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Hi, it‘s Ted Stryker (formerly of KROQ). Welcome to your new favorite podcast! Each episode, I‘ll be chatting/interviewing all of our favorite musical artists and entertainers for a deep dive on their career, life, current projects, and just an overall fun and relaxed hang.

Tuna on Toast with Stryker Ted Stryker

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Hi, it‘s Ted Stryker (formerly of KROQ). Welcome to your new favorite podcast! Each episode, I‘ll be chatting/interviewing all of our favorite musical artists and entertainers for a deep dive on their career, life, current projects, and just an overall fun and relaxed hang.

    Tuna on Toast with Ilan Rubin (Member of Nine Inch Nails and Angels and Airwaves)

    Tuna on Toast with Ilan Rubin (Member of Nine Inch Nails and Angels and Airwaves)

    Ilan Rubin Is a drummer in the rock n roll hall of fame band Nine inch Nails!

    He is also the the drummer (and co writer of many songs) for the Tom Delonge fronted band Angels and Airwaves. 
    On top of that, he's released a ton of music as The New Regime as well as under Ilan Rubin PLUS he's worked with Paramore!  Words do not do him justice!  
    Ilan knew at a very young age, well before 10 years old, that he wanted to pursue music professionally.  This episode is a very fun ride on how he was able to make it happen! 
    Recently he's been practicing less because he's busy scoring films now, including Tom Delonge's new movie "Monsters of California".
    When asked about the greatest bands of all time, Ilan tells Stryker The Beatles are the best song writers while Led Zeppelin is the best band. 
    In March of 2020, under his band name The New Regime, Ilan says he put out his best work and was also on the road touring with Silversun Pickups, sadly, all of that came to a halt due to Covid. 
    Stryker and Ilan chat about his career as a solo artist compared to that as a member of both Nine Inch Nails and Angels and Airwaves.  Everything from the style of music to the difference in transportation from show to show (super nice bus vs small van).
    The guys discuss two of the more recent Ilan Rubin released songs, "Talk Talk Talk" and "Chaos in Motion".  Stryker believes they would have sounded great in the movie Licorice Pizza directed by Paul Thomas Anderson. 
    The guys discuss where Ilan's music fits in, as well as Ilan's take on songwriting,  producers, and bands who simply copy an old formula
    He thinks data is the biggest thing to ruin music since the streaming world started.  Artists are getting signed based off one tik tok song which is making it much harder to find legacy bands.
    The guys then have an animated chat about new music and new music on the radio and how radio in general can be better. 
    Ilan tells Stryker about his audition to become the drummer for Nine Inch Nails, Ilan was only 19 years old! THIS IS WILD!  
    It was shocking to hear that his time with Paramore was the first time he was in a band with people his age or younger!
    Stryker asks Ilan about his working relationship with Tom Delonge and what it's like writing songs with Tom. 
    This is one of the most fun episodes to date, music is in great hands with Ilan Rubin.  Thanks as always for checking out the show! 

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    Tuna on Toast with The Wombats Matthew Murphy Murph

    Tuna on Toast with The Wombats Matthew Murphy Murph

    Keep in mind this interview was conducted just BEFORE Christmas 2021. 
    The new Wombats album is officially out titled Fix Yourself, Not The World.

    Stryker welcomes Matthew Murphy aka Murph to the Tuna on Toast studio where the guys begin their day hitting tennis balls and golf balls in the backyard (checkout Youtube)
    This leads to a chat about golf and playing golf on the road.
    Murph shares his feelings leading up to the album release and hitting the road in the crazy time we live in mixed with balancing his home life and professional life. 
    Stryker asks Murph about the making of the new album, Fix Yourself, Not The World. Both Dan and Tord came out to Los Angeles before the world went mad to work on the new Wombats album.  During lockdown, Murph talks about finishing it up at his home in Southern California mixed with many zoom sessions with the guys. 
    Murph also discusses the album title and how it came to be.
    Stryker then asks Murph about the Wombats song "If You Ever Leave, I'm Coming With You".
    Murph and Strykler discuss the longevity and success of the band and how it's been a slow build, but a very consistent and successful build! 
    Murph tells Stryker he sees the Wombats as a very Pixies (esque) band in terms of their career.
    Stryker asks Murph about his love for Los Angeles and why he makes LA his home. 
    Murph also talks about the early shows the Wombats first played in Los Angeles and how they had to cancel their next show because as Murph said "he went for it".  
    Murph talks about the song "Poke the Bear" as well as "People Don't Change People, Time Does".
    Murph then talks about growing up In Liverpool and what the music scene was like at that time.  Murph tells Strykler about playing Radiohead and Weezer covers as well as the time he auditioned to join an actual Radiohead tribute band named Fake Plastic.  
    Murph then tells Stryker about his college years where he met Dan and Tord and the circumstances surrounding The Wombats getting a record deal!  The guys started their own club night titled Little Miss Pipedream and things started to roll from there.
    Murph is such a great guy and super talented, this was a very fun episode, so glad I got to know him and his story a bit more, hope you enjoy the show and thanks as always for the support! 

