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Every week Linus and Luke discuss the most current happenings in the technology universe.

The WAN Show Linus Tech Tips

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Every week Linus and Luke discuss the most current happenings in the technology universe.

    It's Time To Name And Shame - WAN Show June 2, 2023

    It's Time To Name And Shame - WAN Show June 2, 2023

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    Timestamps (Courtesy of NoKi1119) Note: Timing may be off due to sponsor change:

    0:00 Chapters

    1:36 Intro

    2:24 Topic #1 -TaiWAN Show

    3:52 Linus's discusses how he feels after stepping down

    6:20 Linus on the lack of PC gaming LTT videos

    8:16 Microblade servers, recalling history of CPUs

    10:04 ASUS's concept product on SC, NVIDIA & Intel's progress

    15:06 Push of development in servers & its impact on gaming

    19:01 Linus on the PCI-E Gens & speed, Luke on the Switch

    23:06 Has Linus buried the hatchet with NVIDIA's Jensen? Discussing games

    25:42 NVIDIA's market value hits $1T, thoughts on GeForce

    34:27 Linus recalls company behaviors in the absence of competition

    38:12 Retention of LTT's GPU video, Linus on the history of GPUs

    40:42 Linus on GPU V.S. graphics card, NVIDIA's GPUs, AMD Uprising Campaign

    45:42 LTTStore's new fleece lined jacket ft. Breakfast

    47:34 Possible reversible garment

    49:04 Linus on LTTStore's good merch reviews

    49:56 Merch Messages #1

    50:05 Would Linus & Luke fly to space? If so, where?

    55:08 How do you think AI would affect gaming - lazy, polished or used conservatively?

    59:53 How were you motivated to make LTT? Did you think of YouTube as a feasible career?

    1:08:01 Topic #2 - GIGABYTE's motherboards UEFI backdoor exploit

    1:09:52 GIGABYTE pushes out updates, discussing forced updates?

    1:11:10 The human element is often neglected

    1:13:56 Linus recalls the people behind projects & products

    1:18:52 Luke on audiences wanting reviewers to say the same thing

    1:21:42 Linus on collaborating with creators, LTX 2023

    1:23:08 New NVIDIA rep, recalling NVIDIA's behavior & HU's controversy

    1:39:52 Luke & Linus on past LTT's quantity goals

    1:41:02 Topic #3 - Why LTT didn't cover Streacom on COMPUTEX

    1:50:38 Classic brand response, Linus's response in person

    1:53:12 Linus feels bad for Streacom, recalls Cole-Bar

    1:56:16 "Bait-&-switch," Kickstarter's terms V.S. morality

    1:58:04 Sponsors

    2:02:07 Merch Messages #2 ft. AJ, Dan's on Linus's chair

    2:03:28 Dedicated AI chips to be in future devices?

    2:05:29 How did ShortCircuit get its name? ft. History of meetings

    2:12:36 Challenges with Luke returning to LMG?

    2:14:12 Topic #4 - Linus's pool contractor update

    2:25:32 Topic #5 - LTX 2023 update

    2:25:56 Volunteers link are live, mentioning booths & events

    2:28:22 List of creators coming

    2:31:02 Topic #6 - Diablo IV's Q&A with “fan questions”

    2:32:40 Topic #7 - Dolphin's Steam release postponed

    2:35:38 Topic #8 - Reddit's API pricing

    2:46:42 Topic #9 - Update on NEDA's AI help chatbot

    2:48:18 Topic #10 - Meta Quest 3 to release this fall

    3:00:32 Merch Messages #3 ft. WAN Show "After Dark"

    3:01:52 Why not review the ROG Ally closer to the release date?

    3:06:08 Most interesting thing you saw at COMPUTEX that wouldn't make a good video?

    3:08:56 When Linus dies, who would you want to sponsor the funeral?

    3:15:44 What are some of the ways Yvonne feels celebrated?

    3:21:15 What would the tech community desire but everyone regrets wanting?

    3:22:34 Has there been a tech trend that surprised you in COMPUTEX?

    3:32:51 Poll results, Linus Cars Tips

    3:38:48 Biggest challenges to overcome, and how did you do it?

