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Deep dives with experts and madmen into life's most interesting topics. If you're an independent-thinker, you've found your home. Not right, not left, just real.

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Deep dives with experts and madmen into life's most interesting topics. If you're an independent-thinker, you've found your home. Not right, not left, just real.

    Mistrust All Those in Power, Always (Attorney John Whitehead Interview)

    Mistrust All Those in Power, Always (Attorney John Whitehead Interview)

    John Whitehead is one of the nation's premier civil liberties lawyers, a passionate orator, and president of The Rutherford Institute (www.rutherford.org). He's also the author of several fantastic books, two of which are:

    Battlefield America: The War on the American People and A Government of Wolves: The Emerging American Police State

    Today, we're lucky to have John come on the show to talk about his tireless work through the past several decades as he tries to wake all Americans up to the importance of civil liberties and your American duty to challenge authority before it's too late.

    "All men having power ought to be mistrusted." ...James Madison

    (Interview Begins at 9:50)
    The Rutherford Institute (est 1982) is a nonprofit civil liberties and human rights organization located in Charlottesville, Virginia, deeply committed to protecting the constitutional freedoms of every American and the integral human rights of all people. It has emerged as a prominent leader in the national dialogue on civil liberties and human rights, and is a formidable champion of the Constitution.
    In his lengthy and impressive professional history, Whitehead has filed numerous amicus briefs before the U.S. Supreme Court, has been co-counsel in several landmark Supreme Court cases and continues to champion the freedoms enshrined in the Bill of Rights in and out of the courts. His law review articles have been published in Emory Law Journal, Pepperdine Law Review, Harvard Journal on Legislation, Washington and Lee Law Review, Cumberland Law Review, Tulsa Law Journal and the Temple University Civil Rights Law Review. Whitehead is also a member of various groups that seek nonpartisan consensus solutions to difficult legal and constitutional issues through scholarship, activism and public education efforts.
    John Whitehead is a frequent commentator on a variety of legal and cultural issues in the national media and writes a weekly opinion column, which is distributed nationwide. He has authored more than 30 books on various legal and social issues.

    His most recent books include the best-selling Battlefield America: The War on the American People and the award-winning A Government of Wolves: The Emerging American Police State.

    In addition, he wrote and directed the documentary video series Grasping for the Wind, as well as its companion book, which focus on key cultural events of the 20th Century. The series received two Silver World Medals at the New York Film and Video Festival. You can also check out and share some of John's expertly written youtube videos.
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    A True Tale of Russian Espionage (Former KGB Spy Jack Barsky Interview)

    A True Tale of Russian Espionage (Former KGB Spy Jack Barsky Interview)

    If you’ve ever watched the hit television show The Americans, you’ve probably been simultaneously terrified and mesmerized by the concept that a hostile foreign government could successfully plant undercover spies into your friends, your neighbors, your family. Well, it doesn't just make great fiction, it's proven fact.

    Jack Barsky is a former KGB spy from the "Soviet illegals" program. Under orders and training from the most clandestine division of Russian intelligence, Jack left East Germany in his 20s to successfully infiltrate the United States with the intent to bring about our end. Jack lived, worked, and created an entirely false identity of family and friends during a decade long period in which he secretly took orders from the KGB.

    (Interview Begins at 11:20)

    Jack's Autobiography "Deep Undercover""The Agent" podcast about Jack's life.60 Minutes interview with Jack
    If you've ever wondered about the realities of international espionage, this is an interview you do not want to miss. Jack's life is not only fantastic and thrilling, but inspirational. Over time he came to understand the horrors of communism, defect from the USSR for love of his daughter and his life in America, and eventually not only found a spiritual faith, but became an advocate of United States' democracy.

    In this fascinating interview Jack gives insight into his extremely interesting life, but also uses his incredibly unique experience of living in both systems of communism and democracy to provide thoughts on where modern America is possibly going wrong. This interview covers everything from undercover spy work, to the Putin invasion of Ukraine, to American politics, cancel culture, and God.

    So give it a listen, and then pick up a copy of Jack's autobiography "Deep Undercover" to learn more about his life, or listen to the excellent podcast series "The Agent."

    And also, please remember to subscribe to this show so you don't miss any of our terrific upcoming interviews, and follow the Independent Riot on the www.callin.com app to be notified of our upcoming live, call in, episodes.

    Thanks for listening, and keep thinking for yourself!
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    Shark Attacks, Black Mirrors, and Saving the World Through Solar Flares (Deep Dive w F-Cat)

    Shark Attacks, Black Mirrors, and Saving the World Through Solar Flares (Deep Dive w F-Cat)

    In today's Deep Dive Jim and Freddy discuss what they learned from the past two interviews.  Matt Lewis on The Sinking of the Sudar Havid and Geoffrey Cain on China's Surveillance State.

