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Unfiltered & authentic - a real-life glimpse of bipolar disorder. Join mental health advocates, Shaley Hoogendoorn and Julie Kraft, as they passionately share their bipolar journeys. It is their greatest hope that their honesty will give insight, shatter stigma, and offer hope. This is bipolar...

this is bipolar this is bipolar

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Unfiltered & authentic - a real-life glimpse of bipolar disorder. Join mental health advocates, Shaley Hoogendoorn and Julie Kraft, as they passionately share their bipolar journeys. It is their greatest hope that their honesty will give insight, shatter stigma, and offer hope. This is bipolar...



    In this episode of 'Conversations With', Mental Illness Activist Shaley Hoogendoorn talks with Edison Htun. Edison shares openly about his experiences living with bipolar disorder in Southeast Asian country, especially in a conservative country with no mental health policies or regulations. It was fascinating to learn about the cultural influence on stigmas and misconceptions about Bipolar Disorder in Myanmar. Edison also shares about his own internalized stigma toward medication and diagnosis. Edison's words of encouragement to those walking a similar path. His story is one of perseverance and inspiration. I am so grateful for Edison's's voice in his country and in the world. We feel honoured that he trusted us with his story. Edison’s story is not over yet. 
    This is bipolar...
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    Meet Edison: Kyaw Si Thu Htun (Edison) is twenty-six years old and born and raised in Yangon, Myanmar. Edison lives with Bipolar 2 Disorder with Rapid cycling and is passionate about sharing with others to help end stigma around mental health and mental illness. Edison has a B.A (Hons) Business from University of Wolverhampton and was a media focal person of U-Report Myanmar, UNICEF Myanmar's youth program. He was also a manager for Junior Creative Dance Crew (America's Got Talent: The Champion Season 2 participant). Edison is currently an Account Manager, PR Agency based in Yangon. You can find Edison on Instagram @ejiiison.
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    Episode 21 | NEW YEAR, SAME ME- A Case of the Januarys

    Episode 21 | NEW YEAR, SAME ME- A Case of the Januarys

    Join mental illness advocate, Shaley Hoogendoorn for her first SOLO episode. Shaley talks about New Years and her practice of having a guiding word for the year instead of impossible to reach and the same old New Years resolutions. Shaley explains how January is a really hard month and holds trauma for her as a major bipolar depression anniversary. You don't want to miss hearing about all her tricky feelings about the first month of the year. Shaley even reads one of her most popular blog/vlog post she wrote for  her SheLoves Magazine series 'Sisters in Mental Illness" about her major depressive episodes that included a binge eating disorder. She was a little nervous to be podcasting on her own but in the end found it healing to show up alone as her full self here.
    This is bipolar..
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    If this is your first episode, meet your host:
     Shaley Hoogendoorn is a speaker, vlogger and mental health advocate who aims to dismantle the stigma around mental health and create a safe community for those that struggle. She lives with bipolar ll, and is passionate about educating and empowering others about mental health disorders. She has contributed to publications for Sanctuary Ministries, Psych Central and BP Hope magazine. She hosted a series interviewing women living with mental illnesses at SheLoves Magazine in a series named "Sisters in Mental Illness." Shaley currently hosts “This is Bipolar” vlog and podcast. Shaley is also an elementary school teacher and an event planner.
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    In this Episode, mental illness advocates and creators, Shaley Hoogendoorn and Mik B talk about an exciting new health app called Matcha that is launching in January. We are both so excited about it and hope you will be too.
    Matcha is creating the social media app for health, a place where both personal and professional content can be shared to bring people together. A place where anyone can talk, share ask questions and learn about health. Our platform will help build health communities and people can connect, find relatable creators, and access health services & resources. Health information should be easy to find and safe to watch, and Matcha is providing creator support to do just that!
    If you want to hear more about the app follow Matcha's social media handles or email Mik at mik@matchahealth.io. 
    Matcha TT: @matcha.healthMatch IG: @matcha.health
    Matcha would also love your input, you can take the simple survey here: https://t.maze.co/131172777. Matcha wants everyone's opinions included so would love too hear from you!
    This is bipolar... and Matcha
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    CONVERSATIONS WITH- Dr. Ellen Northcott

