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Join noted film critic debbie lynn elias and a line-up of talented co-hosts and informed guests each week as she goes BEHIND THE LENS and below the line with in-depth looks at films and filmmaking with the movers and shakers and up and comers of the industry, along with movie reviews, interviews, box office round-ups, awards, festival coverage, specialty segments like Tech Talk, Legalese and Classic Corner, and more every Monday at 11am PT/2pm ET - only on Adrenaline Radio!

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Join noted film critic debbie lynn elias and a line-up of talented co-hosts and informed guests each week as she goes BEHIND THE LENS and below the line with in-depth looks at films and filmmaking with the movers and shakers and up and comers of the industry, along with movie reviews, interviews, box office round-ups, awards, festival coverage, specialty segments like Tech Talk, Legalese and Classic Corner, and more every Monday at 11am PT/2pm ET - only on Adrenaline Radio!

    BEHIND THE LENS #361: Featuring Daniel J. Coplan

    BEHIND THE LENS #361: Featuring Daniel J. Coplan

    A bit of mix and match on this episode of BEHIND THE LENS with filmmaker DANIEL J. COPLAN talking about 8 WINDS, plus our exclusive interview with director ANTHONY FABIAN talking about the delightful MRS. HARRIS GOES TO PARIS.

    First up is writer/director/producer/editor/actor DANIEL COPLAN who is on hand talking about his new film, 8 WINDS. Listen as Dan talks about his 5+ year journey in making 8 WINDS from idea to script and how to bring the page to life on screen. Covering everything, starting with the film being lo budget/no budget/micro-budget and how that dictated what Dan would and wouldn't be able to do with filming which impacted him starting at the script stage, to single camera shooting to using natural light and planning for such, to wireless mics and why scenes were limited to only two speaking characters in a scene, to casting, to pick-up shooting, to editing and more. A lot of helpful information for first-time or novice filmmakers as well as showcasing Dan's passion and sticktoitiveness for telling this story.

    And then we're talking about one of my favorite films of the year – MRS. HARRIS GOES TO PARIS – with my prerecorded exclusive interview with director/co-writer ANTHONY FABIAN. Nothing short of magical enchantment, this film is pure joy and a wonderful adaptation of Paul Gallico's 1958 novel which I have loved since first reading it in elementary school in the late 60s. Starring Lesley Manville, Jason Isaacs, Isabelle Huppert, Lambert Wilson, Alba Baptista, Lucas Bravo, and Ellen Thomas, the joy, beauty, and wonder of MRS. HARRIS GOES TO PARIS all come together under Anthony's direction. Listen as Anthony goes in-depth talking about the adaptation of Gallico's book with various themes and building strong character backstories, cinematography and camera lyricism, cinematic influences, the use of color, production design, Christian Dior, the brilliant and beautiful period costume design of Jenny Beavan Rael Lewis' whimsical score and musical contrasts, and more.

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    BEHIND THE LENS #360: Featuring Shane Stanley

    BEHIND THE LENS #360: Featuring Shane Stanley

    It's all about DOUBLE THREAT on BTL Radio Show with our exclusive prerecorded interview with producer/director/editor SHANE STANLEY.

    An action-adventure starring Matthew Lawrence, Danielle C. Ryan, Dawn Olivieri, and Kevin Joy, DOUBLE THREAT is fast-paced and action-packed boasting a breakout lead performance by Danielle C. Ryan and a scene-stealing turn by veteran Dawn Olivieri.

    Shane bares all as he talks in-depth about the contributions and importance of each of his collaborators on the film, from actors to cinematographer Joe Layogan and more, as well as the challenges and serendipitous creative benefits of Covid restrictions and the loss of multiple locations just days before filming. An interesting conversation for new and veteran filmmakers alike as Shane discusses overcoming obstacles, shooting from the hip, and pivoting in a heartbeat.

    And for all the "Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman"/Joe Lando fans out there, you'll want to hear what Shane has to say about his next film, "Night Train" in which Joe stars. Currently in post-production, Shane gives us some hints as to what we'll see with that later this year or early next.

    And we've got some big congratulations for my press colleague and friend, ABC 7's entertainment guru GEORGE PENNACCHIO, who just picked up a prestigious award from LA Press Club over the weekend. Plus, moviegoers are clearly back in the theatre seats as TOP GUN: MAVERICK tops $1 billion worldwide!

