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Master Storyteller James Kevin O'Connor creates a platform for inspired interviews from SInger/Songwriters, Authors, Speakers, and Thought Leaders, Music and Film Producers, Fashion Models, Life coaches, Social Media experts and mentors, and all who have an Inspired story to share, this show is all original, complete with original music!

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Master Storyteller James Kevin O'Connor creates a platform for inspired interviews from SInger/Songwriters, Authors, Speakers, and Thought Leaders, Music and Film Producers, Fashion Models, Life coaches, Social Media experts and mentors, and all who have an Inspired story to share, this show is all original, complete with original music!

    We Maybe “A Million Miles Away” but Fighting for Frequency Brings Us Together with Their Music

    We Maybe “A Million Miles Away” but Fighting for Frequency Brings Us Together with Their Music

    Music is their weapon, will you join the fight? We’ve got three gentlemen to visit today in New Orleans. That’s three out of the five members – the guitarist, the keyboardist, and the bassist of the band. We’re going to talk about guitars, songs, gigs, New Orleans, touring, and anything else that we can think of with Fighting for Frequency!
    Fighting for Frequency’s origin is a tale of amazing timing, one about the universe conspiring to bring musicians together in a serendipitous way. Chris and Dave had been long-time friends and had played music together in the past. Chris had given up on music years before, but when he moved into Dave’s neighborhood around 2016, Chris and Dave realized they had the itch to write music again.
    At nearly the same time, Adam who is Dave’s childhood friend moved into the neighborhood literally in the house behind Dave’s. Knowing Adam was an excellent musician and songwriter that had played in several melodic metal bands, Dave invited Adam over for a listening party that engendered mutual respect for each other’s songwriting skills, leading to ideas and aspirations being shared. A gate was built in the fence to transport gear from Adam’s to Dave’s.
    Adam also brought in a close friend as a drummer, and Fighting for Frequency was formed, with Adam utilizing his production skills to mold F4F into a more anthem-style arena rock sound partnered with high-energy shows. Within a couple of performances, the band grabbed the attention of a dedicated group of local rock fans, F4F’s freaks! Soon after, Randon moved to New Orleans from Shreveport. The first live music show in New Orleans that he attended happened to be a Fighting for Frequency show. He showed up looking to network with other musicians. Getting friends with F4F and with his background in metal, Randon proved he was a phenomenal guitarist and brought a killer new approach to the band’s sound. He was asked to fill in on guitar for a show while Dave was out of town. While Dave was away, he sends F4F videos of him playing their songs on piano for social media content, prompting the idea of Dave playing keys since he has played piano most of his life. With Dave expressing interest in playing keys and Randon having great chemistry with the band, it was the catalyst for the further growth of F4F.
    Due to the demands of F4F’s touring schedule, the previous drummer moved on, but during the recording of the second F4F album, the guys brought in-studio drummer Brody. An absolute monster drummer, they asked him to join the fight, and he has infused hard-hitting new life into the rhythm section of F4F.
    Forged in the fires of rock and brought together by a series of fortuitous events, the formidable five members of Fighting for Frequency are determined to share their passion for rock with their fans, bringing rock back to its former glory. Music is their weapon. Join the fight!
    More about Fighting for Frequency
    Adam - Vocals/Guitar; Dave – Keys; Randon – Guitar; Brody – Drums; Chris – Bass
    We hung out with Dave, Chris, and Randon today, but if you want to know more about the other members and their music, you can check out the links through their socials provided below so you can connect and listen to them.
    "... we are sort of fighting through the media clutter. There's a lot of artists out there, and there's also just a lot of peanut butter, it's hard to get heard in the 21st century. So, we're fighting for that space, that frequency within music and just within the industry in itself. We felt that it was appropriate, both on a symbolic level and also on the literal level of as musicians, we are fighting for that space." -Chris
    "We try to bring that vibe, but we're having a good time on stage. If we're having a good time, I think the fans will too. It's sort of infectious to see people pl

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    “Paris” or Nashville: You Don’t Have to Choose, Teresa Guidry is Taking Us to Both