    3:39:18 What other store centers & fronts would you consider?

    3:40:12 Would you recommend a career at tech at 50?

    3:41:38 Do you fellows have any uncle-ing tips?

    3:43:45 What are Linus's favorite configs for daily socks?

    3:44:25 How important is it to you when you don't want to be recognized in public?

    3:45:56 What's the first home project Linus has done? ft. Alarm going off

    3:48:28 Noticed improvements from the ROG Ally's update? TotK performance?

    3:50:30 Do you carry any skills from your product manager days?

    3:53:58 Outro

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    You Deserve Better - WAN Show May 26, 2023

    You Deserve Better - WAN Show May 26, 2023

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    Timestamps (Courtesy of NoKi1119) Note: Timing may be off due to sponsor change:

    0:00 Chapters

    1:25 Intro

    1:52 Topic #1 - Negative comments on LTT's videos

    3:37 Linus quotes comments, explains the video's structure

    7:04 Comments on LTT's short on Bilibili, from piracy to official

    9:48 Linus on the comments about the 4060Ti review

    11:32 Linus's funny video ideas, possible return of Scrapyard Wars

    15:38 Linus on YouTube category channels, mentions MKBHD

    17:53 Channel on every PSU, recalling history with laptop reviews

    20:10 Topic #2 - Sony's Project Q handheld

    22:13 Linus discusses wireless consoles

    24:14 Linus & Luke recalls Wii U's wireless controller pad

    26:24 Handheld consoles & cellular network gaming

    29:53 Luke calls out the lack of listed pricing

    31:32 Linus on how bad Nintendo Switch is

    33:49 LTTStore's new premium joggers

    34:42 Linus points out the good merch descriptions

    36:12 LMG, Labs & FP is now hiring!

    37:06 Gary's funni mesag tu posibl hirez

    38:47 Merch Messages #1

    38:52 How do you think products will develop beyond Morse's Law? ft. Skyrim

    47:40 What's the longest you've ever worked in one shift?

    52:26 Topic #3 - RTX 4060Ti's low number of sales

    53:12 NVIDIA's stock up by 30%

    54:03 AMD drops RX 7600's MSRP, Linus discusses the LTT video

    59:21 AIBs not changing prices of AMD’s RX 7600

    1:00:06 Intel drops A750's pricing to $199

    1:00:33 NVIDIA wants $100 for 8 GBs, not caring at all, possible Labs test benches

    1:05:19 Linus's meeting with James on future channels strategy

    1:08:36 Sponsors

    1:11:28 Merch Messages #2 ft. "Tai-WAN Show"

    1:11:58 Tips for traveling with LAN gear?

    1:13:30 A good work-life balance? ft. Birbs update, bad Twitch take

    1:20:43 Topic #4 - Addressing Eight Sleep's subscription

    1:25:18 Topic #5 - Addressing Techquickie's Kickstarter sponsor

    1:30:02 Topic #6 - Basically Homeless's invisible PC setup

    1:32:02 Super Tiny PC video, mentioning DIY Perks

    1:32:58 Topic #7 - NEDA replaces helpline with a chatbot

    1:35:23 Topic #8 - Google Play Store suspends Downloader due to Israeli DMCA

    1:37:22 Topic #9 - Japanese YouTuber arrested for posting & monetizing content

    1:39:45 Topic #10 - Activision sends Cease & Desist to CoD modders

    1:41:42 Topic #11 - YouTube turns off the Stories feature

    1:43:34 Topic #12 - LMG's 45,000 Watts fan

    1:45:04 Merch Messages #3 ft. WAN After Slightly Darker

    1:45:45 Keeping a Z Fold 3 as long as possible? French ABC's of gaming?

    1:48:34 Did sponsors ever get angry for using memeing in their videos?

    1:49:40 Any new Linus's house content planned?

    1:51:19 What steps is LTT taking to keep GPU reviews out of errors?

    1:52:41 Any LTT Labs content planned for LTX?

    1:53:42 What is Linus's opinion on sites blocking screensharing?

    1:55:34 What's with the fancier, sillier, wordlier LTT videos lately?

