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The Electric Feminine is for the woman ready to tap into the power of accessing her sensual and sexual energy. Every week, Electric Feminine host, Anjua Maximo invites different women from the world of sensual embodiment, sexuality and spirituality to discuss how experiencing our divine feminine energy can leave us feeling deeply connected, balanced, grounded and empowered in every part of our lives.

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The Electric Feminine is for the woman ready to tap into the power of accessing her sensual and sexual energy. Every week, Electric Feminine host, Anjua Maximo invites different women from the world of sensual embodiment, sexuality and spirituality to discuss how experiencing our divine feminine energy can leave us feeling deeply connected, balanced, grounded and empowered in every part of our lives.

    Follow the F**k Yes

    Follow the F**k Yes

    On this episode, life coach Kari DeWitt tells us about her learning to follow her F**k Yes. Kari's motto actually is "Follow the f**k yes’s and breathe through the oh s***s. When we are following soul, they often happen at the same time!”  She left her hetero marriage at 39 to set out on a self discovery journey. Starting completely over from scratch Kari took job for $10 an hour and began to rebuild her life. After coming out formally at 41, following her f**k yes led Kari to her calling, life coaching for other late bloomers.

    Late 2020 she started a Facebook support  group specifically for late bloomers, like herself, which has now grown to 6700+ beautiful diverse humans who are walking a similar journey. This group is open to all late bloomers regardless of their label (lesbian, gay, bi, queer, trans are all welcome) or gender identity (female and non-binary are welcome), who were assigned female at birth or identity as female now, which includes our beautiful trans lesbians.

    She has made it her life’s mission to support those in the LGBTQIA community, specializing in working with late bloomers, who are ready to show up big for themselves and choose to create a life where they live out their souls purpose,  unapologetically as their authentic selves!

    Kari offers both 1:1 private coaching and healing sessions, offers group programs, and has just started her Patreon to make this support  accessible to more people.

    How to find Kari:
    Website -https://www.karingtransformation.com/
    IG: https://www.instagram.com/karidewitt_/

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    Into the Heart of Tantra

    Into the Heart of Tantra

    On this episode we speak with Henika Patel. Henika is the founder of the School of Sensual Arts, a global platform leading the sensual revolution! The ethos invites you to connect deeply, to express freely, love intimately and lean into your desires so that you can lead life by the heart! At SOSA, pleasure is your portal. As a British Indian, she offers a unique blend of her cultural lineage through the eastern ancient arts of yoga and tantra with her studies in western arts and psychotherapy. Having worked with Louis Theroux, Channel 4 and Women's Health, she shares tantra yoga, couples intimacy workshops and Shakti circles to a worldwide online community with beautiful in-person retreats around London and Europe.

    You’ll catch her breaking taboos around sensuality, shame, cultural appropriation and tantra on her IG @henikapetal


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    Blood, Art and Magic

    Blood, Art and Magic

    On this episode we speak with  period artist and women's embodiment coach, Jasmine Alicia Carter. Jasmine takes us through her journey to reconnect to her menstrual cycle and how she uses her blood to create literal works of art.
    *Please note there was an issue while recording and we lost the first half of Jasmine's interview. Time constraints did't permit a do-over so we decided to share a bit of how Jasmine got started from an interview she did with Superbeast in January of 2022. Link below for full interview. 

    Growing up, she was disgusted by the sight of her period and really struggled, like some of us, to see it more than just a monthly mess. It wasn't until Jasmine had a transformative experience at plant ritual ceremony that she saw the truth. She realized how incredible this blood was and she felt inspired to use her medium of art to express the beauty of the menstrual cycle.

    Creating beautiful depictions of mandalas and goddesses, Jasmine says her art has helped her transmute the pain of period she struggled with for years. She has dedicated herself to studying different cultures and religions for understanding of how they celebrated the menstrual cycle but says unfortunately there aren't many. Her passion is to continue to educate on the power of menstrual blood and its nutrient rich properties so she can help women heal this important relationship to themselves and do away with out dated concepts around  the cleanliness of our blood. Jasmine is the founder of The Menstrual Art Movement and the owner of Sacress, her boutique shops for menstrual cups. yoni eggs and wands.

    You can find Jasmine on Instagram:
     https://www.instagram.com/jasminealiciacarter/ https://www.instagram.com/sacress/  https://www.instagram.com/menstrualartmovement/

    Article Referenced:

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    Sexual Healing

    Sexual Healing

    In this episode we speak with sex educator and pleasure coach, Whitni Miller, about her work, the female orgasm and how we can be more in control of our pleasure. Whitni introduces us to the importance of breathing  during sex, specifically belly breathing, a technique that focuses on relaxing the pelvic and belly area while allowing the rest of the bodies muscles to engage. The results are a deeper longer orgasm.