    “Paris” or Nashville: You Don’t Have to Choose, Teresa Guidry is Taking Us to Both

    We’re staying in Nashville today to listen to the wonderful music of a young lady who is a singer and a songwriter. She is originally from Rock Hill, SC but she moved to Nashville and felt that she is where she is meant to be. She had some great opportunities since then. She has been writing with Grammy-nominated songwriters. She gained national exposure on Team Blake as a contestant on NBC's 'The Voice'. She also sang the national anthem for the NFL’s Panthers. The latest on the list is that she had her new single and music video for ‘Paris’ featured on CMT. Let’s get to know more about Teresa Guidry!
    Teresa just recently launched her brand-new song called ‘Paris’. She shares with us the people behind this and gives us a peek in the making of this song. We also have her song Red Wine, which leaves them feeling that they should listen to an old turntable. Aside from listening to hear great music, we’ll get to know her influences, what her day looks like and what are her goals in the future.
    Teresa had a lot to go through before making it to where she is today and will get to know some of her side hustles and stories in this episode. Don’t miss out on this amazing young lady by the name of Teresa Guidry!
    More about Teresa Guidry
    Stick around to see what Teresa Guidry is up to. She definitely has a lot of things coming her way, so check on the links below to where you can follow and support her.
    “As soon as I got here, I just started meeting people who made it feel like it was perfectly made for me and that I was doing the right thing… One event led to another but I didn't question it when I moved here all. It was, it just felt really right.”
    “It's just one of those things where you get in a room with someone talented, and they can kind of look at it from an outsider's perspective. That's the really cool thing about finding someone like that to work with is because you're just joining your minds and finding what works for both of you, and really cool things can come out of it that way.”
    “…everything on the outside was so scary that I had to find some sort of peace on the inside and honestly, it was a good year for me I feel it's like wrong to say but you know it kind of just gave my soul a break that it really needed.”
    “It's like, you just have to do it. Right now, I'm kind of in a high place my life but this hasn't always been it. So, I would say that it's definitely going to be challenging. It's going to be a journey. But if this is what you truly feel like you were meant to do, then you just have to do it. Like, don't wait for the circumstances to be right because they never will be. You just kind of have to go with the flow. If you believe in yourself, just keep going. Because, I mean, if you won't do it yourself, no one else is going to do it for you either. So, I feel bad.”
    01:53     Introducing Teresa Guidry
    05:06     How was her transition to Nashville to pursue music
    08:16     Teresa takes us to the studio in making her new song release, “Paris”
    13:50     How was Teresa’s experience with co-writing.
    16:15     Listen to “Paris” by Teresa Guidry
    19:54     How was “Paris” written?
    22:24     How did Teresa got through during the pandemic?
    24:42     What is she looking forward to, did she have any gigs booked now?
    26:25     How does one get on the CMT like Teresa?
    31:08     Listen to “Red Wine” by Teresa Guidry
    34:57     Where did Teresa get her vocal influence?
    36:58     How was Teresa’s typical day go?
    40:51     What are Teresa’s plans and visions for the next couple of years?
    43:49     Her stay in Nashville has not been easy and she shared about the side hustles that she did.
    48:28     Any words of wisdom that she would like to s

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    310. Let us “Find Your Carrot” with Jacquelyn H. Berry PhD 

