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An unlicensed lizard psychologist travels the universe talking to strangers about absolutely nothing. Call the gecko every Monday/Wednesday/Friday at 9pm EST on twitch.tv/lyleforever

Therapy Gecko Lyle Drescher

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An unlicensed lizard psychologist travels the universe talking to strangers about absolutely nothing. Call the gecko every Monday/Wednesday/Friday at 9pm EST on twitch.tv/lyleforever



    Aminé comes in at 31:26

    A caller wonders whether or not she should go on a date, we talk to a mailman as he does his rounds, a college kid throwing a party somehow saves a lady's life, and more.

    Later I'm joined by rapper Aminé to discuss whether it'd be better to live forever or die right now, talk to a guy who just had his identity stolen, make up a word that has never been said before, and just generally talk about a bunch of things and be geckos.

    Aminé is a rapper from Portland who first gained notability for his single "Caroline" which peaked at number 11 on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart. You can listen to his music here: https://www.youtube.com/AMINE

    I am a gecko.

    • 1 hr 44 min
    CLUMP ALERT (with Zack Fox)

    CLUMP ALERT (with Zack Fox)

    Calls start at 26:40. In this episode I am joined by rapper/comedian Zack Fox who is known for his collaborations with Thundercat and Flying Lotus, writing on the 5th season of The Eric Andre Show, and for making great music on his own.

    We talk to callers about the pros and cons of having a sugar mama, how to find someone to try pegging with, how to live more in the present, and a lot of other stuff. We also talk about which pokemon is the sexiest. It's a good episode. Ok. I am a gecko.


    Follow Zack on Twitter here: https://twitter.com/zackfox

    • 2 hrs 43 min


    A caller tells their experience losing 8 years of memories in a LARPing accident, a family deals with a son who can't stop farting, a caller and I realize we've both had a similar health issue, a caller finds out the person he's been hooking up with has a whole family, and my toe starts hurting and I complain about it a lot.

    I actually think it's a pretty good episode. I am a gecko.

    • 1 hr 53 min


    Stories of being in and out of juvie, peeing on the floor of a Mexican restaurant, a rebellion against the landlord, and more. We also hear from a new mom who's boyfriend left her right before she gave birth and have a very sad call about a dog. Also my sister comes in at the end and we talk to a guy from Germany. I think that about covers it. I am a gecko.

    • 1 hr 13 min
    TROUBLE GECK (ft. Attorney Tom)

    TROUBLE GECK (ft. Attorney Tom)

    Callers phone in to tell me and my pal Attorney Tom about times they have been in trouble. Stories of getting arrested in cosplay, peeing in a frat house's punch bowl, ruining an ex-boyfriends car, and other things.

    Later on I talk with a couple of people having relationship issues and a guy who is annoyed at people for asking about his tattoos. I am a gecko.

    • 1 hr 46 min


    A guy calls in to tell me how much he loves tires. We talk about tires for at least 12 minutes. He tells me not only why he loves tires, but how his obsession with tires is ruining his life. Other people call in to talk about other things too, but the first 12 minutes of this is tire dominant. I’m just letting you know ahead of time.

    Use the code GECKO for 20% off at checkout at www.sheathunderwear.com. The podcast has ads now and I use the money to buy cigarettes for the elderly. Sometimes I keep one of the cigarettes for myself. I don’t smoke but I thought it would look cool to maybe just hold a cigarette. I don’t know what I’m talking about any more. Listen to the podcast. So I can get more ad money to buy more cigarettes for the elderly. I am a gecko.

    • 2 hrs 3 min

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