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An Irish podcast on themes of health, wellness and natural living. Conversations with people who inspire us. Recorded out and about in areas of natural beauty.

Wandering Into Wellness Wandering Into Wellness

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An Irish podcast on themes of health, wellness and natural living. Conversations with people who inspire us. Recorded out and about in areas of natural beauty.

    Layla Nua Nua - Birthing A Mother - The Fourth Trimester

    Layla Nua Nua - Birthing A Mother - The Fourth Trimester

    From her own journey in birth, Layla experienced the support given by a post partum doula, almost without even knowing it was happening. After leaving the German maternity system where this care is offered to mothers as a standard practice, and coming home to Ireland to have her third baby, she felt the other side of neonatal care with a degree of shock, recognising the trauma that can be experienced in the birth process and the profound change that was occurring to her as a mother, even at her third birth, and how this aspect of maternity care simply wasn't on offer here. And so with her grounding as a TCM practitioner, Layla has embraced the void and now offers the care that she noticed in its absence during her birth experience.
    Join us as we talk all things birth, and open up the conversation to this vital, yet unrecognised phase of maternal care - the Fourth Trimester.

    • 1 hr 4 min
    Now Draw Focus To Your Vision

    Now Draw Focus To Your Vision

    How much do we really look after our eyes? No not the cosmetic alterations, not the billion dollar industries that put our eyes front and centre in the world of aesthetic beauty. We mean the ACTUAL eyes. The fine muscles in and around the eyes rarely get the attention they need. Taking in billions of images every second and coping with light and shade, a constellation of colour imagery AND trying to read the expressions of the humans we come into contact with - our eyes are put to the test daily, and with little reward. They're even working when we sleep! So take this 25 minutes to put the focus back on your eye health, toning the structures with simple eye yoga movements and a nutritional and herbal protocols that will preserve your vision AND help you get a little eye lift for those too tired peepers. Enjoy!

    • 26 min
    Jamie Heaslip - Peeling Back The Layers

    Jamie Heaslip - Peeling Back The Layers

    "I’ve very little advice for you. Be yourself, everyone else is taken!" - goes one of the lines from his open (and very candid) letter to his younger self. And that's exactly how he is, WHO he is, and honestly the energy from him is magnetic.
    Seeing Jamie in this new role, generates a real sense of pride, not just in his personal evolution and transformation - it's a validation for the resilience and and potential in the human spirit.  Having witnessed his early exit from International Rugby, it was like seeing one of the sons of Ireland, flame extinguished, and dreams dashed on the rocks. But no longer. Jamie is more than the captain and strategist that we know from the rugby pitch, his professional and personal life have blossomed since his sporting career ended, and we got a chance to touch on these less public sides to Jamie's character.
    This is a fun one - Finn was looking forward to having the chats with Jamie for about the past two years...and he didn't disappoint!! Stay tuned for the quickfire questions at the end for a giggle!

    • 1 hr 1 min
    Elaine Barry - The Pelvic Floor Show

    Elaine Barry - The Pelvic Floor Show

    In our first podcast back post lockdown from Covid 19 we got to speak ( whilst socially distancing so allow us any sound issues please) to the women’s health whizz that is Elaine Barry.
    Elaine is one of the physio day the Milltown Health Clinic here in Ireland and specialises in an up and coming area of women’s health: internal pelvic floor work. When lydia was pregnant she went to try out this type of physio and found it an invaluable tool in understanding how to teach her body to relax and open in preparation for the birthing process and has been singing its praises to her pregnant clients ever since.
    Elaine explains to us the myriad functions of the pelvic floor and why it is so vital to have not only an understanding of but also a connection to this vital area of our bodies. We look at the fears many of us hold around working with this area and the worries women have about the trauma it can receive during birth and the subsequent lack of function in the postpartum period.
    Elaine is so warm and relatable and clearly really cares about the women she works with and we are just so happy to be able to demystify what goes on during a pelvic floor physio session so that more and more people will avail of this amazing service.
    Grab a cup of tea , Listen in and spread the word please: let’s start a pelvic floor empowerment revolution 🙏
    If you want to know more please contact Elaine @elainebarryphysio Or call the team at Milltown Physiotherapy Clinic who we are very grateful to for loaning us their lovely space to record in .

    • 57 min
    Encircling Birth with Aisling Jackson

    Encircling Birth with Aisling Jackson

    On a short trip across to us from her new homeland in New Zealand, Aisling Jackson (Browne - heehee!) stopped in to chat with us regarding all things birth.  
    Aisling's transition to hosting women's circles seems as natural to her as breathing is to most of us.  With what seems like a ready made ability to play this role of creating space and hosting women in this time of vulnerability, growth and transformation.  Helping women to face up to the shift in their identity, to owning and honouring their new reality, and inhabiting motherhood in a truly powerful and graceful way.
    We really enjoyed this casual chat where we dove into the birth experience from so many angles.  Aisling's attitudes highlight a really progressive approach to the practice of mindful motherhood, and it was really exciting to engage with a woman like her who is so open to sharing her own experience and really walks the walk in her own mothering experience.

    • 1 hr 5 min
    Lydia And Finn's 20 Question get...a little Awkward!!

    Lydia And Finn's 20 Question get...a little Awkward!!

    Challenging questions prompt tricky true feelings, and in the spirit of Wandering, we don't seek to disguise these, instead delving into those feelings, that discomfort that comes, and work through the awkward moments. FYI this video was recorded pre-COVID, summer 2019 :)

    • 9 min

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5.0 out of 5
15 Ratings

15 Ratings

Sweffy ,

Truly one of a kind

This is without a doubt one of the best podcasts I have ever listened to. They are all recorded out and about within nature which transports you whilst listening to a calm and happy place. Not to mention getting a wealth of information on health and well-being from voices that feel like friends. It is a happy addition to my daily commute 💖

NiallOCal ,

The ultimate resource

Fantastic wide ranging podcast on all things health. Highly recommend

Lozzielaur ,

My go to wellness podcast!!

My go to podcast for all my wellness, health And learning about new and exciting new therapy’s and people!

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