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Providing birth education to empowered women everywhere. It's time to take back birth.

Taking Back Birth Maryn Green

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Providing birth education to empowered women everywhere. It's time to take back birth.

    Should I Have a Freebirth With My First Baby?

    Should I Have a Freebirth With My First Baby?

    Hah, trick question. My answer when people ask me is: I have no idea!

    What I DO care about if someone asks is that they think about what they want, what they want their ENTIRE experience to feel like (NOT just the birth!) and if they’re ready to get real with themselves about their own limitations and beliefs.

    Anything is possible…but in modern life and cultural craziness around birth, most first time mamas have a LOT to wade through. We all deserve support in the way we want it, and freebirth is only truly the answer for some. I talk about the benefits and drawbacks of having an autonomous midwife present for your journey; and how to better understand what we offer and if that fits your vision.


    If you’re having your first baby, come along with me on this conversation and see where you land!

    • 42 min
    Mothering Q&A

    Mothering Q&A

    In this Mothering podcast, I take the easy way out and answer a bunch of questions from our social network.

    I ended up blabbing about how it looks in our house with childcare, how we keep our house clean and how I think about relationships and spending time with each of them alone. Enjoy!

    • 55 min
    10 Questions to Ask Your Higher (Pregnant) Self

    10 Questions to Ask Your Higher (Pregnant) Self

    On this podcast, I use Danielle LaPorte as inspiration in a few different ways.

    Join me as I reflect on what it means to connect with your higher consciousness in pregnancy; how the state of the world is requiring more of this from us (like never before), and how some or all of these questions may really help you create your own best pregnancy and birth experience.

    I came up with 10 questions (proceeded by a blab on world events and my own personal pregnancy update) that are important to me in my own experience. I hope you enjoy these and find them helpful.

    • 41 min
    Mothering #4: Food, Eating and our Family

    Mothering #4: Food, Eating and our Family

    Join me on this continuation of my mothering series.

    In this episode, I talk about my beliefs around food and kids and how ultimately I have settled on trying to control less and allow more freedom. I also share how food often looks in our house; where it comes from, who makes it and how we make it all work for us.

    • 51 min
    The Spiritual Experience of Early Pregnancy (And Yes, I’m Pregnant Again)

    The Spiritual Experience of Early Pregnancy (And Yes, I’m Pregnant Again)

    “Enough of phrases, conceit, and metaphors, I want burning, burning, burning.” -Rumi

    Here’s the correct quote to this podcast; my newly pregnant brain got it wrong Here’s to hoping that you enjoy this more spiritual dive into the early pregnancy experience. Full of growth and realization and the mystery of these souls that come in! Burning, burning my former self away.

    I recorded this podcast a bit ago while still in the first trimester.

    • 35 min
    First Babies Can Fall Out But Often They Don’t

    First Babies Can Fall Out But Often They Don’t

    Margo and I chat together on this one after a recent run of first births in our own work. We also compiled some fun stats, looking at the many first births we’ve attended over the years and the percentages of long, fast, etc. We hope you enjoy the close look into the midwife’s perspective on attending first births; we love them, are at times challenged by them, and overall, continue to learn a lot about the variations and process with these stories.

    • 46 min

Customer Reviews

4.5 out of 5
176 Ratings

176 Ratings

AnitaH801 ,

The best.

This podcast is the best for those seeking to learn about, and take responsibility for, their pregnancy and birth, or, rather, life and all that comes with it. It is an empowering, inspiring, clear, smart, genuine, unbiased, evidence-based and beautiful resource. This podcast also made me feel that I belong - belong to lots and lots of other wise women who chose to trust themselves.

Merrill_Mel ,

Anti vaccine? Anti mask? Anti hospital?

Personal liberty at the expense of the health of others is reckless, selfish, and short sighted. I started listening to get some different perspectives on pregnancy and had to turn it off after 10 minutes of anti-mask soapboxing. If putting others at risk of COVID is the stated opinion, I have no interest in any pregnancy advice from this person. Listener beware.

PsychoticNarcotics ,

Maryn calms the mystery of not knowing

I might be pregnant (first child!) while typing this - I’m not sure, but I don’t want to test for HCG. I’ve been listening to Maryn’s wise words for years now (sorry I haven’t reviewed sooner!) & I’ve re-listened twice or even thrice to most of her episodes. In this weird limbo of time where I feel I’m either waiting for blood or waiting for a sign of life, her voice & honesty & wisdom are so validating. Well, that’s always. But it feels particularly special being in the midst of the transition from (perhaps) maiden to mother. Thank you Maryn ❤️

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