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The official podcast of comedians Ethan & Hila Klein of h3h3productions.

H3 Podcast Ethan Klein

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The official podcast of comedians Ethan & Hila Klein of h3h3productions.

    H3 After Dark #13

    H3 After Dark #13

    On this episode of H3 After Dark the gang is all here and we're serving looks (mostly Hila) and goofs and gaffs! Together we discuss Rudy melting live on television, barbers with samurai swords, Gavin Newsom being a piece of shit, Vin-Book, and a whole lot more!
    The guy screaming STOP in the background of the Ace Family video Barber that cuts hair with Samurai Sword Rudy Guiliani sweating through his hair dye But that isn’t even the best part… Kenneth Copeland laughs at the media for declaring that Joe Biden has won the election and will become president. Pope likes tweet from IG girl Pictures of Harry Styles on cover of Vogue magazine

    • 2 uur 26 min.
    Make Ethan Laugh - Episode #1

    Make Ethan Laugh - Episode #1

    Introducing MAKE ETHAN LAUGH- the HOTTEST new game show from h3h3productions. Do you have a goof gaff or splaff that can make Ethan laugh? There is $100 big ones on the line if you can- come see how our first round of contestants did on MAKE ETHAN LAUGH!!!

    • 2 uur 11 min.
    Cheese Mukbang Disaster - Frenemies #9

    Cheese Mukbang Disaster - Frenemies #9

    On this episode of Frenemies Ethan and Trish return after a week off due to Ethan's COVID scare- and they celebrate with one of both of their favorite activities- EATING! Over food they discuss what they've been up to lately, if cow's milk is pus, jews, Trisha and Moses' relationship, and a whole lot more!

    • 1 u. 29 min.
    H3 After Dark #12

    H3 After Dark #12

    On this episode of the H3 Podcast After Dark we discuss our COVID scare this week, the Zach "situation", the election fallout, Rudy's adventure at the Four Seasons, and a whole lot more!
    Dean Browning accidentally uses burner account Man claiming to be Dan Purdy BBC did an in-depth report of the #fourseasonslandscaping story and it's glorious. Chet Hanks back at it again TikTok guy Guy who ruins customer’s phones strikes again Trump’s wall Another amateur art restorer in Spain has absolutely demolished a once-beautiful artwork  Lady coughing into mask  According to reddit, the video is from Georgia, a country at the intersection of Europe and Asia, and is former Soviet republic. Metal bar goes flying thru windshield  Scooter Get away thru sliding doors  Wife exposed for cheating makes for the most entertaining baby shower to date. Husband comes with his lawyer and video proof of cheating. Chaos ensues.  Lucky Lady in an elevator  Man died inside after eating a popsicle in one bite   Husband walks in on his cheating wife, followed by a chase through the streets Medical Helicopter malfunction

    • 2 uur 38 min.
    H3 After Dark #11

    H3 After Dark #11

    On this episode of H3 After Dark we discuss the election results and subsequent meltdown of Trump world, debate if Zach is a creep or a king, and check in with a down on his luck Skippy the Virgin.
    Epic H3 Animation by a YouTube channel "Tom"
    Louis vuitton getting ready for riots with Louis vuitton getting ready for riots with Designer Plywood 
    People simultaneously yelling count the votes in one state, and stop the votes in another
    Woman on Fox News upset over “sharpiegate” has all of her neighbors menacingly appear out of nowhere
    "BBQ Beer Freedom" guy having a meltdown and screaming about a rigged election
    The Amish riding for Trump
    Trump people praying and sending their energy outside the polling station
    Trump's spiritual advisor going buckwild
    Alex Jones just showed up at the Maricopa County election center to do his batshit crazy thing... 
    CNN had Pornhub open

    • 2 uur 3 min.
    Content Court: The ACE Family

    Content Court: The ACE Family

    The content court is back in session and this time the family vlog channel "The ACE Family" is on the docket!

    • 1 u. 45 min.


4.8 van 5
183 beoordelingen

183 beoordelingen

Castrolias ,

H3 the best

One of the better podcasts out there! Highly recommend giving it a listen if you can apperciate goofs gafs and laughs. The latest meme's and most recent controversies.
It's good. Bless.

with love from Amsterdam ,

But, why?

I don't understand what this podcast offers. Ethan is not particularly insightful and Hila rarely speaks, so I don't understand her role. I find this podcast banal and non-comedic, even when interesting and humorous guests are in studio. I've only listened to 5-10 eps because a guest I liked was on, and really tried to enjoy it, but I can't find the appeal.

Houbeblahinronniejansdans ,

Best podcast

This is the best podcast by far by our lord and saviour fupish maximus

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