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Here at Strange Matters we discuss anything just outside the norm, ranging from the bizarre and unexplained to the supernatural and paranormal, and everything in between. Our topics include unsolved mysteries, unsolved crimes, conspiracies, strange events, and many more!

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Here at Strange Matters we discuss anything just outside the norm, ranging from the bizarre and unexplained to the supernatural and paranormal, and everything in between. Our topics include unsolved mysteries, unsolved crimes, conspiracies, strange events, and many more!

    The Papin Sisters

    The Papin Sisters

    This episode of Strange Matters presents a particularly disturbing crime that took place in the early 20th century, in France.   The story involves two sisters who worked as maids for an upper class family.  The Papin Sisters had been employed by the family for seven years, and had been described as idyllic workers.   Things weren’t as perfect as it seemed, however.   A sudden and gruesome act by the sisters would shock the country of France, and would be regarded as one of the worst crimes committed in the century.  This episode will go over the history and background of the Papin Sisters, the details of their terrible crime, and the aftermath of the event that would quickly become the top story of its time.

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    • 21 min
    The Lake Michigan Triangle

    The Lake Michigan Triangle

    This episode of Strange Matters details an area of Lake Michigan that has become quite infamous for a number of strange and deadly incidents.  For more than a century, there have been cases of unexplained shipwrecks, disappearances, plane crashes, and mysterious lights in the sky, all over Lake Michigan.   As the strange stories and legends of unanswered mysteries of the lake grew, the region where all these incidents occurred would be nicknamed the “Lake Michigan Triangle.”  This episode will present a number of the mysterious and dark events that have all occurred over the waters of Lake Michigan.

    • 18 min
    The Oakville Blobs

    The Oakville Blobs

    This episode of Strange Matters talks about a weird weather phenomenon that happened in 1994.  In a small city in the state of Washington, the people were surprised by what happened during some rainstorms.  Instead of seeing the familiar regular rain, the folks of Oakville had to deal with the sky opening up and dropping “blobs” on them.  What these blobs were has remained a mystery for decades now.  This episode presents the details of what happened when the blobs starting to rain down, and the possible theories that have been put forth by the Oakville citizens to try and make some sense of this strange event.

    • 20 min
    The Fox

    The Fox

    Fate.  Death.  The Fox.   The various nicknames signed by a man who sent out ransom notes regarding the kidnapping of a twelve year old girl named Marion Parker.

    This episode of Strange Matters discusses the terrifying and disturbing events surrounding an infamous kidnapping case that took place in Los Angeles in 1927.   A young girl named Marion Parker was abducted by a smooth talking man, right from her own school.  Meanwhile, her father would be contacted by the same man demanding ransom money.  This individual would become commonly known as The Fox.  This disturbing case would ultimately be referred to at the time as the “Crime of the Century.”  This episode goes over all the details of the kidnapping, the investigation of the police trying to figure out who the Fox was, and the tragic outcome of this dark crime.

    • 29 min
    Time Slips

    Time Slips

    This episode of Strange Matters talks about the phenomenon known as Time Slips.   Time Slips refer to events in which a person supposedly either leaves their own timeline to get a glimpse of something in the past or future, or sees something in the present of a person or object from another time era.  This episode goes over details of these so called “Time Slips,” as well as presents various stories of people who have said to experienced such things.

    • 46 min
    Hugues de la Plaza

    Hugues de la Plaza

    This episode of Strange Matters presents the strange events surrounding the death of a man named Hugues de la Plaza, who would die under mysterious and controversial circumstances. Hugues would be found alone in his locked apartment having died from several fatal knife wounds. Despite there being a number of unusual facts surrounding his death, such as no bloody knife ever being found at his apartment, the police would rule his death a likely suicide. The investigation and resulting backlash of Hugues’ death would spark controversy and debate over how the police conducted themselves, and over what exactly happened the night that Hugues de la Plaza died. This episode covers the details of the night of his death, the police and medical investigation that followed, and the different sides of the story that have been put forth to attempt to solve this strange case.

    • 33 min

Customer Reviews

4.4 out of 5
874 Ratings

874 Ratings

dismalrapture ,

Pretty decent

It’s just a bit too narrative-y. Even just a light ambient or spooky music would add so much more depth.

Sammabear ,

Really interesting material BUT

I want to love this because I love the topics. BUT my GAWD, I can’t listen to a pod cast that sounds like it’s being made in a dorm room. At least make it try to sound like it is a production. Get some interesting voices to listen to - license some clips, some much, or make it yourself for christsakes.

I like the topics but listening to this podcast conjures up thoughts of Weird Science.
All of this truly coming from a place of honesty: No one wants to hear you two bros have a conversation about this topic. We want to hear more interesting voices present the material unless you’re willing to take some voice coaching/acting lessons, and use some sound effects. Otherwise produce this. And for the love of god: Sound design, my dudes!

Having ideas doesn’t mean you have to be the one presenting them, ya know?

aamitten ,

Bite size

I only wish the episodes were longer, each one left me wanting to know more about each case depicted.

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