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The Mindful Living Guide is a Podcast about how we can use principles from Mindfulness to navigate the many Ups and Downs of life.
We hope that the conversations we share, can help you to see the Extra-Ordinary in the Ordinary moments of life.
It is brought to you by Stephen Downey, a Podcaster, TEDx speaker and Mindfulness coach.

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The Mindful Living Guide is a Podcast about how we can use principles from Mindfulness to navigate the many Ups and Downs of life.
We hope that the conversations we share, can help you to see the Extra-Ordinary in the Ordinary moments of life.
It is brought to you by Stephen Downey, a Podcaster, TEDx speaker and Mindfulness coach.

    49 - Dee Reilly - Creating a Sustainable Practice

    49 - Dee Reilly - Creating a Sustainable Practice

    On this episode of the Mindful Living Guide I have a great chat with Dee Reilly of Whole Body Wellness

    Dee is a Psychotherapist, Craniosacral therapist, Yoga teacher and Reiki Master. Her journey into healing was inspired by her 4 wonderful children. She approaches healing from a whole body perspective, working with physical, mental and emotional wellbeing, helping her clients to slow down and to come home to themselves in this busy world. 
    Her passion for and curiosity around discovering ways to promote healing make her a sought after therapist and inspiring figure in the holistic health and wellness community. 
    We cover lots of great subjects in this episode:
    The power of the Energy at the Hill of Tara.
    How that impacts the sessions that Deidre takes at the Tara.
    Yin Yoga
    Siting with discomfort.
    The effect of nature on our systems.
    Awareness of where we are in our journey.
    Bringing play and light energy into day.

    Deirdre also discusses some great books
    Burnout by Emily Nagoski & Amelia Nagoski 
    Wintering by Katherine May
    Cycles of Belonging. Honouring Ourselves Through the Sacred Cycles of Life by Stella Tomlinson. 
    If you feel like connecting with Dee for a session, you can reach her at:


    Also dont forgot to ask her about the new Yin Yoga classes at the beautiful Bectivemilll Geodome.

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    Daragh Fleming - Lets talk about Mens Metal Health

    Daragh Fleming - Lets talk about Mens Metal Health

    This week on the Mindful Living Guide, I have the pleasure of speaking to someone who is very well known in Ireland, Daragh Fleming of the Thoughts too Big blog

    Daragh is an author, freelance writer, and award-winning mental health blogger from Cork, Ireland. In 2022 his blog recently won Mental Health Blog of the year and has been an inspiration to many people. His extremly popular Book, Lonely Boy s about a man trying to be at peace with himself and his past, so that he can navigate his future.  A past that includes loosing a close friend to suicide at a very young age.

    In the Episode, we chat about Daraghs own journey with depression and how it leaves you in a Numb emotionless state as well as:
    - Break stereotypes: Allow men to express emotions without judgment.
    - Evolving attitudes: Shift towards accepting men's emotional expression.
    - Coping methods: Writing, exercise, sleep, hydration for mental health.
    - Balance solitude and socialization for better mental well-being.
    - Ownership of mental health through daily, controllable actions.
    - Humour as a tool to disarm shame and address challenges.

    We also touch on how having a strong mental attitude was a game changer recently when he was the victim of a blackmail attempt.  Daragh was able to take control back of the situation.

    You can check out our Show notes page for more info
    You can connect to Daragh below:

    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/daraghfleming
    LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/daragh-fleming/
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/DaraghFleming
    Website: https://thoughtstoobig.ie/
    Book: Lonely Boy

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    Sinead Kennedy - Getting to know our Inner-self

    Sinead Kennedy - Getting to know our Inner-self

    Welcome back to Season 5 of The Mindful Living Guide! I am happy to be back after a few months break, and in this episode, I am excited to chat to Sinead Kennedy, a psychotherapist and mindfulness teacher who specializes in helping individuals navigate relationships, anxiety, and personal growth. Sinead's journey into the world of therapy and mindfulness was driven by her own experiences with anxiety and the desire to find ways to lead a more peaceful and fulfilling life.
    Sinead's approach to therapy and coaching is deeply rooted in mindfulness and self-compassion. She believes in the power of self-awareness, understanding the patterns that shape our lives, and creating space for personal growth. Through her work, Sinead helps individuals develop healthier relationships with themselves and others, cultivate mindfulness, and build the skills needed to navigate life's challenges.
    In this episode, Sinead shares her insights on mindfulness, the impact of anxiety, the art of setting boundaries, and fostering healthy relationships. She discusses her own journey, the importance of self-compassion, and offers practical tips for parents dealing with anxious teenagers.
    If you're curious about how mindfulness and therapy can positively impact your life, and if you're seeking guidance on building healthier relationships and managing anxiety, this episode is a must-listen. Sinead's compassionate and down-to-earth approach to these topics provides valuable insights that can inspire and empower you on your own journey toward mindful living.
    Check out the Show notes for this Page:

    Website: www.sineadkcoaching.com
    Facebook: https://shorturl.at/lAF29
    Instagram: https://shorturl.at/cpI16
    LinkedIn: https://shorturl.at/ltuEK
    Therapy: www.here4youtherapy.com

    Don't forget to check out Sineads new Facebook Group:

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    Helena Dilleen - Embracing a Mindful Life

    Helena Dilleen - Embracing a Mindful Life

    This week I speak to a fellow Mindfulness expert, Helena Dilleen of Giddy Studios about how we can embrace a Mindful way of living.  

    Here are some of many topics we chat about:

    Mindfulness is always there for us. How you can always go back to Mindfulness. Experiencing life through Informal Mindfulness practice. The power of sound when the Mind is wondering. Removing the barriers to our practice. Labelling our Emotions. A Compassionate approach to our Mindfulness Practice. Kristin Neff’s work, Fierce Self Compassion. Self Soothing Methods. How Mindfulness practice helped with the transition from the physical Studio. Doubling down on gratitude in challenging times. Breaking down barriers to Mindfulness. Embracing the right tools at the right time. Embracing the Climb in life with Mindful tools.

    ..and of course that all important question
    What does Mindful Living mean to Helena?

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    Brian Downes - We all gain from Meitheal

    Brian Downes - We all gain from Meitheal

    This week we are chatting to Brian Downes, Adventurer, Performance Nerd and Resilience expert.  

    Once of the core concepts that we speak about is old Irish tradition called Meitheal.  Meitheal describes how neighbors would come together to assist in the saving of crops or in other tasks.  Brian talks about how this sense of community can be used today to bring people together for the greater good. 

    We cover many topics in our conversation:
    How earning money was not the most important thing in life.
    Following his passion in Coaching, creating Performance nerds with John McNamara.

    The impact of climbing Irelands highest Mountain at 11.
    How failure should be part of the process.
    How Spirituality and Mindfulness has helped with Brians journey.
    Mindfulness Activities like cooking that bring Brian into the Present Moment. 
    The impact of bringing people into Nature in the mountains.
    The origins of Meitheal in Ireland and how it how it helps with Collaboration.
    Tips for working with a busy Racing Mind. 


    Not forgetting that all important question:
    What does Mindful Living mean to Brian? 

    You can see more details on our Show Notes Page. 


    Don't forget to use the new reply button on Spotify to let me know what you thought of the episode! 


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    Niamh McDonnell - Lessons for Living your Best Life

    Niamh McDonnell - Lessons for Living your Best Life

    This week I am chatting to Niamh McDonnell, Life Coach and all round inspirational Personal about how we can set ourselves up to live our best life.

    Niamh is a NLP Mindset Coach, helping others to achieve their goals through the power of the Subconscious Mind. Eliminating feelings of inadequacy or feeling stuck. Helping others to live the best version of themselves and helping to move back negative ways of thinking. Championing others to live the life they were born to live.

    I have been following Niamh for a while, so it was great to sit down and chat to her.
    We cover a great range of topics
    Taking active responsibility for your life. Learning from lessons from challenges. Embracing our inner child. Journalling tips and the power of Gratitude. Feeding the Soul from the inside. Viktor Frankl. Living in Autopilot. Discipline through consistency. Byron Katie – The Works. Trusting in the Universe. Mindfulness while hiking to Everest Base Camp. Mantra: I am worthy. Love of being in nature on your own. Bringing self-love into your life. Powerful Affirmation: I am willing to let Life Love me today. Letting go of what We Think, People think of us. …and that all important question:
    What does Mindful Living mean to Niamh?

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5.0 out of 5
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5 Ratings

NieveK2020 ,

Interview with Jack Kavanagh

This was a brilliant podcast session, very personal, funny and thought provoking. Both Stephen and Jack demonstrate such warmth and self awareness as they talk about life and meditation. Highly recommend a listen.

ImJohnByrne ,

Great Podcast

Great tips and ideas on how to simply implement mindfulness into your daily life and stay grounded during our busy days.

narchaeologist ,

Christine melia

I really enjoyed this podcast. It is informative , positive and encouraging .

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