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A podcast to broaden your Tagalog, one phrase at a time!

Learn Filipino with TagalogJuan Juan Tagalog

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A podcast to broaden your Tagalog, one phrase at a time!

    Episode 20

    Episode 20


    food = pagkain

    kanin = rice
    ulam = dish

    busog = full
    gutom = hungry

    busog ako = i am full.
    gutom ako = i am hungry.

    polite form

    busog po ako = i am full (polite)
    gutom po ako = i am hungry (polite)

    gusto ko nang ___(noun) = i want ___(noun)

    gusto ko po nang ___

    kare kare = stew made with peanut sauce vegetable and oxtail.
    mungo = mung bean soup

    famous filipino dishes to try.

    mungo (moong go)
    kare kare (ka-re ka-re)
    pancit palabok (pan-sit pala-bok)
    adobo (a-do-bo)
    sotanghon (so-tang-hon)
    pares (pa-res)

    Song = Gloc-9 - Love Story Ko (My Love Story)

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    Episode 19

    Episode 19


    ulan = rain
    umulan = it rained
    uulan = it will rain
    umuulan (oomoo-oolan) = it is raining

    meron ka bang __(noun)? do you have a/an
    may dala akong __(noun)? i brought a/an
    may sipon ako = i have a cold
    may sakit ako = i am sick

    umuulan ng malakas = it is raining hard.

    useful nouns

    payong = umbrella
    gamot = medicine
    kapote = raincoat

    song: Juan Dela Cruz Band - Rock N Roll sa ulan.

    Twitter Page: https://twitter.com/tagalogjuan
    kitakits (see you there)!

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    Episode 18

    Episode 18

    hello and welcome to another edition of learn filipino podcast. ako si juan at ngayon tuturuan ko kayo ng tagalog. kamusta kayo? first of all thank you very much for the emails. i appreciate them. Today's podcast,
    i've had a couple of requests on this topic so ngayon i will teach you a couple of phrases associated when your courting someone. Lets start.

    Anong number mo?
    Whats your number?

    gusto kitang ligawan.
    i want to court you.

    May plano ka ba mamaya?
    do you have plans later?

    gusto mo bang manuod tayo ng sine?
    do you want to watch a movie with me?

    anong gusto mong gawin?
    what do u want to do?

    magkita ulit tayo.
    lets see each other again.

    to close the podcast, im going to play a love song performed by barbie's cradle. hope you like it. paalam.

    Barbie's Cradle - Langit Na Naman.
    (from their album "music from the buffet table")
    if you want to get their album, just search the band on itunes. = )

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    Episode 17

    Episode 17

    hello, welcome to another edition of learn filipino podcast, ako si juan at ngayon i will teach you tagalog

    phrase 1
    marunong ka ba mag-______ ?
    do you know how to ____?
    example: marunong ka ba mag-guittara? (play guitar)
    example: marunong ka ba mag-maneho? (to drive)
    example: marunong ka ba mag-saeng? (cook rice)

    phrase 2
    nakapunta ka na ba sa ___?
    have you been to ____?

    phrase 3
    pupunta ako sa ____
    i will go to ___

    rivermaya - wag na init ulo baby.
    (literally means dont be hot headed baby!)

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    Episode 16

    Episode 16

    hello welcome to another edition of learn filipino podcast. ako si juan at ngayon tuturuan ko kayo ng tagalog.

    lets start!

    just a breif overview, most of our slangs are mearly just a manipulation of a word usually a two syllable word changing the order of the syllable by pronouncing the 2nd syllable then the 1st syllable, making it a slang.
    so to understand this more fully i will give a bunch of examples!

    astig (tigas) which means hard
    this means cool or great depending on the context!
    an example is...
    astig si juan
    juan is cool

    erpats (father)
    ako ang erpats mo
    i am your father

    ermats (mother)
    siya ang ermats ko
    she is my mother

    yosi (sigarilyo)
    may yosi ka ba?
    do you have a cigarette?

    dehins (hinde) no/not
    dehins kita makita
    i cant see you

    kitakits(to meet)
    kitakits tayo sa mcdonalds
    lets meet at mcdonalds

    hebigats(heavy and bigat combined) rocking/heavy
    its a play of words hea"bi" and "bi"gat heabigats
    heabigats ang music na ito
    this music is heavy or rocking!

    peksman (i swear)
    peksman mahal kita
    i swear i love you

    bigyan mo ako ng toma
    give me a drink

    chong (man/bro/friend)
    ano balita chong?
    whats up man

    pare (man/bro/friend)
    pare ko, meron akong problema
    hey my friend, i have a problem

    Song from this podcast:
    Grin Department - 8 pa

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    Episode 15

    Episode 15

    hello, welcome to another edition of learn filipino podcast. One of the listeners emailed a theme for the podcast, his name is joaquin. and joaquin's theme is furniture so he sent me a list he wants me to go over, so today (ngayon) i will teach you how to say bed, table, couch etc in tagalog. lets start.



    sopa (sofa)

    silya or upuan




    now i will teach you a phrase associated with furniture, lets say your looking for a new couch or you want to buy a new tv or table or whatever, go to the store and you want to know how much it is, so you say
    "Magkano ito?"
    which means how much is this.

    now if its expensive you say
    "ang mahal" expensive

    if its cheap you say
    "ang mura, sige bibilhin ko"
    its cheap, great ill buy it.

    To close the podcast, i will play a song from yano, the name of the song is "paalam sampaguita" which means farewell sampaguita, i hope you like it, paalam.

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