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    Tuna on Toast with Chad Tepper

    Tuna on Toast with Chad Tepper

    Ted Stryker welcomes Chad Tepper to the Tuna on Toast Studio.

    This is such a fun, emotional, and inspiring episode into the life and history of Chad.  While he is a star on YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram, Stryker knows of Chad solely through is music. 

    Chad talks about his collabs with Simple Plan, Bowling for Soup and Travie McCoy, and tells a great story of how he struck up a friendship with Pierre Bouvier.

    Chad shares for the first time publicly just how tough his childhood was, his family was homeless and struggling.  Chad gets into all the details, again, it's very emotional.

    Chad lists The Killers, Sum 41, Good Charlotte and Lady Gaga as a few bands/artists he would love to collab with!

    Stryker and Chad discuss his future endeavors which include potentially signing to a big time major label

    Chad Tepper is a hard working and creative force, sit back, relax and enjoy another great episode of Tuna on Toast. 

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    Tuna on Toast with Rise Against Tim McIlrath

    Tuna on Toast with Rise Against Tim McIlrath

    Rise Against released their 9th full length studio album titled "Nowhere Generation" in June of 2021!  Tim McIlrath from Rise Against joins Stryker on a really fun and entertaining episode of Tuna on Toast. 

    Tim and Stryker discuss that it's been more than 20 years since the release of their album The Unraveling.  Tim talks about his early goals for the band and how weird it was to finally declare that he is a professional musician. 
    This leads into Tim telling Stryker all about his return to college during the pandemic...NorthEastern Illinois University!  Tim is back in school going for his degree that he was so close to getting many years ago.
    Tim talks about meeting with his counselors and being recognized in his classes and which class has been the most difficult. Tim also mentions that some of his classes have helped him navigate this crazy time we live in. 
    Tim then talks about how Rise Against met Fat Mike from NOFX and what led to him signing the band.  Rise Against didn't have one show under their belt at the time! Tim also tells a great story of a meeting both he and Joe had with Fat Mike.  The guys drove from Chicago to Detroit to chat with Mike. 
    Many of their early shows they opened for Strung Out and Mad Caddies, NOFX and Sick of it All.
    Tim talks about the band going to a major label and what the band thought was going to happen professionally vs what actually happened. 
    Stryker asks Tim about a show just before the pandemic in which Rise Against opened for the Misfits in Los Angeles.
    Tim then discusses why they covered the Misfits song "Hybrid Moment" for the Rise Against "Nowhere Sessions" EP as well as the song "Fortunate Son" by Creedence Clearwater Revival.
    When discussing being the opening act so often early in the career of Rise Against, Tim said "the band you become has a lot to do with your introduction to the industry".
    The guys also talk about the future of Rise Against.  Tim also gives wonderful advice when it comes to being a new band.
    Tim Mcllrath is a smart and talented dude full of an energy that is absolutely infectious... And as Tim says, there will always be things to Rise Against which means we should have lots of great music from the guys for many years to come. 
    Sit back and enjoy another great episode of Tuna on Toast. 

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    Tuna on Toast with Jerry Heller (NWA Ruthless Records Ice Cube Dr. Dre Eazy-E)

    Tuna on Toast with Jerry Heller (NWA Ruthless Records Ice Cube Dr. Dre Eazy-E)

    Ted Stryker unearths an interview heard by very few people with the late Jerry Heller (recorded in 2011)

    Jerry Heller was a music manager, music agent and a business man.