    310. Let us “Find Your Carrot” with Jacquelyn H. Berry PhD 

    It’s a wonderful springtime here in Tennessee, but we’re going to take a little trip to the Hudson Valley, New York to meet a Cognitive Scientist, Fulbright scholar, author of Find Your Carrot, entrepreneur, and beauty queen. There are so many things that we can list here, but she’s not five people rolled into one, she is just one person who chooses to inspire people in different ways. Welcome to the show Mrs. Dutchess County, New York, Jacquelyn H. Berry PhD.
    Jacquelyn helps people to set and attain their goals in so many ways. Today, we’re going to have a delightful experience, hearing her wisdom and helpful tips to overcome some of life’s challenges and struggles. Jacquelyn is also into birds, raptors, and birds of prey in particular. She shared some distinct features of them that she admires and wants to also acquire.
    Grab a pen and paper and be ready to pick up everything that you can get from this podcast. Be ready not just to listen, but to learn. It’s going to be a meaningful conversation ahead with Jacquelyn H. Berry, PhD.
    More about Jacquelyn H. Berry
    If you want to learn more about Jacquelyn, follow her on all her social media platforms. Also, support her book, Find Your Carrot. All the links are provided below.
    “I think on the personal level, people should take it upon themselves to organize their lives. So, they are not put into situations where they have to make a tough decision when they're tired, and it's late in the day, and they've just had the hassles of normal life adding upon them.”
    “I firmly believe that everyone has their own personal currency that they have to offer the world, and should use that to reach their goals and to share that to enrich other people's lives.”
    “So, you're looking at all of the things I have listed on my resume, it all says the same thing  James, which is to inspire people, right? I'm not five people rolled into one. I'm just one person inspiring people in different ways.”
    “I've always liked or thought about, if I just had the vision, just to see how everything would come together, I can help so many other people, including myself and my students to be exactly where they need to be because I could see the entire field in amazing detail as they do.”
    You're not perfect, and neither are the things you want to do. But that doesn't mean you can't work within that, to just bring forth what it is you want to give to the world. So, I think everyone has something that really only they have, and that really only they can do better than anybody.
    01:30     Introducing Jacquelyn H. Berry PhD.
    02:31     Some of the things to celebrate about Jacquelyn’s career.
    07:08     Jacquelyn shares what “Decision Fatigue” is.
    10:28     What are some tools that could help us with “Distraction”.
    14:50     What is Jacquelyn’s take on Vision Boards: does she like physically writing, or use a computer?
    21:11     What are her thoughts about the younger generation on journaling?
    23:38     Jacquelyn on “Chasing Dreams.”
    29:20     “Fail forward fast”: How does Jacquelyn feel now after going through the things she had to go through to achieve the things that she has now accomplished.
    34:07     Jacquelyn talks about raptors and how she got interested in them.
    39:05     Jacquelyn tells us about how she got into golf
    40:55     Let’s visit her place in Red Hook and the beautiful Dutchess County, New York.
    44:07     Some words of wisdom from Jacquelyn H. Berry
    46:46     Listen to “Ride On” by James Kevin O’Connor
    Spotify Playlist:
    Do you miss the guests who’ve been on the show before? Head out to Spotify and visit these links. We’ve got some amazing and talented artists that we’ve had on the dHarmic Evolution before

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    309. “Ride On” with Circle of Sanity’s Vocals and Lead Guitarist Josh Sapna