    1:55:48 Do you recommend some tech industry guy to go to COMPUTEX with their SO?

    1:56:38 Most interesting place you saw LTTStore merch being used?

    1:57:42 Official LTT Labs qualifications for products?

    1:58:51 Any upcoming videos for ChannelSuperFun?

    2:01:24 Is Linus switching from the Steam Deck to ROG Ally?

    2:02:08 Linus's opinion on CrossCode's post-game DLC, & RadicalFishGames's project

    2:03:00 First game Linus played with Yvonne? Recommendations?

    2:04:03 Would you take a leap to create LTT if other channels existed before?

    2:04:32 How does Linus find good contractors or paid workers?

    2:06:25 Would Linus use an e-ink watch as a successor for the pebble?

    2:07:21 How do you evaluate new hosts to stay in the role?

    2:08:28 Outro ft. Existential crisis Dan

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    I'm sure you have questions..... - WAN Show May 19, 2023

    I'm sure you have questions..... - WAN Show May 19, 2023

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    Timestamps (Courtesy of NoKi1119) Note: Timing may be off due to sponsor change:

    0:00 Chapters

    0:48 Intro

    1:14 Topic #1 - Linus steps down

    2:55 Linus's past suggestions for LMG solutions

    5:18 Luke on Teams notifs, Linus workshop on storyboarding

    10:56 Discussing writing knowledge-based articles

    11:48 Linus on disruptive shooting behavior, mentions SC

    14:05 "Chief Vision Officer" Discussing LMG teams

    16:53 Linus flabbergasted at MarkBench's progress

    21:03 Luke asks about oversaturation

    23:51 Ideas for LTT Labs, SC update, RF chamber's cost

    27:28 Linus explains "moat building," quoting DMs about FP

    29:06 Community response, Linus on difficult administrative

    32:39 Topic #2 - Free TV!that spies on you

    34:01 Charged $500 if opting out of tracking ft. awkward high five

    35:02 Linus on privacy concerns

    36:37 Ad-supported V.S. business revenue

    40:24 Linus asks "What's next?" ft. Ads revenue, domains

    48:30 Linus recalls getting charged for overdraft

    51:28 LTTStore's presale LABS #FIRST shirt & hoodie

    53:26 LTTStore notebooks back in stock

    53:32 Merch Messages #1

    54:48 Thoughts on slow drop of 4070 laptop GPUs?

    56:49 Would sponsors change? ft. Discussing Terren Tong

    1:14:52 LTTStore screwdriver Noctua edition

    1:16:48 Showcasing the screwdrivers in person

    1:23:47 Luke on how the CEO would handle leaks

    1:24:03 Topic #3 - Schools struggle with ChatGPT

    1:24:48 Chegg claims ChatGPT hurt their revenue

    1:25:36 "Plagiarism," Texas professor fails half of students

    1:27:25 Should schools be responding to AI? ft. Comment bots

    1:30:26 Linus struggles with calling his contacts

    1:33:14 Topic #4 - Imgur's NSFW & old content purge

    1:36:57 How should we be retaining internet history?

    1:40:07 "Convert the moon into a server! NUKE THE MOON!"

    1:42:34 Sponsors

    1:45:46 Merch Messages #2

    1:46:40 Would it matter if I like or finish a video on FP?

    1:49:19 Which was first - CVO Linus or CTO Luke? ft. Linus trolling Dan

    1:51:19 Decision of overturning the CEO? ft. Water bottle "ideas"

    1:54:38 Is it possible to run an OS on a GPU's VRAM?

    1:56:29 Topic #5 - Google's controversial domain extensions

    1:57:32 Linus on Google Search, Luke shows file link V.S. domain

    1:59:56 Reasons for doing this, what is the point?

    2:03:50 Topic #6 - Toyota exposes live location ft. Dad jokes

    2:05:43 Topic #7 - Roblox doesn't protect kids from ads

    2:06:56 CARU's report, FTC complaint & Roblox's response

    2:08:42 Kids "budgeting," Luke on cosmetic costs

    2:16:30 Topic #8 - Valve sued by Immersion due to the rumble

    2:17:42 OCBASE/OCCT 20th "Stableversary" giveaway

    2:18:52 Topic #9 - Overwatch 2 cancels PvE mode

    2:29:37 Merch Messages #3

    2:30:58 How did you get Terren? Compensation?

