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A weekly retrospective review of the works of Stephen King.

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A weekly retrospective review of the works of Stephen King.

    Episode 216-The Outsider, Episodes 1 and 2

    Episode 216-The Outsider, Episodes 1 and 2

     It's good! I love it! Tune in to find out why! Be warned that I read listener e-mail and iTunes reviews before getting to my thoughts. 

    • 1 hr 4 min
    Re-release: The Outsider

    Re-release: The Outsider

    In anticipation of the premiere of HBO’s soon to be latest hit, I’ve decided to re-release the genre-flipping crime horror 2018 novel. 

    • 1 hr 24 min
    Episode 215-The Top 10 Works of Stephen King of The Past Decade

    Episode 215-The Top 10 Works of Stephen King of The Past Decade

    I didn't think I was going to do it, but I did! Here is a top ten of the most important/best/impactful/influential works or adaptations of the works of a Stephen King property from the last decade. The beginning of the decade started out a little rocky, but as we head into 2020, he's back on top, possibly sitting larger than ever before.  2010-2019 gave us a lot of Stephen King content (including this podcast!), so plug in and hear me out as I rank my top ten works of Stephen King over the last decade!

    • 1 hr 40 min
    Episode 214-In The Tall Grass

    Episode 214-In The Tall Grass

    Welcome back! As promised in the last episode, I conclude my thoughts on Full Throttle with an in-depth review of "In the Tall Grass," both the short story and the 2019 Netflix movie. How do they compare? Find out this week in the Stephen Kingcast!

    • 1 hr 13 min
    Episode 213-Full Throttle

    Episode 213-Full Throttle

    I take a break from Stephen King this week to celebrate Joe Hill's recent collection of short stories, Full Throttle. If you haven't checked out Joe Hill's previous works, please do so! And if you haven't had a chance to treat yourself to Full Throttle, give yourself an early Christmas present. It's worth it. Find out all of my thoughts on each of the stories here!
    Well, every story except one. I did not review In The Tall Grass, because I will publish a separate episode next week in which I review both that story and the recent Netflix adaption of the same name. So stay tuned for that one! In the meantime, enjoy!
    As always, feel free to write in at stephenkingcast@yahoo.com and please leave a review on iTunes when you get a chance. It's greatly appreciated.

    • 1 hr 57 min
    Episode 212-Doctor Sleep (2019) Review

    Episode 212-Doctor Sleep (2019) Review

    It's a week late, but better late than never! Here are all my thoughts on Mike Flanagan's Doctor Sleep!  For additional thoughts on Doctor Sleep, make sure you check out my review of King's 2013 novel.

    • 1 hr 21 min

Customer Reviews

No nickname dude ,

If I could I’d rate it 19

A King fan, knows his stuff. Easy to listen to voice and some great episodes. What more could you want?

t3781 ,


Excellent. Very informative. New to your podcast.

IrishSteveB ,

Fantastic podcast

A long overdue review as I’ve been listening to this podcast for about 4 years.
The level of analysis is excellent and I love the additional ‘links to the Dark Tower’ series as well as the ‘Kingisms’ which indicate the links to Kong’s overarching Dark Tower mythos (loved the concept of the baby from The Stand becoming the Crimson King) and the tics and characteristics that pervade all of Ling’s work.

It rekindled my love of Stephen King’s stories, at a time when I was becoming a husband and later a father, and I have since reread everything up to Wolves of the Calla (where I initially left off) and continued up to The Outsider since.

Would also recommend the podcast creator’s episodes on both Stranger Things and Castle Rock. Both of which I was watching concurrently and it’s always great to hear his theories.

Please keep up the great work. Will give the podcasts a Re-listen.

Long days and pleasant nights.
Steve Barnes

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