    In their discussion of these episodes, Jim and Freddy weave through such important topics as the horrors of being on a tiny life boat in a massive storm, and if you'd rather be trapped underwater and eaten alive by sharks, or die waking up in a collapsed sink-hole in the middle of the night. (The answer is sink-hole, by the way, because sharks are scary as shit.)

    Then they go deep into discussing more aspects of the big-tech dystopian Black Mirror-type nightmare currently operating in Xinjiang, China, and different theories about why the world allows it to continue. (Hint, its money.)

    And to wrap it all up, Jim and Freddy get into an argument about the way controversial topics should be discussed, and if it is really important for saving the world to definitively figure out if Bill Gates has ever eaten a baby or not.

    So sit back, and enjoy this free-wheeling discussion between two independent thinkers, and then tune back in next week for a new interview with an actual smart person.

    Note: Deep dive episodes will soon be recorded LIVE with you, the listener, having the ability to call in to the show in real time and voice your own independent thoughts.

    It's free and easy to participate in the show, and be notified of the upcoming recording times, just download the "Callin" app (www.callin.com) on your phone and follow The Independent Riot.
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    Your Big-Tech Dystopian Nightmare Has Arrived! (Investigative Journalist Geoff Cain Interview)

    Your Big-Tech Dystopian Nightmare Has Arrived! (Investigative Journalist Geoff Cain Interview)

    From George Orwell's 1984, to the movie Minority Report, there are countless fictional warnings showing those in power snuffing out the average person's free will through the use of surveillance, advanced technology, and pitting innocent citizens against one another. Welp, investigate journalist Geoffrey Cain has discovered the future is already here!

    (Interview Begins at 15:30)

    Geoff Cain's new book, The Perfect Police State, details how the Chinese Communist Party is already operating a high-tech system in the Xinjiang region able to congeal all those different dystopian nightmares into one highly-efficient real-life horror show, which is not only ahead of schedule and already in operation, but exceeding all pure-evil expectations of crushing human will and enslaving entire populations.

    Geoffrey Cain is an investigative journalist who has infiltrated numerous authoritarian regimes including Iran, North Korea, Venezuela, and Cuba for his reporting to appear in prestigious publications such as the Financial Times and The Economist. In this interview, Geoff details his extensive undercover investigation into the workings and ramifications of the artificial intelligence surveillance system of the Xinjiang area by visiting it, as well as interviewing numerous Chinese escapees and tech experts.

    Through his courageous work, Geoff discovered the Chinese Communist Party has already figured out how to combine the greatest hits of Communisms' past like torture, re-education centers, and getting citizens to turn each other over to the authorities, with new cutting-edge technological twists such as artificial intelligence, digital payments, and social credit scores, to create the most horrifically efficient population enslavement system of all time.

    The book is a ground-breaking work of investigative journalism, which is not only packed full of substance on how the entire system works, but emotionally gut-wrenching, as it is told through the eyes of those real-life people experiencing its horrors. Please give this episode a listen, share it, and then buy a copy of Geoff's book, so we can hopefully force more mainstream discussion of this topic, before the same hellish system ends up spreading out of Xinjiang and around the world.
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    Sinking Off the Antarctic Coast: A Survival Story (Adventurer Matt Lewis Interview)

    Sinking Off the Antarctic Coast: A Survival Story (Adventurer Matt Lewis Interview)

    An ancient mariner’s warning against ships traveling south of the 40th parallel states,  “in the roaring 40s, there is no law; in the furious 50s, there is no God!"

    Today's guest, author Matt Lewis, is going to tell us the harrowing true tale of his book Last Man Off, which proves the whaler's warning accurate by describing how nearly half the crew of the doomed ship he was on, the Suddar Havid, never returned north of the 40th parallel again.

    (Interview Starts at 5:10)

    The Southern Ocean, a vast expanse of swirling seas at the bottom of the world between the far ends of South America, Africa, and Australia, and the icy crags of Antartica, is some of the most treacherous water on earth.

    It is a violent cauldron of 30-foot waves, frigid temperatures, 125 mile per hour wind gusts, killer whales and icebergs, in which innumerable ships and sailors have perished throughout history. Even in our modern age of jet travel, GPS satellites, and cell phone communication, if anything goes wrong in the huge Southern Ocean, timely help is non-existent.

    Yet in 1998, this is exactly where an adventure-seeking 23-year-old Matt Lewis went for his first job out of college. Matt accepted a position as a scientific observer aboard the ill-fated South African fishing vessel the Suddar Havid. He had no idea that in approximately two months after leaving port he would be on its sinking hull in a gargantuan storm within a desolate, angry expanse of ocean at the end of the earth, no rescue in sight.