    2:34:40 Any project Linus is excited to work on? ft. Nuke fab

    2:37:48 Most costly things you misplaced or lost?

    2:42:28 What worried Linus the most when stepping down?

    2:43:19 Thoughts on Kyle ending Bitwit?

    2:46:50 Most challenging part of being a CVO?

    2:48:04 Is cosplay going to be allowed in LTX?

    2:49:02 Favorite FP info that Linus leaked, and its downsides?

    2:50:42 Defunct company you would revive to thrive?

    2:54:48 Does Linus plan to have time for non-LMG stuff?

    2:56:10 Skill sets you'd like to improve on your new position?

    2:59:55 Has Linus debated how much of his life should be on the show?

    3:04:40 Is putting a camera to monitor your computer too far?

    3:12:36 Do you see WAN Show outliving you as hosts?

    3:22:46 Has LTT Labs always been the end goal of LTT?

    3:23:24 Best memory Linus made with his Taycan?

    3:25:26 How would past Linus react to what LMG became today?

    3:29:28 How did Linus prepare?

    3:31:32 What did Terren teach young Linus that stuck?

    3:37:00 Minimum age of lifeguarding has been lowered

    3:44:11 Any leadership minds that inspired you?


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    I Love Corporate Greed - WAN Show May 12, 2023

    I Love Corporate Greed - WAN Show May 12, 2023

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    Timestamps [Courtesy of Andrew :)] - Timestamps may be off due to sponsor change:

    0:00 Start

    0:17 Topics

    1:21 Intro

    1:49 ASUS Controversy

    1:50 Why people are mad at LTT

    5:46 ASUS BIOS explanation

    11:47 ASUS can suck at PR

    18:24 How LTT handles sponsors

    20:48 Has ASUS said anything publicly?

    25:25 ASUS can suck at PR pt 2

    31:40 Manufacturers' reputations

    38:47 LTT Store Update

    39:13 Sticklocks

    47:29 Merch Messages 1

    47:30 LTT products in retail

    49:53 Floatplane update

    51:57 Dropping sponsors

    56:26 Topic 2: Google IO

    59:18 Product/Feature support

    1:05:12 LTT IO stream mishaps

    1:09:53 New phones

    1:14:07 Unintuitive phone design

    1:18:29 Topic 3: YouTube AD Block

    1:20:05 How do we approach this?

    1:25:18 The history of YouTube ADs

    1:28:29 Too much vs not enough ADs

    1:31:46 Sponsors ft Squarespace, Jumpcloud, Seasonic

    1:34:18 Merch Messages 2

    1:34:59 Dumb tech mistakes

    1:36:26 Power plants

    1:37:25 Virtual machines

    1:40:30 Basketball shorts

    1:40:53 LTX lineup

    1:41:36 LTX shopping update

    1:47:50 LTX volunteers

    1:48:07 Sticklocks on Steamdeck

    1:49:12 Topic 4: Misfit Watches not updating

    1:50:33 What the heck!

    1:53:29 Topic 5: Badminton Woes

    1:53:30 Industrial products

    2:07:20 Topic 6: Chinese CPUs

    2:08:03 Why?!? How?!? (feat Yvonne cameo)

    2:12:23 Topic 6: Net Neutrality Fake Comments

    2:14:57 White Collar crime

    2:17:11 BOINC Update

    2:18:12 WAN Show: After Dark

    2:18:40 How to WOW customers with a small business

    2:21:08 How to self-manage

    2:22:05 Do you delete videos?

    2:23:33 Build review video when?

