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Celebrating the RV Lifestyle by Mike and Jennifer Wendland. Tips, travel ideas, RV news and great interviews about the RV Lifestyle.

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Celebrating the RV Lifestyle by Mike and Jennifer Wendland. Tips, travel ideas, RV news and great interviews about the RV Lifestyle.

    RV Essentials and what RVers really want! RV Podcast #363

    RV Essentials and what RVers really want! RV Podcast #363

    The RV Essentials of what people really want when buying an RV are as varied as the people shopping for them. But still, some clear trends emerge when you talk to enough of them.

    In Episode #363 of the RV Podcast, we talked with a lot of shoppers at America's Largest RV Show in Hershey, PA this year and learned that in the almost two years now since COVID heard its ugly head and changed everything, camping has been one activity that helped many get through really difficult days.

    To listen to the audio version of the podcast, you can tune in via your favorite Podcast App or listen right now on your computer or device by clicking the audio player below:

    We also published a video version of the podcast on our RV Lifestyle Channel on YouTube. Click below to see:

    Table of Contents for this Episode

    The interviews on RV Essentials were just one part of our podcast. Here's a table of contents listing the time in the player that each topic comes up:

    * :30 Show Intro. Mike and Jen's whereabouts* 2:30 -The New Giveaway. We'll be giving away the new WaggleCam, that lets you see and hear how your dog is doing back in the RV while you are away. Not only that, but if he's a good boy you can use the app to dispense a treat, right from the camera! It's a $199 value. Besides the camera, we are also giving away a Waggle Pet Monitor (also a $199 value) that lets you get immediate smartphone notifications of the temperature inside your RV. Winners will be announced October 3. There are nine different ways to enter and you can do so as many times as you want. Good luck! Enter at rvlifestyle.com/sweepstakes* 4:20 - Photo of Early RVers* 5:30 - RV Motorhome Hall of Fame Exhibit of early camper from 1930* 6:25 - Photo of doghouse that looks like a camping trailer* 6:42 - Long lines at 5:30 AM at Zion National Park* 9:55 - Interview of the Week on RV Essentials* 28:47 - RV News: Glacier National Park Traffic regulation* 31:02 - RV News: Woman scalded at Yellowstone's Old Faithful* 32:45 - 13 foot high Class A crashes into 9 foot high railroad trestle* 33:50 - RVer hauling 5th Wheel tries drive through line at DQ. Major damage ensues.* 35:49 - RVTrip Wizard is tool to help find height hazards for RVers* 36:01 - Wildfires threaten giant Sequoia Trees in California* 37:02 - Monarch butterflies begin their migration. Here's a real-time map to track them* 44:14 - RV Question: What to do with a new RV heater* 47:47 - Hidden Campground Gem: Sweetwater Summit in Southern California

    Where we did the interviews on RV Essentials

    We did the interviews for this podcast at the 2021 edition of America's Largest RV Show (that's its official name) in Hershey, PA. The folks interviewed came from across the country. They ranged in age from their 30s to their 70s and were shopping for every type of RV you can imagine.

    The 2021 Hershey RV Show was attended by 61,320 people, the second-best attendance ever, after the 64,000 who attended in 2017. The show,

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    RV Podcast Episode 362: RV Repair Horror Stories

    RV Podcast Episode 362: RV Repair Horror Stories

    Talk about RV Repair Horror Stories! Wait till you hear about the quality and service issues exposed in this week's RV Podcast by an RV Tech.

    An RV is the second most expensive thing most people buy after their sticks and bricks home. So when things go wrong, getting them fixed properly is critical to enjoying the RV Lifestyle.

    But that doesn't happen.

    A lot.

    Our guest this week for the Interview of the Week is Justin Green, a fulltime RVer who runs Go Green Mobile RV Repair Service.

    You can watch a video version of the podcast, or listen to an audio-only version.

    The video version is below:

    You can hear the audio version of the podcast through Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Sticher, and all the major popular podcast apps. Or click the player below:

    Table of Contents for this Episode

    To find specific content in this episode, use the slider in either the video or audio files to navigate to the listening times for each segment.

    :39 - Mike & Jen's new Video Studio

    1:04- The New Format for the Podcast

    2:06 - Where to meet them at the Hershey RV Show in Hershey, PA this weekend

    6:33 - Interview of the Week - RV Repair Horror Stories from Justin Green

    27:39 - RV News: It's mating season for Elk. Watch out for them.

