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ウェブ開発、プログラミング、モバイル、ガジェットなどにフォーカスしたテクノロジー系ポッドキャストです。 #rebuildfm

Rebuild Tatsuhiko Miyagawa

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ウェブ開発、プログラミング、モバイル、ガジェットなどにフォーカスしたテクノロジー系ポッドキャストです。 #rebuildfm

    310: Software Is Not Real (hak)

    310: Software Is Not Real (hak)

    Hakuro Matsuda さんをゲストに迎えて、GitHub Copilot, Apple Pencil 2, Chromecast, Switch, Steam Deck, 電気工事士、ゴジラSP などについて話しました。

    Show Notes
    Delta variant takes hold in U.S. as coronavirus cases rise nearly 70 percent
    GitHub Copilot
    GitHub’s automatic coding tool rests on untested legal ground
    What Is a Product Requirements Document (PRD)?
    reMarkable 2
    Boogie Board
    Pen Tips
    Goodbye, Fleets
    Report: Apple Watch and Health exec Kevin Lynch joining the Apple Car team
    Chromecast with Google TV
    Nintendo Switch(有機ELモデル)|任天堂
    Steam Deck
    Steam Deck: First Hands-On With Valve’s Handheld Gaming PC
    Linux Foundation to Form New Open 3D Foundation
    Amazon Lumberyard
    IBM Sues GlobalFoundries for $2.5B Over Wrecked Process Node Transitions
    電工試験の虎_ホーザン - YouTube
    Grid | Frame Studio
    ゴジラ シンギュラポイント
    機動戦士ガンダム 閃光のハサウェイ
    Mobile Suit Gundam Hathaway | Netflix
    For All Mankind | Apple TV+

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    309: Museum of Unicode (kohsuke)

    309: Museum of Unicode (kohsuke)

    Kohsuke Kawaguchi さんをゲストに迎えて、起業、パンデミック、エンジニアリング、ナラティブなどについて話しました。

    Show Notes
    Bike trip across America, DONE! - Kohsuke Kawaguchi
    CPU実験で自作CPUにUNIXライクOS (xv6) を移植した話
    Twitter で医師を拾ってきて Google のソフトウェアエンジニアにするだけの簡単なお仕事
    This American Life
    How do Verifiable Vaccination Records with SMART Health Cards Work?
    Falsehoods Programmers Believe About Names
    Han unification
    BBC World Service - 13 Minutes to the Moons
    Radiolab: Podcasts
    Japanese Language Stack Exchange

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    308: Integration Test Email (higepon)

    308: Integration Test Email (higepon)

    Taro Minowa さんをゲストに迎えて、Notion, Craft, Apple Music, テスト、LLC などについて話しました。

    Show Notes
    California Offers Digital Record of Coronavirus Vaccination
    「Evernote の中で暮らす」と決めると楽だという話 - higepon blog
    Install an older version of Evernote
    Bear App
    HBO Max explains 'Integration Test' email that went to subscribers

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    307: Unreal Particles (hak)

    307: Unreal Particles (hak)

    Hakuro Matsuda さんをゲストに迎えて、WWDC, iOS 15, macOS Monterey などについて話しました。

    Show Notes
    WWDC21 - Apple Developer
    iOS 15: Here's everything new in FaceTime
    SharePlay Overview
    The Talk Show Remote From WWDC 2021
    iOS 15 for AirPods
    Bose gets into hearing aid business with new FDA-cleared SoundControl hearing aids
    macOS and tvOS are getting spatial audio support with the AirPods Pro and Max
    Sony is releasing its WH-1000XM4 headphones in white for a limited time
    Apple’s privacy pillars in focus - WWDC 2021
    How Universal Control on macOS Monterey works
    Forming the WebExtensions Community Group
    Create 3D content with Object Capture
    Chipmaker SiFive Is Said to Draw Intel Takeover Interest
    三体Ⅲ 死神永生
    CAPSULE - ひかりのディスコ
    虎鶫 とらつぐみ
    ナビつき! つくってわかる はじめてゲームプログラミング

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    306: Complaining Bot (takoratta)

    306: Complaining Bot (takoratta)

    及川卓也さんをゲストに迎えて、リモートワーク、カンファレンス、Google I/O, Build などについて話しました。

    Show Notes
    Vax for the Win - Coronavirus COVID-19 Response
    Covid: Japan town builds giant squid statue with relief money
    Ohio’s $1 million vaccination lottery is a fascinating psychological experiment
    mmhmm founder Phil Libin on the future of video meetings
    Building a privacy-first future for web advertising
    Twitter confirms 'Blue' paid subscription with color themes and alternative icons
    What's new for the web platform | Keynote
    Back/forward cache
    WebHID API
    The Extensible Web Manifesto
    We need to design distrust into AI systems to make them safer
    Duplex, Google’s conversational AI, has updated 3M+ business listings since pandemic

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    305: Tim vs. Tim (hak)

    305: Tim vs. Tim (hak)

    Hakuro Matsuda さんをゲストに迎えて、ワクチン、Google I/O, Android 12, iPad Pro, Apple TV, Apple vs. Epic などについて話しました。

    Show Notes
    California June 15 reopening COVID guidelines
    How iOS 14.5 broke Apple's Podcasts app
    Google I/O 2021
    Smart canvas
    Google AI Blog: Background Features in Google Meet, Powered by Web ML
    Chrome can now caption audio and video
    Talking Tech and AI with Google CEO Sundar Pichai
    Cloud TPU
    Systolic array
    Google partners with Shopify on online shopping expansion
    Aukey kicked off Amazon following fake reviews allegations
    I Called Off My Wedding. The Internet Will Never Forget | WIRED
    Apple forced Google to re-think widgets for Android 12
    Android introduces new privacy-friendly sandbox for machine learning data
    Google and Samsung are merging Wear OS and Tizen
    TSMC And MIT Research Team Claims Amazing 1nm Chip Fab Breakthrough
    New Siri Remote
    How to set HomePod as Apple TV default speakers & use ARC
    Apple Music announces Spatial Audio and Lossless Audio
    Amazon makes its lossless music streaming service a free upgrade
    Epic Games v. Apple: the fight for the future of the App Store
    The level of Mac malware is not acceptable, says Apple’s Craig Federighi
    三体Ⅲ 死神永生
    ゴジラ シンギュラポイント
    4 Google smart home updates that Matter

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