    2:24:19 How to run your PC on your TV

    2:25:05 Bonus Topic: UBER CSO sentence

    2:26:22 ROG ALLY vs other handhelds

    2:27:59 LTT LAB logistics

    2:28:48 Sticklocks lifespan

    2:29:08 LLMs for home automation

    2:30:15 Linus' at home trolling

    2:31:37 LTT LABs future

    2:34:57 Custom chip race

    2:36:26 Underage on YouTube

    2:37:57 Valve's bad behaviors

    2:40:50 SysAdmin qualifications

    2:42:07 Impactful apps and features

    2:44:54 Small YouTubers' growth

    2:49:25 Taylor Swift concert

    2:53:04 How to treat your fans

    3:00:00 Enjoyment in work

    3:10:22 Streaming PC to Phone

    3:11:04 Merch memes

    3:19:08 Instant regret, turned out great

    3:26:14 Responsibility for products

    3:28:54 Tears of the Kingdom

    3:30:38 Newly weds

    3:31:14 WAN Show: RapidFire

    3:42:00 Outro

    • 3 uur 41 min.
    I'm Changing My Name - WAN Show May 5, 2023

    I'm Changing My Name - WAN Show May 5, 2023

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    Timestamps: (Courtesy of Andrew :)) - Note timing may be off due to sponsor change:

    0:00 Start

    0:05 Topics

    1:22 Intro

    1:49 Topic 1: Discord Usernames

    2:08 Background

    5:00 This doesn't make sense

    8:37 Counter argument

    10:51 How would you run it?

    13:24 Discord vs Slack/Teams

    15:51 Why is this happening?

    19:03 Topic 2: OBS supports AV1 Streaming

    19:58 Why this is important

    23:15 H264 vs AV1

    25:59 Floatplane AV1 and updates

    33:00 LTT Store Update

    33:29 New t-shirts

    34:42 Cyber Stats Mousepad

    36:55 Merch Messages 1

    37:00 Future of Handheld Gaming

    44:03 LTT's Audiences

    53:14 Topic 3: EA Woes

    55:22 Ultra settings in games

    57:15 Dubious claims

    58:13 Topic 4: Pixel Fold

    1:00:24 Phone stats

    1:01:04 Foldable phone woes

    1:10:07 $1700

    1:17:12 Sponsors

    1:21:31 Proposal Pt 1

    1:25:10 Merch Messages 2

    1:25:13 Biggest crowd mishap

    1:28:00 Favorite South Park episode?

    1:29:02 Young vs old in tech

    1:31:46 Justice for Dan's christmas album

    1:33:08 Topic 5: Open Source AI

    1:39:12 The problem with rumors

    1:44:20 Topic 6: AMD 7040u

    1:46:40 Chip specs

    1:47:56 Microsoft Hardware

    1:54:41 Proposal Pt 2

    1:58:25 Topic 7: Biofire's Smart Weapon

    1:59:59 Luke's gripes

    2:01:25 Linus' smart weapon idea

    2:02:12 WAN Show: After Dark

    2:03:17 Private chef

    2:07:08 8 gigs of VRAM

    2:11:21 Computing Competition

    2:12:39 Bird Seed

    2:13:01 Liability

    2:15:28 Licensure in tech

    2:17:40 LTT products flops vs tops

    2:21:13 Future tech

    2:23:44 Parrot video calls

    2:25:21 WAN show format

    2:27:54 New channel ideas

    2:29:53 Big and tall LTT store

    2:30:31 Windows File Explorer

    2:32:10 Workplace communication

    2:35:25 Linus' 10 points for good videos

    2:42:06 Sponsor disclosure

    2:43:12 Big business

    2:45:30 History of tech changes

    2:46:15 Speakers practicality

    2:47:26 Gaming now vs then

    2:50:40 HR software

    2:52:02 Custom screwdrivers

    2:52:46 Videogame soundtracks

    2:55:21 Roast of Linus

    2:55:55 Leadership skills

    2:57:19 Ultrawide monitors

    2:59:09 Windbreaker variations

    2:59:47 Folding phone woes

    3:00:02 Bigscreen Beyond

    3:01:34 WAN Show: Rapid Fire!

    3:04:26 Outro

    • 3 uur 2 min.
    Should We Move To America? - WAN Show April 28, 2023

    Should We Move To America? - WAN Show April 28, 2023

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    Timestamps: (Courtesy of Andrew :)) - Note timing may be off due to sponsor change:

    0:02 Topics

    1:03 Intro

    1:29 Topic 1: Canada's Bill C11

    2:08 Background

    5:15 Unintended consequences

    9:26 What is Canadian Content?