    29:44 - RV News: Fires Rage in two California National Parks, Kings Canyon, and Sequoia

    31:10 - RV News: Some Louisiana State Parks are reopening after Hurricane Ida damage

    32:18 - RV News: Elkhart RV Dealer Open House canceled for 2nd year in a row because of COVID fears

    33:42 - RV News: German Company debuts $2.4 million Class A with a lift to park a car inside it

    34:35 - Minnesota woman in burn unit after tripping over kerosene lantern at a campground

    35:53 - Texas woman gives birth to a baby boy in her RV while camping in a state park

    39:30 - RV Question of the Week: The difference between a hard start capacitor and SoftStart to run an RV air conditioner

    47:52 - RV Calendar of upcoming RV shows

    50:28 - RV Tip of the week: Using bath mats inside the camper door for muddy boots

    RV Repair Horror Stories: The Interview of the Week

    Our guest is Justin Green, of Go Green Mobile RV Repair Service

    Our guest is Justin Green, of Our guest this week for the Interview of the Week is Justin Green, a fulltime RVer who runs Go Green Mobile RV Repair Service. Justin travels the country fulltime with his wife and kids, doing mobile RV Tech work.

    He talks about a decline in quality he is seeing in new RVs and the shoddy repair service that he has to fix because of poorly trained service techs.

    Here's a transcript of the interview:

    Mike Wendland:

    Joining us right now is Justin Green, from the road. Justin, how are you today?

    Justin Green:

    I'm doing great. How are you doing, Mike?

    Mike Wendland:

    Why don't you introduce yourself to the audienc...

    Podcast #361: Tips for Fulltime Retired Solo Women RV Travelers

    Podcast #361: Tips for Fulltime Retired Solo Women RV Travelers

    A growing subset of the RV Lifestyle community is fulltime retired solo women RV Travelers and in this post and episode 361 of the RV Podcast we meet one of them, a 65-year-old woman who retired after a long career as a high school teacher to embrace a nomadic life of fulltime travel in her RV.

    In our Interview of the week segment, you'll meet Cynthia Waldrop, who has some great tips and an inspiring tale for all of us, whether the fulltime RV life is on the horizon or whether we just want to get out there on weekends and holidays.

    Cynthia shares her experience as an older solo female RVer, the good, the bad and everything in between.

    You will not want to miss her story! Plus we have RV News, we answer your RV questions and we offer up a simple trick to help with storage problems in your RV.

    Below is a video version of the entire podcast, including Cynthia's interview.

    Below is our audio podcast player that you can hear right on your computer or phone. You can also listen, of course, through your favorite podcast app.

    Tablor of Contents for Episode 361 of the Podcast

    Below is the timecode for each of the main topics we discuss in the podcast. Just move the slider to the time listed for the subject you want to listen to.

    * 00:10 - Mike & Jen update their whereabouts* 1:58 Changing the format a little* 2:30 Looking ahead to the fall season* 3:40 Military Campgrounds discussion* 4:10 The RV Lifestyle Interactive Map of great places to camp* 5:22 - Win a SoftStart RV for your Air Conditioner* 8:50 - Escapees RV Club requiring proof of COVID-19 vaccinations or negative COVID-19 tests for all events* 12:10 – “Airstream” truck camper* 13:25 - Bison Rush Hour at Custer State Park in South Dakota* 14:04 - A “Catio” for cats* 15:02 - Partying kids and “Venmo me” signs* 16:10 - Ohio “Don’t Camp” in Left Lane campaign* 18:45 - Wildfires across the county, National Forests closed in California* 20:50 - Camper drowns in Rifle River logjam in Michigan* 22:48 - RV industry keeps setting sales records* 24:01 - Global chip shortage delays new pickup truck sales, too* 25:12 - Timed entry requirements end at many National Parks* 28:24 - RV Question: Are dogs welcome at National and State Parks?* 32:25 - RV Question: About the Internetonthego.net Mike & Jen are testing in their RV* 38:00 - Interview of the Week with solo retired woman RVer Cynthia Waldrop* 01:04:30 - Tip of the Week: Solving RV storage problems with ZipLock Bags

    Interview of the Week: Tips for fulltime retired solo women RV Travelers

    Cynthia with her Kodiak Cub.

    Meet Cynthia, a new fulltime retired solo woman RV Traveler

    Mike Wendland: Well, we're delighted now to be joined by Cynthia. Cynthia, it's a pleasure to see you here today.

    Cynthia Waldrop: Thank you. It's a pleasure to be here. Thank you for asking me.

    Mike Wendland: Everybody's going to want to know, is that your RV? but those look like a bunch of Coleman lanterns. Is that what we see behind you?