    CONVERSATIONS WITH- Dr. Ellen Northcott

    In this episode on 'Conversations With", mental illness advocate Shaley Hoogendoorn talks to author and psychologist Dr. Ellen Northcott. Dr. Northcott lives with Bipolar Disorder and speaks and writes about her experience in raw and honest way. Her memoir ‘The Chaos of My Mind: A Bipolar Memoir’  gives deep insight into what bipolar depression and mania can look and feel like. She has a unique perspective being a psychologist living with bipolar disorder. Dr. Northcott tells the truth about deep depression, suicidal ideation, suicidal plans and her attempt in order to end stigma around bipolar. I’m so grateful for her work and her willingness to talk about her battle with bipolar disorder. Dr. Northcott's story is one of perseverance and I know will give others the hope and courage to seek help. 
    This is bipolar... 
    TW: Talk of suicidal ideations, thoughts and an attempt. Please take care of yourselves. 
    Meet Ellen: I am a Clinical Neuropsychologist with bipolar 1 disorder, which I have been navigating for 25 years, only 10 of those medicated.  I live in Australia with my husband and 2 beautiful children.  I am a published author, at least if you count my bipolar memoir ‘The Chaos of My Mind: A Bipolar Memoir’ and a few scientific papers about epilepsy.  I also have an instagram account @bipolar.psychologist where I share informational content about bipolar disorder from the point of view as a medical professional and someone with lived experience.
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    In this episode of 'Conversations With', Shaley Hoogendoorn talks with Holli Sperti. Holli bravely shares for the first time publicly on the podcast about her experiences living with bipolar disorder. Shaley talks to Holli about ALL the things-from symptoms, getting help, her miscarriage, divorce, church hurt, medication and stigma. Holli shares invaluable insight into her mental health journey. Holli’s story is one of perseverance and inspiration that offers help and hope to others walking a similar path. I feel honoured that she trusted us with her story. 
    This is bipolar... 
    About Holli: Holli is a wife, a Mom, and an entreprenuer, she calls herself a “Creativeprenuer”. her company is called Artisan Creative, Co and she creates content for social media, blogs, emails, copywriting, websites, etc. Holli is a writer, a musician, a coffee lover and is wild about books, pens, and really great journals! Holli loves to READ. She also loves the outdoors, a good run, a game of tennis, or a hike in the mountains of NC. Equally, she also loves a quaint coffee shop, one on one conversations, and deep friendships. Holli is definitely an introvert with the occasional extroverted moment. In her life, Holli wants to love well and make sure the people around her know how grateful she is for them. She is a learner and it’s important to her to grow, change, and continue to learn in life. Holli was diagnosed almost 2 years ago with Bipolar 2 and she's been in a process of learning more about herself, managing her life and symptoms better. Living with bipolar disorder is a journey and Holli is grateful for each day. Follow Holli on instagram @hollisperti 
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    In this episode of 'Conversations With', Shaley Hoogendoorn talks with fellow mental illness advocate, Mik B. Mik shares openly about their experiences living with bipolar disorder and adhd. They give us a glimpse into what it looks like to experience suicidal thoughts and ideation from a young age. Mik talks about early and ongoing bipolar and adhd symptoms and the difference between suicidal ideation, thoughts and plans. Mik is a suicide survivor using her story to educate and encourage others with similar thoughts, feeling and experiences. Mik was such a delight to chat with, they have a sense of humour about it all because sometimes joking and laughing is all you can do when you talk about the messy parts mental illnesses. We are so grateful for Mik’s unique voice and mental health advocacy in real life and especially on social media. We feel honoured that they shared their story with us, Mik’s story is not over yet. 
    This is bipolar... 
    *Actuvation warning- as always we talk about hard things. If they activate or trigger you in anyway, please take care out yourself. 
    Meet Mik:
    @mikbitme goes by Any/All Pronouns. They live with Bipolar 1, ADHD and Anxiety. Mik is a fierce mental advocate on and off line. They are the Social Media Director for Matcha, a health platform. I’m addition Mik os a Full-Time Grad Student in Public Health: Health Education and Promotion with a B.S. in Public Health and a minor in Substance Use Treatment. Be sure to follow her advocacy on line on her Insta and TikTok @mikb_itme
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