    In his excellent non-fiction book Last Man Off Matt recounts this terrifying true story of the sinking of the Suddar Havid, which left nearly half the crew of 38 dead, and he as the last man to ever step foot off its deck before it sank away into the bottomless depths of the Southern Ocean. Graciously, Matt has decided to come on the show today to give us his riveting first hand account of that terrifying sinking of the Suddar Havid, and how he was one of the lucky ones left to tell the tale.

    This is a story that will unnerve you, uplift you, and leave you much more appreciative of your warm, dry bed at night. Enjoy, and then buy Matt's book for the outdoor adventurer in your own life.
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    The Robotic Murder-wolf Gang-stalking Paradox (Deep Dive w F-Cat)

    The Robotic Murder-wolf Gang-stalking Paradox (Deep Dive w F-Cat)

    On his death bed in 347 BC, famed Greek philosopher Plato was rumored to have declared that all of life's mysterious could be solved by answering just a single question...

    "would you rather be eaten alive by DARPA-created robotic wolf-dogs, or gang-stalked by an unknown private-military contractor until driven penniless and insane?"

    Luckily, on today's deep dive episode, Jim and Freddy answer this classic quandary to solve the meaning of your existence (you're welcome). They also discuss what they learned, questioned, and now want to know more about from the past two expert interview episodes with documentarian James Corbett and author Robert Guffey (episodes 18 and 19).

    Jim and F-Cat opine on fascinating subjects like gang-stalking, political anarchy, conspiracy-development within language and technology, and if an AI derived dictator would actually solve the world’s problems or just eventually kill us all for our own good. Jim also reiterates why he is desperately hoping for a massive solar flare to hit the earth, and Freddy teaches how you can train multiple generations of baboons to beat up someone wanting to climb a ladder, because... it's just good information to have!

    Enjoy the show, and then tuned back in next time for more expert interviews where actual smart people talk.

    Useful Articles on Gang-Stalking:

    Psychology Today

    Targeted Justice

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    • 1 hr 26 min

Customer Reviews

4.9 out of 5
22 Ratings

22 Ratings

Apanda76 ,

You should be proud!

I adore this podcast and am so grateful for the work you do. I might avoid going crazy now that I’ve found you :-)

MarcDClair ,

Excellent show for indendent thinkers

I had the pleasure of being interviewd by Jim Duncan for his podcast and WOW! You'd think Jim had been hosting for years, but he's both a rookie and a natural in the podcast game. Jim has a real knack for having real conversations with his guests about their beliefs, always displaying a genuine curiosity about their beliefs.

If you're sick of the same old left/right, hyperpartisan nonsense, you've got to check out The Indpendent Riot!

MSecrest ,

Playing checkers on a chess board

I do absolutely love what people like this are doing…..trying their best in their heart to be objective and find the truth on a number of issues. I do not intend for this review to be mean spirited, as I believe the intentions of this podcast are pure. However, it’s complete child’s play, I highly recommend checking out other sources for information on these topics. Hopefully the host will grow and learn throughout this journey, but currently his baseline understanding of how to discern information is so far removed from what’s necessary to get to the truth that the foundation isn’t built yet. I listened to the Chinese organ harvest episode, I’ve been interested in this topic for years. (Catch up, this is not new news) Several times the host expressed a reluctance to believe in this based on it not being covered by mainstream media. This is what I mean about needing to start with some basic understanding…..please do some deep dives, all mainstream media is bought and paid for by the same parent companies, it’s allowable content is dictated from above according to specific interests and ongoing propaganda narratives. Fox News is just controlled opposition to divide and conquer and give the illusion of different mainstream opinions, but they serve the same masters. Example, NPR…..look at the donors and who sits on the board of directors, and you’ll see the influence of the military industrial complex…..ironically, to my whole point, you have an episode asking if this completely verifiable and proven thing is even real……you can look through the archives and see how they have covered our military affairs abroad. Did they do a piece on the United States providing weapons to Saudi Arabia to commit genocide in Yemen? The arms dealer themselves funds NPR, so nope. I recommend listening to Scott Horton on such issues. The other aspect which is completely tied in to this brainwashing of trusting the mainstream media is how the masses have been trained to think of anything outside the pushed narrative as “conspiracy theory”, and then lump all those together. It has been declassified for example that we were planning to blow up our own plane and blame it on Cuba as an excuse to go to war decades ago…..yesterday’s “conspiracy theory”, todays accepted documented fact. Believing in that based on evidence doesn’t mean you think the earth is flat etc, but it’s all been put under the same umbrella to make people feel ridiculous for even entertaining anything that’s being covered up. This was referenced repeatedly, constantly comparing to Qanon thinking etc. Be wary of anyone who can’t stop dismissing everything as conspiracy, you will never get to the truth. This is phycology at play, and it’s working as intended to keep the masses right where they are. The massive irony in this….the host truly believing to be objective and rational without realizing his own training and brainwashing to rely on the corporate press and view everything outside as conspiracy.

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