    Cynthia Waldrop: Yes. Yes. That's my son's collection. This is actually in his garage. He collects and restores old Coleman lanterns. But I do have one in my RV that he did for me.

    Mike Wendland: Good for you. I think we do, too.

    Jennifer Wendland: That's great. Cynthia, if you could tell us a little bit about yourself and...

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    RV Podcast #360: RV Air Conditioner Hack and Upgrade

    RV Podcast #360: RV Air Conditioner Hack and Upgrade

    Getting the most out of our RV Air Conditioner can be a daunting task. But before you give up, consider this hack or this suggested upgrade.

    The Hack is a very simple addition to your existing RV air conditioner - a $300 product (we can save you $30 off that price) called SoftStartRV that you install up on the roof.

    NOTE: We're giving three of them away on a limited-time sweepstakes you can enter for free at https://RVLifestyle.com/sweepstakes

    The Upgrade is much more expensive. It involves totally replacing your existing unit with a new one that Advanced RV markets through its Upfitter Resource website as the Quiet Air Conditioner

    In Episode 360 of the RV Podcast, we show you both the RV Air Conditioner Hack and the Upgrade, plus much more, including the RV News of the week, the latest on the 2021 edition of America's Largest RV Show upcoming in Hershey, PA, RV tips, your RV questions, and a hidden campground gem.

    To watch the video version of the Podcast, click the player below:

    To hear the audio version of the player, you can listen in your favorite app or right now on your computer or smartphone through the audio player below.

    Where to find the RV Air Conditioner info and other topics covered this week

    Here's a table of contents of the topics we report. Scroll on the video or audio player to the times given to hear that exact subject.

    * :30 - The latest whereabouts of Mike and Jennifer* 2:20 - Details on the giveaway of three SoftStartRVs (the RV air conditioner hack) through our sweepstakes* 5:00 - Photo of the week. "Sleeping on Air" over the Italian Alps* 6:40 - Hot Asphalt temperatures. A warning about how hot asphalt is and the damage it causes to pet paws.* 10:55 - Extreme weather problems across the country* 12:57 - "Touron" woman sentenced to jail for walking in Yellowstone thermal area* 14:50 - Labor Day weekend travel predictions* 16:35 - Private Maine campground requires proof of vaccination and masks * 18:16 - Colorado campground closed because of bear activity* 18:25 - The latest on the Hershey RV Show. Interview with executive director Heather Leach.* 29:00 - Question about finding the quietest RV air conditioner* 30:35 - Demonstration of the Houghton RV air conditioner* 40:18 - Interview with RV electricity expert Mike Sokol about how the SoftStartRV hack lets you run your RV air conditioner while moochdocking by connecting to household 20 amp circuit.* 57:35 - Hidden Campground Gem the Cooper Gulch Campground in California* RV Tip. Using a blackout curtain to screen out the glare from a TV so you can 1:00:42 - watch TV and your partner can sleep

    Info on SoftStart RV - our RV Air Conditioner Hack

    The SoftStartRV is a huge help for boondocking and moochdocking who want to run their RV air conditioner on low power

    We installed SoftStart R...

    • 1 hr 2 min
    RV Podcast #359: Tips for Florida Snowbirds

    RV Podcast #359: Tips for Florida Snowbirds

    In this Episode 359 of the RV Podcast, we offer some tips for Florida Snowbirds that tell it like it is, from the real weather you can expect, to why you may already be too late for a reservation for this upcoming snowbird season.

    But there's much more this week, too, including RV News, Travel Tips, Product Reviews, and much, much more.

    As always, we have video and audio versions of the podcast available.

    To watch the video version on our RV Lifestyle Channel on YouTube, click the player below:

    And to hear the audio version, click the player below:

    Find our Tips for Florida Snowbirds and other topics

    If you want to jump right to the specific sections and topics covered in this episode, here's our table of contents:

    * :56 Update on Mike and Jen's whereabouts* 2:00 The picture of the week* 3:13 The "Covered Wagons" at the Horse Cave, KY KOA* 8:25 Bo's near disaster on our live remote broadcast* 10:45 Audience experience on how willing RV dealers are to sell off MSRP* 18:30 News: Storms and weather info for RVers this week* 20:25 News: Utah family pelted with "tangerine-sized" hail* 21:30 News: Free admission Aug. 25 at National Parks* 22:22 News: Man stops runaway jeep being towed by RV* 24:22 News: US border closed to non-essential Canadian travelers until at least Sept. 21* 27:40 RV Question: The perfect RV vacuum that Mike and Jen use https://rvlifestyle.com/vac* 32:20 RV Question: Managing RV air conditioner demands with SoftstartRV https://rvlifestyle.com/softstartrv* 37:45 RV Interview: Tips for Florida Snowbirds in the Florida panhandle from Mati Alexander of Hideaway Camping Retreat in Navarre, FL* 44:15 Mike and Jens Snowbird tips for the rest of Florida* 48:21 Hidden Campground Gems: Eden Springs in Benton Harbor, MI* 51:07 The Burketts are taking a break* 52:15 RV Product of the Week: Luci Lights solar charged blow-up lantern

    Tips for Florida Snowbirds

    Snowbird destination

    Florida is a huge destination for RVers, especially those from cold climates hoping to escape the snow and nasty winter weather.

    For those who like to flee for the whole season - called snowbirds because of their annual migration patterns, it is a particularly attractive place to go.

    They don't call Florida "The Sunshine State" for no reason!

    When is snowbird season in Florida?

    In general, snowbird season is from November 1 to March 1.

    There are two waves.

    The early wave heads south right after Halloween.

    The second wave leaves right after Christmas.

    It's a toss-up to which one is the most popular though RVers hoping to snag a seasonal site get the best placement if they book through the entire four-month period.

    When do you need reservations for a seasonal snowbird site in Florida?

    Jennifer on the beach

    The earlier the better. Most bookings by RV resorts and campgrounds start taking reservations for the next snowbird season right after the current one ends. In other words, early March.

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    RV Travel with a Dog in 2021: Must-know tips

    RV Travel with a Dog in 2021: Must-know tips

    In this episode #358 of the RV Podcast we talk about RV Travel with a dog, offering up important tips on how to make your pet enjoy the RV Lifestyle as much as you do.

    There's no doubt, a dog can bring a lot of joy to your RV travels. But they also present a lot of challenges.

    But blame COVID for making those challenges worse.

    After more than 18 months of COVID-related restrictions and working from home, dog trainers and boarding facilities are noticing a huge spike in separation anxiety issues experienced by pets being left alone or in the care of others.

    We love RV Travel with a Dog and our Bo is one Happy Camper

    For RVers, who are taking their pets to new locations, those behavioral issues can be even more severe.

    In this episode, we introduce you to Soriya Koy, a Nashville dog trainer, and sitter with who we recently left Bo for a couple of nights.

    She offers tips on how to choose a pet sitter and how to handle separation anxiety for your dog.

    RV News, Q&A, Campground Tips and Travel Reports plus our Tips on RV Travel with a Dog

    Here is the Video Version of the entre Podcast from our RV Lifestyle YouTube Channel:

    Here is the Audio Version of the Podcast:

    Below is a table of contents for each of the various topics we discuss in this episode of the Podcast. Just move the player slider to the corresponding time for the section you want to listen to, in either the video or audio versions.

    * 1:30 Watching Tropical Storm Fred’s approaching landfall* 4:00 Update on our Sweepstakes pet monitor giveaway prizes* 6:19 “Chopper Toad” photo – RV towing helicopter* 7:05 “Two Story Toad”- RV towing car and pontoon boat* 8:10 Taylor Rae “Home on the Road” song* 13:05 Airstream considers dropping Sprinter for Class B Interstate* 16:40 Hikers and dog attacked by Grizzly in Montana* 18:37 Three-year-old bitten by coyote on Cape Cod* 20:16 Indiana Dunes National Park eyes a bunch of new fees* 22:20 Three suffer electric shock in Maine campground pool* 27:55 Question: Can you run your RV generator while driving down the road?* 30:45 Question: What are the pros and cons for RVers traveling with dogs?* 40:40 Soriya Koy of Rover.com shares tips about finding a pet sitter* 54:00 Hidden Campground Gems https://campgroundviews.com/RVL7* 57:49 Off The Beaten Path – Wood County, Ohio

    RV Travel with a Dog Interview with Soriya Koy

    Mike Wendland: So here we are picking up Bo and this is Soriya. We found Soriya through Rover.com which we use all of the time. And while we were in Nashville, Bo had a great time here.

    Soriya Koy: Oh, you're so very welcome. I'm so glad he had a great time.

    Jennifer Wendland: We felt very comfortable leaving him. And I can tell, I could tell from the pictures that he was having fun. We just came to him. And I'm not sure he wants to leave.

    Soriya Koy: Know what, that's typically how it is when they're here.

    • 1 hr

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545 Ratings

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