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Comics talk and such.

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Comics talk and such.

    'Robin: Year One' Read-Thru & Our Best/Worst MCU Picks

    'Robin: Year One' Read-Thru & Our Best/Worst MCU Picks

    Holy Flashback! Robin is just all over the place these days, it seems, so MJ & Jones thought it would be fun to crack ROBIN: YEAR ONE! How does Dick Grayson’s definitive origin story stack up today? Also this week: DC’s new SHAZAM, Spider-Man’s latest Goblin, and Frank Miller’s all-new YA book??

    Time Stamps:

    News: 2:54
    'Robin: Year One' Flip-Thru: 13:44
    Top 5 Most Anticipated Issues: 58:14
    Best/Worst MCU Picks: 1:02:19
    Outro: 1:16:15

    • 1 hr 17 min
    January 2022 Solicits: Buseik's 'Arrowsmith' Begins & Zdarsky's 'Batman' Does, Too

    January 2022 Solicits: Buseik's 'Arrowsmith' Begins & Zdarsky's 'Batman' Does, Too

    On the docket for the January 2022 solicits: the Kurt Busiek era of Image Comics begins and Chip Zdarsky's Batman does, too; She-Hulk makes her gregarious green return, and we are living in the Ben Reilly-ssaince!

    Time Stamps:

    January 2022 Solicits: 3:42
    Image Comics: 5:17Dark Horse Comics: 11:30DC: 14:10Marvel: 23:54IDW Publishing: 38:41BOOM! Studios: 39:39Lightning Round: 40:26Listener Question: 47:14
    Outro: 53:08

    • 54 min
    Elseweek: 'Batman & Dracula: Red Rain'

    Elseweek: 'Batman & Dracula: Red Rain'

    It’s back! ELSEWEEK finally returns, just in time for Halloween, and this time MJ & Jarrod are cracking the macabre, operatic, and downright weirdo Elseworlds masterpiece, 'Batman & Dracula: Red Rain'! 

    • 39 min
    DC Fandome Stuff & Halloween Reading Recommendations

    DC Fandome Stuff & Halloween Reading Recommendations

    It's an absolutely packed 200th episode spectacular: MJ & Jones discuss DC Fandome and the trailers for THE FLASH, BLACK ADAM, SUICIDE SQUAD: KILL THE JUSTICE LEAGUE and, obviously, that THE BATMAN trailer! Also on the docket: our fifth annual Halloween Recommendation Episode!

    Time Stamps: 

    DC Fandome Recap: 4:39
    Halloween Recommendations: 29:08
    Top 5 Most Anticipated Issues: 50:45
    Listener Question: 57:12
    Outro: 1:04:00

    • 1 hr 5 min
    'Catwoman' Creator Shake-Up & Other DC Craziness

    'Catwoman' Creator Shake-Up & Other DC Craziness

    The DC Comics January 2022 solicitations are around the corner, and there’s so much to talk about: Mark Waid is teaming with Dan Mora, Nightwing's got a new costume (sorta), and Tini Howard is a full-fledged CATWOMAN writer now! All this plus: a new origin for Marvel Studios' FANTASTIC FOUR and... could Spider-Man be a killer?

    Time Stamps:

    News: 3:36
    Nightwing's Duds: 4:13Tini Howard's 'Catwoman': 7:13Mark Waid & Dan Mora at DC: 11:36Top 5 Most Anticipated Issues: 15:12
    Listener Question: 21:12
    Back Matter: 27:13
    Outro: 33:32

    • 34 min
    December 2021 Solicits & 'The Sandman' Trailer Talk

    December 2021 Solicits & 'The Sandman' Trailer Talk

    Holy Hannah, it’s time for another solicits episode! On the docket this week: the long-awaited Batgirls series, Chip Zdarsky’s next move in his much-longer-than-we-anticipated Daredevil run and—stop the presses—The Amazing Spider-Man has FIVE issues out this month! FIVE! All this plus trailer talk for the much-anticipated Netflix adaptation of The Sandman! 

    Time Stamps:

    December 2021 Solicits: 6:53
    Image Comics: 7:51Dark Horse Comics: 13:10DC: 17:14Marvel: 27:24BOOM! Studios: 47:37Lightning Round: 49:55'The Sandman' Trailer Talk: 1:03:46
    Outro: 1:10:13

    • 1 hr 11 min

Customer Reviews

4.8 out of 5
60 Ratings

60 Ratings

BlueRhian1980 ,

Casually Serious about those five stars

Jarrod and MJ are great. They really love comics and have a great rapport. I can’t thank them enough for bringing some great comics to my attention. Their news coverage is on point, they mix the old with the new, whether it’s a sandman read through, an else worlds episode, or a flip through of something brand new, and they let you know what books need to be in your pull list. I love their monthly solicits episode. I’d give the podcast five stars for that alone. Check it out!

CJHall1984 ,

A Comics Podcast Second to None

Shop around long as you want, you’ll find few comic book reviewers with more knowledge of the industry, the history, and the medium than Jarrod and M.J. Their knowledge transcends titles of the past and the best modern reads from across many companies large & small. To quote M.O.D.O.K., tune in and marinate in their wisdom! They will make your pull list better, and introduce you to excellent works which might slip your notice otherwise.

Pop@&@ ,

A great listen

Thanks for making my workday a little easier. Informative show with great recommendations. Love MJ’s giggles.
Quick question: What comic book did you really look forward to reading and left you disappointed and what book did you have little anticipation for and blew you away?
Thanks, Pop

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