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    BEHIND THE LENS #359: Featuring Alex Harz and Christine Chen

    BEHIND THE LENS #359: Featuring Alex Harz and Christine Chen

    Last week BTL RADIO SHOW started some cinematic summer globetrotting with films about Mongolia & Genghis Khan and Syrian immigrants rebuilding lives in Canada. This week we continue our cinematic trek and go from the steamy swamps of the bayou in the Southern United States with CHRISTINE CHEN and ERZULIE to the highest point on the Earth – the summit of Mt. Everest – with ALEX HARZ and THE QUEST: NEPAL.

    First up, director/writer/editor/adventurer ALEX HARZ joins us live talking about his new documentary THE QUEST: NEPAL. Talk about an up close and personal journey!! Alex takes us along on his trek through Kathmandu and up into the Himalayas as he makes his way up Mt. Everest to its summit. Amazing cinematography with even more jaw-dropping images not only shows us the splendor of nature but the beauty of the Nepalese people and their culture. An engaging and entertaining adventurer and filmmaker, I could have chatted with Alex all day talking about THE QUEST: NEPAL. And as you listen to this show, you'll feel the same. I was gobsmacked watching this documentary and even moreso hearing Alex talk about the preparation and journey itself, and the filming process and challenges, especially when it became just Alex filming his first-person POV due to a crew that slowly fell ill from the physical strain and altitude acclimation.

    And then we travel to the Louisiana Bayou with writer/director/editor CHRISTINE CHEN as Christine joins us talking about her new narrative feature ERZULIE. A little bit of voodoo and four friends reconnecting but each with hidden issues and secrets, a beautiful location serves as the perfect backdrop to a story with socially relevant themes wrapped around a bit of fantasy. As you'll hear from Christine, she brings a wealth of experience as a Second Unit Director and as a Director of shorts and episodics to the table, stepping into this feature directorial. And that experience shows, something that Christine talks about as she dives into research and writing, collaborating with her writing partner Camille Gladney, planning and preparation, night shoots, shooting in water, location, casting and the need for cast bonding, production design and costume, score, the mermaid culture (Yes! It's a thing!), and more.

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    BEHIND THE LENS #358: Featuring Jonathan Keijser and Robert H. Lieberman

    BEHIND THE LENS #358: Featuring Jonathan Keijser and Robert H. Lieberman

    We're going global on this episode of BTL Radio Show with our films, one a narrative based on a true story and one a documentary, thanks to our special guests JONATHAN KEIJSER talking PEACE BY CHOCOLATE while ROBERT H. LIEBERMAN talks ECHOES OF THE EMPIRE: BEYOND GENGHIS KHAN.

    Writer/director JONATHAN KEIJSER kicks off the show as he joins us in talking about his narrative feature debut – PEACE BY CHOCOLATE. A feel good true story pulled from the news, this is the story of a Syrian family (and distinguished chocolatiers) who emigrate from Syria to Canada and are forced to rebuild their lives in a new country with language barriers, work issues, family struggles, father-son head-butting, unacceptance and acceptance by the community and more. A wonderful film that inspires and gives hope, Jonathan's story of bringing this film to life and working with the real family in developing the film is inspirational while the production challenges are the things that only make first-time filmmakers better.

    Then we cross the globe to Mongolia with a look at ECHOES OF THE EMPIRE: BEYOND GENGHIS KHAN and have a conversation with documentarian ROBERT H. LIEBERMAN. A fascinating documentary that takes us back in time to the days of Genghis Khan, examining the man himself and how he came to power, and how the Mongolian Empire came to be, only to eventually collapse, become part of the Soviet Union, and then re-emerge as a democratic country now facing issues with pollution, a dwindling way of life for the generational herders now trying to "fit in" in the modern world, and more. Beauteous eye-popping cinematography, interesting interviews from experts and Mongolian citizens alike, and a solid and engaging storyline (among many other things) are all discussed by Robert in this energetic and interesting conversation about a fascinating film. Listen as he goes in-depth about the research behind this documentary, his travels through Mongolia, meeting and living with the people, doing his own camera work, the meld of a stunning pen & ink/watercolor animation for historical aspects of the film, really getting "up close and personal" in every aspect of this documentary. One of my favorite documentaries of 2022!