    In this Tuna on Toast episode, Ted Stryker asks Jerry about is career before his NWA and Eazy-E days.  Jerry worked with bands like The Standells, Elton John and Pink Floyd just name a few.  Jerry also names the one artists that rubbed him the wrong way! 

    Jerry goes into detail about the circumstances that led to Jerry meeting Eric Wright AKA Eazy-E.  Jerry and Stryker talk about JJ Fad, the song Supersonic, The L.A. Dream Team, Rudy Pardee, the great radio station KDAY and the amazing personalities/DJ's on KDAY.  Jerry mentions guys like Juilo G, Tony G and Greg Mack! 

    Jerry tells a great story of his first meeting with Eazy, MC Ren was also there and the guys pulled up in a Suzuki Samurai. 

    Jerry Heller answers all of Stryker's questions about Ruthless, who owned the company, and about how it was determined how much the NWA members got paid. 

    Jerry discusses not only his thoughts on why Ice Cube left the group, but also talks about his feelings towards Ice Cube after the release of the song "No Vaseline".  Jerry talks about his encounter with Suge Knight at Monty's restaurant. 

    Jerry Heller then answers questions about Dr. Dre leaving the group, his importance to Ruthless Records and how exactly Jerry feels about Dr. Dre as a talent! 

    Stryker asks Jerry about his relationship with Eazy, what was it like both working and personal throughout their years together. 

    Jerry is a wonderful story teller who was sharp as a tack the day we recorded this interview back in 2011.  There are a ton more little nuggets you will hear!  

    Thanks for listening, sit back and enjoy Jerry Heller on Tuna on Toast. 

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    Tuna on Toast with Third Eye Blind Stephan Jenkins

    Tuna on Toast with Third Eye Blind Stephan Jenkins

    It's a funny intro before the interview! Things went haywire in the house before Stephan arrived....had a plumbing situation...Stephan refers to the plumber as my roommate!

    Stephan reveals some if his favorite songs from 2021! It's a rainy day in LA this day and the guys talk about good manners and Stryker asks Stephan about his love for LA (he's a bay area guy)

    The guys talk about the new album called Our Bande Apart and the process of how it was recorded here in Los Angeles. Stephan and Stryker discuss the Third Eye Blind documentary which is available on youtube called "How We Hold Each Other Right Now".

    Stephan tells Stryker that his mindset has changed, he doesn't care about metrics, streams, radio play or Grammy's and as a result, he's made much more music! Stephan also shared that he had another full album ready just as the pandemic hit, but the songs didn't feel right to release which is what lead lead them to the very honest and imperfect album.. Our Bande Apart. Stephan explains what an imperfect album means.

    Stephan tells a beautiful story about knitting himself back together from the traumatized 6 year old boy that he was. Stephan brings up the saying....Comparison is the enemy of joy. The guys also discuss tension in the recording studio. Stephan tells Stryker that yes, absolutely that is important in the process. Stephan recounts a great story about producing Vanessa Carlton while Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham were working in a different studio, Stephan walked right in and asked to borrow them for a song!

    Stephan says to Stryker that Third Eye Blind is an indie rock band who are saddled with a lot of hits, he also tells Stryker about his love for Rancid and The Interruptors. It was just a few years back that they all met at a show....The KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas in Los Angeles.

    Stephan talks to Stryker about his love of playing drums from a very young age and being a professional musician by the time he was 17. Stryker learns that Stephan went to Cal Berkeley for college and actually had a great time!

    The guys then chat about getting a record deal, and why in the 90's it was so important to have a deal, that entire experience led to the writing and recording of the song "Graduate".

    Stephan reveals that after the chat he's going to rehearsal and the guys are already making a new Third Eye Blind album, Stephan is not even close to slowing down and living off previous success.

    Make sure to find the guys on the road, 2022 is going to be another huge year for the band! It was a super fun time hanging with Stephan, he's a very very talented guy, sit back relax, and enjoy another episode of Tuna on Toast with Stryker

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