    309. “Ride On” with Circle of Sanity’s Vocals and Lead Guitarist Josh Sapna

    We’re going to the great state of Pennsylvania today! We’re going to visit a band called Circle of Sanity. They have a combined array of styles. They were brought together by faith friends and a little luck. Ever since then, they've been writing new material, performing songs, and all written by individual members before they got together. Now, they've got this great gig and they're playing shows locally and regionally – they've done everything from 50 seats to a thousand seats. Leaving with an overwhelmingly positive response from the audience.
    Today, we’re going to chat with Josh Sapna, the band’s guitarist and vocalist. Let’s get to know him more, what he enjoys aside from music, his approach to songwriting, and of course listen to some of their great music from the EP: Celestial Mechanics. Listen to Break the Silence, Mortal Coil, and Ride on. Don’t forget to check on other music that they have as well on your favorite platform. We’ve got some pretty heavy music coming up with Circle of Sanity!
    More about Josh Sapna
    Circle of Sanity:
    Josh Sapna – guitars and vocals;
    Carson Slovak – bass
    Grant McFarland – drums.
    Make sure to check out and support Josh Sapna and his band, Circle of Sanity. All the band’s social media links are provided below.
    We always thought we got together to jam that was where we got our sanity back and escaped from everything, and that became our circle. There you have it. It was born “the circle of sanity.”
    Books left open to interpretation, which I do on purpose. Yeah, so my songs, I don't want to be too definite in the meanings, because I want more people to be able to apply their own life and experience to it.
    The number one thing and I have always said is this. Never. There's never been a time that I sat down to write a song and said, Will other people like this? Not once. The only question in my mind is at the end of it? Do I like it? when I buy this would I be impressed with it? and I don't know if that sounds selfish. But that's really the only way you can stay true to yourself is to not worry at all about what anyone else is going to think of it.
    02:05     Introducing Circle of Sanity’s Josh Sapna.
    03:16     How did Josh and his bandmates came up with their band name.
    04:40     What is Josh busy with aside from music?
    06:06     Listen to “Break the Silence” by Circle of Sanity
    11:15     What’s the metaphor behind “Break the Silence”.
    13:46     Josh’s approach to songwriting.
    16:01     Listen to “Mortal Coil” by Circle of Sanity
    23:20     Josh tells us more about “Mortal Coil”.
    28:52     What is Josh’s plan after the pandemic?
    32:51     What is chill stuff for Josh Sapna?
    35:46     Josh gives us a little peek into the studio when recording.
    39:04     Listen to “Ride On” by Circle of Sanity.
    43:56     Did Josh had COVID?
    45:00     Josh Sapna on Spotify.
    49:44     Is there any thoughts or schedule on releasing a new album?
    51:11     Some words of wisdom from Josh to the future artists.
    53:48     Listen to “State of Grace” by James Kevin O’Connor
    Spotify Playlist: 
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    dHarmic Rising Stars: Aquila
    dHarmic Rising Stars: Orion
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    308. More than a Beauty Queen: Navy Commander and Doctor Corinne Devin

    308. More than a Beauty Queen: Navy Commander and Doctor Corinne Devin

    We are honored to have a special guest on today’s episode of the dHarmic Evolution. She is a US Navy Commander, an orthodontist, a motivational speaker, a world traveler, and reigning International Ms. 2020. We’re going to Japan today to hang out with Navy Commander and Doctor Corinne Devin.
    As a multi-passionate woman, she has learned to not only balance her passions but use them to make her a better officer. She is a daughter of the American Revolution deployed with the United States Navy in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom to Al Asad. She also attended the Elite Tri-service Orthodontic Residency Program at Wilford Hall Medical Center. And, she’s a keynote speaker at the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) conference to over 1000 Middle School girls for the Department of Defense in Japan and Italy.
    Get to know more about her amazing stories in the US Navy and her travels on this episode. She also lets us know of her pageantry journey, her current life, and her plans for the future. Get ready to be inspired and amazed by this high achiever young lady who is very unique and lovely – Doctor and Commander Corinne Devin.
    More about Corinne Devin
    You can follow and support Corinne on her social media pages. Please see all the links listed below.
    “I was very blessed to have some wonderful, wonderful bosses and leaders who've been very supportive and have also told me what I need to do and that's to continue what I do. And I tell everyone, it requires a lot of discipline, it requires you doing (not) what you maybe want to do, like hit the snooze button, but actually what you have to do to get there.”
    “You really have to know who you are, and be confident and not feel you have to apologize if your answer doesn't agree with the person you're speaking with. As long as you know, you feel acknowledged, and you also appreciate them and acknowledge and listen to them.”
    “I love being part of a team. I love being part of a group. That's one thing the military has taught me – is being able to share that responsibility. So, we all can have a chance to unplug, but also to really be in that environment of growing and developing others, as well as pushing myself.”
    Everywhere I go and everywhere I look, everyone's trying to do things to be more comfortable. They're looking for the more convenient. But I'm going to tell you that if you look at all these successful people that you aspire to be like, they come from a place of being uncomfortable. And when you were trying to avoid the pain or the struggle or the hard things, you are actively choosing to be average.
    01:59     Introducing Commander Corinne Devin
    06:20     How Corinne Devin started in the US Navy
    11:21     How does Corinne’s day go like?
    14:40     What is chill time for Corinne?
    19:24     Are they still on lockdown in Japan?
    21:02     What is the plan after Japan?
    22:14     How did Corinne started doing pageants?
    29:45     Corinne shares a story of when she got to Morocco
    32:57     What was the most memorable country for Corinne?
    35:56     Corinne’s book in the making
    37:28     With COVID and everything, how are things in the Navy right now?
    43:18     Where does Corinne see herself in the next five years?
    46:10     Corinne’s message to the listeners.
    49:43     Listen to “Ride On” by James Kevin O’Connor
    Spotify Playlist: 
    If you haven’t done so, check the following Spotify playlist where we put together the amazing alumni artists from the dHarmic Evolution. You can also share these links with your family and friends and make sure they’re not missing out on these great talents.
    dHarmic Rising Stars: Aquila