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    BEHIND THE LENS #357: Featuring Jason Loftus

    BEHIND THE LENS #357: Featuring Jason Loftus

    This episode of BTL Radio Show we help kick off Dances With Films film festival with filmmakers JASON LOFTUS talking ETERNAL SPRING and JENNY WALDO who talks about her feature film debut with ACID TEST, both with films at DWF.

    First up take a listen to first-time feature filmmaker JENNY WALDO talking about ACID TEST, making its West Coast Premiere at DWF. Knowing she wouldn't be available to join us live on the show, Jenny and I did a prerecorded interview talking about ACID TEST. Somewhat autobiographical in nature, ACID TEST is set in 1992 during the Bush-Clinton-Perot election cycle and focuses on high school senior Jenny who is trying to find herself while trying to survive in her dysfunctional family with a father with anger issues. Rebelling through music, dress, and deeds, including dropping acid in front of her parents, this journey of self-discovery is not only engaging and entertaining, but is beautiful to watch. Jenny goes in-depth about the visuals and their purposeful design, the story, the Riot Grrrl music, the hair-pulling editing process, and more. A beyond auspicious feature debut by JENNY WALDO.

    Then documentarian JASON LOFTUS is on hand talking about his latest film, the acclaimed, ETERNAL SPRING. A powerful look at events surrounding the 2002 hijacking of state-run television in Changchun City, China by activist believers in the Fulan Gong religion. Joining forces with renowned illustrator and comic artist Daxiong, Jason melds animation, archival footage, and current interviews with those survivors who were involved in the TV hijacking for a compelling look at history, the Chinese government, Fulan Gong, and more. Daxiong, who grew up in Changchun, fled the city when the government cracked down on the Fulan Gong believers with brutality, violence, and sentencing to forced labor camps. Using his talents as an illustrator, he brings this story to life with pen, ink, and watercolors remembering the brave, the beauty and peace that once was, and the darkness of oppression. A fascinating conversation with Jason diving into the meld of live-action interviews with Daxiong's illustrations and the process of turning those into 3D animation, the animation team, Jason's own relationship with China and its culture, and so much more.

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    BEHIND THE LENS #356: Featuring Igor Drljaca and Dan Mirvish

    BEHIND THE LENS #356: Featuring Igor Drljaca and Dan Mirvish

    It's a jam-packed show thanks to our special guests IGOR DRLJACA who is on hand talking about his latest film THE WHITE FORTRESS, while DAN MIRVISH is back, this time talking the terrific dark comedic thriller 18 ½.

    First up, take a listen to writer/director IGOR DRJLACA talking THE WHITE FORTRESS. The 2022 Oscar submission from Bosnia and Herzegovina, THE WHITE FORTRESS is a coming-of-age film set in a present day world with a war-torn history, political corruption, and no sense of hope for the young people burdened by the past. In spite of the obstacles of life, sweet romance develops for Faruk and Mina. But can moments of escape and fancy lift them beyond the White Fortress of life? Boasting beauteous cinematography and haunting piano scoring that capture both the visual and emotional history, this is a film not to be missed. An interesting conversation with Igor as he goes into detail about the history and politics of the country and the people and how that shaped this story and this film.

    And then writer/director DAN MIRVISH returns to #BTLRadioShow, this time talking about his new film, 18 1/2 – a dark comedic thriller about those legendary missing 18 1/2 minutes of tape, Richard Nixon, and Watergate. Together with co-writer Daniel Moya, the pair craft a fanciful "what if" storytelling leap giving us a tale where a copy of the erased 18 1/2 minutes does exist and that on top of that, the recording features Nixon and Alexander Haig talking about the tape and other things, madness and mayhem, hippies and swingers, while some surprising revelations take flight. As usual with Dan, it's no holds barred when it comes to talking filmmaking and we dive into the perfection of production design, costume design, and classic vintage lensing, as well as discussing terrific casting, performances, and voice work. But as much fun as 18 1/2 is, the parallels with politics today, sadly, give pause for thought about the current state of affairs. As our regular listeners know from Dan's prior appearances on the show, a conversation with him is not to be missed!

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