    12:05 Local content

    18:04 Cultural pride

    19:40 C11 Cynicism

    27:36 What will happen at LTT?

    30:44 Topic 2: AMD's Burnt Chips

    33:35 Computer parts, then vs now

    37:26 Quality control

    38:46 Foreign Manufacturing

    44:57 Topic 3: ROG ALLY

    44:58 Leaked price (600 dollars)

    45:43 ROG ALLY vs Steam Deck

    49:21 LTT Store Update/Merch Messages Explained

    50:34 LTT Store Deals

    54:48 LTT Onesie

    56:07 Carabiner update and demonstration

    1:07:25 Merch Messages 1

    1:07:26 Advantages/Disadvantages ADHD

    1:09:14 Approach to content creation

    1:13:30 Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

    1:15:29 Nvidia 50 series

    1:15:35 Atlas OS

    1:18:11 Nebula corrections

    1:23:48 Topic 4: School Chromebooks

    1:26:19 Kids break stuff

    1:27:45 Device lifespan

    1:33:18 Sponsors

    1:38:18 Topic 5: Twitter Re-verification

    1:41:16 Elon's deepfake argument

    1:43:01 Twitter sucks

    1:44:15 Topic 6: Linus' Cosmetic Surgery

    1:47:52 Topic 7: LTX 2023 Update

    1:50:34 LTX Digital Pass

    1:54:50 Canadian cash woes

    1:57:50 Merch Messages 2

    1:57:51 Motherboard Chipset

    2:01:16 What other company might Luke want to work on?

    2:03:45 Building LLMs

    2:06:23 GameLinked

    2:08:42 Unlimited money

    2:09:17 Ultimate gaming minivan

    2:10:53 Favorite April Fools Video to shoot?

    2:18:43 RCS

    2:19:31 LTT Cowboy hat (no)

    2:20:21 Luke's favorite bird memory

    2:22:13 WAN show as Audio Podcast

    2:23:07 Topic 8: Activision Blizzard Merger Blocked

    2:26:14 Luke's (accidental) rude hand gesture

    2:27:42 Topic 9: Colorado Farmers Win Right to Repair

    2:30:02 WAN Show: After Dark

    2:32:32 Youtube ads and sponsors

    2:37:22 Favorite memory of new tech

    2:39:15 Companies supporting games

    2:41:38 Future town square platforms (hi future you!)

    2:43:46 Future Framework Modules

    2:44:46 Perception of value

    2:46:31 Shooting videos at Linus' home

    2:48:58 Linus' pool update

    2:51:58 Non tech-savvy people

    2:53:07 Bonus Topic: Luke's NASA Trip

    3:00:14 Microcloud Server

    3:02:57 Tech concept products

    3:03:50 Apple and gaming

    3:05:44 How to time manage for Linus

    3:07:35 Merch message ideas

    3:09:34 Motivation

    3:11:09 Embarrassing screenshare moments

    3:13:02 Pet birthday

    3:14:51 Solutions for C11

    3:15:53 Relocation for LTT

    3:17:36 Upcoming Movies

    3:20:25 Young kids and video games

    3:23:20 European customers

    3:23:30 Product updates

    3:23:54 Coding bootcamps

    3:25:36 Product design

    3:26:46 Accessibility in gaming

    3:28:42 Wedding ring

    3:30:40 Quality over Quantity

    3:31:34 Nostalgia and childhood games

    3:35:40 Model train project

    3:36:36 Wii on the Steam Deck

    3:37:31 Closed vs open source code

    3:40:43 Outro

    • 3 uur 39 min.


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30 beoordelingen

EvD711 ,


Thx a lot Colton for your hard work man

itsMilan ,

Good job Colton.

Thanks Colton, now I can listen to these dorks without YouTube RED.

theQMWgamesYT ( dutch ) ,


Nice to listen to but irritating when something shows up on screen that you can only see on YouTube...

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