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    307. Chara Rodriguera, an instrument of Universal “LOVE”

    307. Chara Rodriguera, an instrument of Universal “LOVE”

    We’ve got a fabulous guest today, as we usually do! She is an inspirational and best-selling author, facilitator, Self as an artist, and the Creator of Sol Path Yoga. Since 1995, she has been a student and teacher of Yoga, Meditation, Mindfulness, and Inspired living. She specializes in sharing life-changing practices, and programs that empower us to live with more awareness, skill, peace, and love. She's known for her intuitive, poetic, and loving style. She inspires people all over the world to shine their divine light, live their unique magic, and honor their authentic path.
    She’s a Mama, a Mystique, a Master of holding sacred space for personal evolution and spiritual practice. We’re going to New Jersey today with Chara Rodriguera.
    In this episode, we’ll learn more of Chara’s stories, experiences, and life lessons that led her to the love that she found. She also leads us to meditation towards the end – this is an awesome experience even for those who haven’t tried meditating before. Get excited and tune in for this episode of dHarmic evolution with Chara.
    Check out Chara’s previous interview here as well: https://dharmicevolution.com/old-blog/de170-chara-rodriguera-live-your-own-kind-of-magic-its-chara-tv-the-ultimate-creator/
    More about Chara Rodriguera
    Check out www.chara.tv, Chara Rodriguera’s website. She shares a wonderful gift that you can get for free. This is called “BREATHE and Let the Magic Begin” – a guided life-changing meditation.
    Catch Chara’s online yoga classes as well at moxie.xyz every Wednesday, 9:30 PM EST.
    “I think we're all on a healing and a blossoming journey. We're all on a journey of learning to give and receive love… To give, and receive, and embody love.”
    “As I became more aware and intentional about creating an inspired life, a heart-centered life, I started making more empowering choices, as to mindset messages that I was going to surround myself with the types of people, the types of organizations that I want to be a part of. And so, little by little I started gravitating toward other heart-centered, God-inspired people. And little by little, as the light started coming in, my life started to be a reflection of my deepest truth. And I call that walking our Soul path.”
    “Sometimes, when we are dealing with something that's upsetting us, that we feel angry about, or we're in a negative state about, we try to fight the negativity and we try to get rid of it, which causes a lot of resistance. And I have found – and this is what the practice of yoga and spiritual practices taught me – that by inviting the light in, inviting the love in, inviting spirit in, the forgiveness, the healing starts to happen automatically.”
    “I can have a lot of intentions throughout the day, but my one guiding intention is to be an instrument of universal love.”
    “…Maybe they're not singer-songwriters, or an author or a writer, maybe they're calling us something different. I would like to share with you that that doesn't mean you're not a creator. Your life is your greatest art form. I believe our life is a creation, we create through our thoughts, words, our actions, and our choices.”
    00:54 Introducing Chara Rodriguera
    04:38 Check out Chara’s new book, “Love”
    06:51 How Chara started out in Yoga.
    11:11 Why “Breathe” is important.
    13:07 Chara shares the three magical benefits of intentional deep breathing.
    17:03 Chara has a complimentary gift for EVERYONE.
    18:43 What happened along the way after Chara started teaching Yoga?
    21:46 What led Chara to the love that saved her?
    29:07 Did Chara find the forgiveness in her path, and did it help her get through the challenging part of her life?
    36:14 Adding more to forgiveness.
    41:33 Chara Rodriguera: For listeners who

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