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A history podcast looking at the collapse of a different civilization each episode. What did they have in common? Why did they fall? And what did it feel like to watch it happen?

Fall of Civilizations Podcast Paul Cooper

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A history podcast looking at the collapse of a different civilization each episode. What did they have in common? Why did they fall? And what did it feel like to watch it happen?

    16. Bagan - City Of Temples

    16. Bagan - City Of Temples

    In the lowlands of Burma lie the remains of thousands of crumbling temples...

    In this episode, we tell one of the most colourful stories of civilizational survival: the story of the Bagan Empire of Myanmar. Find out how this kingdom rose up in the Irrawaddy river valley of central Myanmar, and built one of the most remarkable series of monuments to have survived from the medieval world. Discover what life was like for the people who lived there, and find out what happened to cause its sudden and complete collapse.

    • 2 hr 7 min
    15. The Nabataeans - The Final Days Of Petra

    15. The Nabataeans - The Final Days Of Petra

    In the deserts of Jordan, a city lies hidden for centuries in a valley of rose-red stone...

    In this episode, we look at one of the most peculiar stories of civilizational survival to come down to us from the ancient world, the story of the Nabataeans. Find out how these once humble traders rose to become masters of the desert sands, and to defy empires. And discover what happened to finally bring down the empire of Nabataea.

    • 2 hr 1 min
    14. Vijayanagara - The Last Emperors Of South India

    14. Vijayanagara - The Last Emperors Of South India

    On the rocky banks of South India's Tungabhadra River, an enormous ruined city lies crumbling...

    In this episode, we look at the Vijayanagara Empire of Southern India, a civilization that has all but faded from memory in many parts of the world.

    Find out how this remarkable society rose up out of an age of conflict and fragmentation, how it built one of the largest and most impressive medieval cities in the world, and developed an identity that was both South Indian in nature, and global in its outlook. With readings in Sanskrit, and the sounds of traditional Carnatic music, find out what happened to bring the great stone temples of Vijayanagara crashing down in fire and flame.



    Voice actors:

    Peter Walters
    Michael Hajiantonis
    Kim Heron
    Nick Denton
    Paul Casselle

    Sound engineering by Alexey Sibikin

    Original music performed and composed by Aruna Sairam.

    • 3 hr 13 min
    13. The Assyrians - Empire of Iron

    13. The Assyrians - Empire of Iron

    In the lowlands of Northern Iraq, a series of enormous cities lies crumbling in ruins...

    In this episode, find out about one of the most remarkable ancient civilizations: the society known today as the neo-Assyrian Empire. Discover how the Assyrians built their empire out of the ashes of the Bronze Age, and built an empire of iron that lasted for centuries. Explore the extraordinary flourishing of art and technology that they fostered. And finally, discover what happened to cause their final, devastating collapse.

    • 3 hr 4 min
    12. The Inca - Cities in the Cloud

    12. The Inca - Cities in the Cloud

    High up on the craggy peaks of the Urubamba Canyon, a lost city lies wreathed in cloud...

    In this episode, we explore the mountains of the Andes, and tell the story of the Inca Empire. Find out how these mountain people built the largest empire in the Western Hemipshere, in one of the toughest terrains on earth. With Inca poetry, Quechuan hymns and authentic Andean instruments, discover the unique culture of the Inca. And find out what happened to bring their society crashing down around them.

    Sound engineering: Thomas Ntinas & Alexey Sibikin

    Voice actors:

    Annie Kelly
    Jamie Tanner
    Gerald Condlin
    Lachlan Lucas
    Peter Walters
    Jimmy Lai

    Original music by Pavlos Kapralos: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzgAonk4-uVhXXjKSF-Nz1A

    Also heard: “Andean illusion” by Kanti Quena (Carlos Saldana) and
    "Ollantay" by Leandro Alviña.
    Kanti Quena (Carlos Saldana): Quena, Quenacho, Tarkas, Bombo, Charango
    Phaxsi Coca (Jeanettte Rojas): Siku Malta, Siku Zanka, Jach'a Siku, Bombo, Chajchas
    Ana Maria Ramirez Bautista: Quena
    Maya McCourt: Cello
    Pavlos Kapralos: Chajchas, Palo de Lluvia

    • 3 hr 20 min
    11. Byzantium - Last of the Romans

    11. Byzantium - Last of the Romans

    On the outskirts of modern Istanbul, a line of ancient walls lies crumbling into the earth...

    In this episode, we look at one of history’s most incredible stories of survival - the thousand-year epic of the Byzantine Empire. Find out how this civilization suffered the loss of its Western half, and continued the unbroken legacy of Rome right through the middle ages. Hear about how it formed a bridge between two continents, and two ages, and learn how the impregnable walls of Constantinople were finally brought crashing to the ground.

    This episode we're joined by members of the St Sophia Greek Orthodox Cathedral Choir in London, and a number of musicians playing traditional Byzantine instruments.

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    Sound engineering by Thomas Ntinas

    Voice Actors:

    Nicolas Rixon
    Joey L
    Annie Kelly
    Cleo Madeleine

    Original Compositions and music supervision:

    Pavlos Kapralos


    Chanters of The St Sophia Greek Orthodox Cathedral:

    Michael Georgiou
    Alexandros Gikas
    Matthew Tomko
    Stephanos Thomaides
    Pavlos Kapralos

    Traditional Musicians:

    Monooka (Monica Lucia Madas), vocals
    Alexandros Koustas, Lyra (other names: Byzantine Lyra/ Lyra of Istanbul/ Kemence)
    Konstantinos Glynos, Kanonaki (other names: qanun; in Byzantine Greek: psaleterion)
    Theofilos Lais, Cretan Lyra
    Dario Papavassiliou, Santouri (other name: Greek Santur)
    Pavlos Kapralos, Oud

    Other music by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/) Source: incompetech.com/

    Title theme: Home At Last by John Bartmann. https://johnbartmann.com/

    • 3 hr 27 min

Customer Reviews

4.9 out of 5
2.7K Ratings

2.7K Ratings

HammerDick138 ,

We’re waiting.

Best history’s through stories and contemporary sources. Captivating throughout each episode with no lagging or lull. You will learn so much without effort and with enjoyment. If history was taught like this to kids they might learn more and broaden their understanding of the world we live in now. Waiting impatiently for the next episode.

Jakdec22 ,


Fascinating, clearly impeccably researched history told in a simple, accessible way. Bravo and thank you!

VermillionCorazon ,

Simply The Best

Far and away the BEST ancient history podcast. The production value is so high, from the additional voices and immersive sound effects to having native speakers read the source texts in their original languages, this show really has no peer. I re-listen to episodes over and over and get absolutely jazzed when a new one finally releases.

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