    Whitni's education empowers us to take our orgasm experience into our own hands. As she spoke she dispelled popular myths about orgasm, vulva's and sex that have held so many of us back from truly understanding and enjoying our selves. It's through education that we feel confident in advocating for our pleasure with partners. Whitni speaks about various sex toys and sex education books she recommends. All are listed below. She is on a mission to normalize discussing sex openly with a vision of creating small containers for those interested in learning and sharing experiences with others. Curiosity is key to our self exploration which Whitni believes 100% is ours to initiate. From understanding which sex toys to use to how to help our minds reframe oral sex, Whitni candidly breaks down how we can really begin to move from performative sex to truly pleasure based sex, from passive bystander to active participant. All of Whitni's contact information, upcoming events and recommendations are listed below.

    To learn more from Whitni go here:
    Coaching and Events

    Sex Toys mentioned in the episode:
    Hitachi Magic Wand
    Satisfyer Pro

    Books mentioned in the episode:
    Betty Dawson - Sex for One: The Joy of Selfloving 
    Sella Reznik - Body to Body Intimacy

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    How Not to Date Assholes

    How Not to Date Assholes

    In this episode we speak with relationship expert, author and coach Chantal Heide about losing our sense of self worth in relationships.  Chantal was a stripper for 20 years and in that time she became very good at listening to her customers complain about their relationships. She studied what they were missing and began sharing her point of view. Chantal was even able to save a few marriages with her ability to see the big picture that her customers often were missing. She also happened to have met her husband of 17years  while at work one night.

    She attributes her years of listening to what wasn't working from her customers as part of what helped her understand what she did in fact want to see in her own relationship. As a result she and her partner boast having had minimal fights in their time together. The author of 13 books on relationships and dating, Chantal is passionate about helping all people but women in particular find the partner they're looking for. One dating rule she will die on the hill for? No kissing for 3 months while dating! Her reasoning while fascinating makes complete sense. I look forward to you listening to Chantal and gaining some important insight into the dynamics of dating and relationships.

    All of Chantals 's contact information listed below.


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    Healing the Collective

    Healing the Collective

    In this episode we speak with Aja Fiyah,is a  Spiritual Leader,  Medicine Woman, Healer, Herbalist that was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. The diagnosis sparked her desire to help individuals with their spiritual wellness journey through herbal medicines and holistic practices.

    While she doesn't dismiss Western medicine, she feels that knowledge is power. The more people know about alternate modes of healing and medicine the more empowered they feel to advocate for their own health. Through her love for crafting body care products, herbal medicines and helping individuals to awaken to their full potential, it is her goal to get individuals excited about their spiritual  wellness journey.   While Aja is healer for all people she has a deep passion for healing women and men in the Black Community.  I first saw a video with Aja holding a woman who was sobbing deeply into her embrace. This one simple act moved me to tears. Aja, was attentive, motherly and fully present to this woman's pain and as a result she was able to allow herself to be that vulnerable. Aja's work isn't just for women though. She has begun to see more men come to her for healing as well. Many Black men in particular have long been denied the ability to feel vulnerable within their own bodies as it conflicts directly with the image of the masculine bravado or strong Black Male figure. The same for many Black Women who have grown weary of the term 'strong Black woman'. In either case the sentiment being that there leaves no room for Black People to feel safe, accepted and worthy in their vulnerability. Aja Fiyah's purpose is to let the people in her community and beyond know that their vulnerability is a gift and one she is devoted to helping them reconnect to through her healing work and teachings.

    To learn more about Aja Fiyah go here:

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5.0 out of 5
20 Ratings

20 Ratings

Emry24 ,

Interesting ❤️❤️

Listening to episode with Dawn. Glad she mentioned weight and loving your body at the size it is. I’m smaller and always felt less feminine b/c of it. Just told myself last night this is my body and to appreciate her as is.

lil kim xoxo ,

Check out Electric Feminine !!!!

U need to check out this pod cast!! My yogi soul sister Anjua Maximo gets real about owning ur sexuality. Her amazing energy and authenticity shine through.

Stellar876543322 ,

candy for the female soul!

The knowledge in every episode is such empowering ear candy! 🎧 listen, embrace the knowledge on the next level. Enact on the power the knowledge gives you! Can’t wait for more knowledge to spill into my ears in season 2!

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