-commotion/ (Check out more here)

    • 5 min
    What is Force?

    What is Force?

    No, not that kind of force. But that would be so cool, wouldn’t it?! We’re talking about the science kind of force.
    https://devonbowker.com/2021/11/08/what-is-force/ (For a bunch of helpful visuals and the transcript to today's episode, follow this link)
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    • 4 min
    What is Net Force?

    What is Net Force?

    As we start to explore the world of physics and motion and look at how things interact more closely, we start to see that nothing happens without affecting or being affected by something else. That idea plays nicely into something called Newton’s 1st Law, but first, let’s talk Net Forces.
    https://devonbowker.com/2021/11/10/what-is-net-force/ (For visuals and the episode transcript)
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    • 3 min
    Newton's First Law of Motion Explained

    Newton's First Law of Motion Explained

    If you’re here, it’s either because you have been following the series, you need help on homework, or you just like science. Either way, today it’s time to introduce Newton’s Laws.
    There are 3, but let’s take it one at a time. Sound good? Great!
    https://devonbowker.com/2021/11/12/what-is-newtons-1st-law-inertia/ (Transcript and Visuals)
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