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How can sex create a spiritual experience? How can we create the ideal relationship? International Tantra Teacher and Hay House author, Shashi Solluna, shares Tantric wisdom and interviews some of the world experts on this topic.

Tantra Made Easy Shashi Solluna

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How can sex create a spiritual experience? How can we create the ideal relationship? International Tantra Teacher and Hay House author, Shashi Solluna, shares Tantric wisdom and interviews some of the world experts on this topic.

    Trauma Healing as a Couple ~ Shashi Solluna

    Trauma Healing as a Couple ~ Shashi Solluna

    Something that I feel we all need to learn about if we want to have harmonious relationships is trauma healing.

    Most of us have had more trauma than we realize, and right now we are in times of mass collective trauma (trauma is defined as anything that is overwhelming for our system to process). It affects our emotions, our nervous system our ability to relate with others...and this all comes out in our interpersonal relationships.

    Add to that the amount of sexual trauma and abuse that many have suffered. You may feel as if you have got over it, and yet in an intimate relationship you get triggered and find yourself shutting down. This is because often our unresolved trauma resurfaces in intimate relationships.

    For that reason, as I have worked with couples for many years to teach them about Tantra, I have come to the realization that we also need to understand at least the basics of trauma healing if we are to have a harmonious relationship. In fact, this needs to be the precursor to learning Tantra practices (otherwise some of the practices will trigger you and you won't know why).

    I have made this podcast to help couples understand the basics of trauma healing and the importance of integrating this into your relationship tool kit.

    If you want to follow my entire course on Trauma Healing (you can join as an individual or as a couple), please go to: Live Tantra Academy

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    Ejaculatory Mastery ~ Taylor Johnson

    Ejaculatory Mastery ~ Taylor Johnson

    So many men carry shame around issues such as premature ejaculation and impotence. And to make matters worse, many carry this shame alone as they do not know where to go for guidance and support.

    Meet Taylor. He is offering support for men in the form of articles, videos and courses to guide them through a process that he himself went through. With his experience of Tantra, Taoist Sexual Arts and his own explorations, he has been putting together a toolkit for men to shift their sexuality.

    In this interview, we cover a number of issues including:

    * How to overcome porn addiction, and re-direct your energy back into your life.

    * Getting over premature ejaculation.

    * Discovering what ejaculatory choice is.

    * Healing your relationship with non-erection.

    * How self-pleasure can become a tantric practice.

    * Discovering sexual pleasure beyond the genitals.

    * How to have psychedelic experiences just from love-making!

    * Full body orgasm for men,

    ...and so much more.

    About Taylor

    Taylor is a sex educator and coach who helps men master their sexual energy so they can use it to supercharge their entire life. He combines tantric and taoist sexuality with western practicality in ways that make this work practical, grounded and real. He runs in-person workshops, and...

    He runs two online courses for men:

    Orgasmic Mastery - a 5-week course that helps men overcome premature ejaculation so they can make love for hours and have multiple non-ejaculatory orgasms

    Semen Retention Challenge - a 21-day course that helps men build and harness their sexual energy so they can create the life they truly desire

    In addition to the courses above, you can also connect with Taylor on Instagram at @taylorclarkjohnson and via his website: www.taylorjohnson.life

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    Tantra Made Easy (Trailer)

    Tantra Made Easy (Trailer)

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    The Rabbi who turned Tantric ~ Ohad Pele Ezrahi

    The Rabbi who turned Tantric ~ Ohad Pele Ezrahi

    Many religions teach that in order to be truly spiritual, you must suppress sexuality and destroy your sexual urges. Tantra is one rare exception, that instead invites you to enter sexuality but with full awareness and consciousness.  

    Ohad Ezrahi is part of the lead faculty of ISTA, leading conscious sexuality trainings around the world. However, in his early days he was immersed into Orthodox Judaism and was even ordained as a Rabbi. This came from his deep yearnings to find more to life than just the surface level. Yet, the split between sex and spirituality always caused him pain.

    In this episode, Ohad shares his incredible story, and his findings along the way.

    Find out how he went from looking for ascension, to turning it around and bringing spirit and consciousness deeply into the physical and sexual realms.

    I often say, let us journey from Sex to Spirit. But in this case, I definitely will say: Let us journey from Spirit to Sex!


    And read his book Kedesha here.....

    Access more of my podcasts, meditations and courses at shashisolluna.com

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    How can we Reconcile our Spirituality and our Humanity? ~ John Amodeo

    How can we Reconcile our Spirituality and our Humanity? ~ John Amodeo

    For centuries mankind has been struggling with the differential between the spiritual desire for non-attachment and the human desire for building relationships. 

    Many have felt forced to choose...those who took the spiritual path renounced all worldly desires with celibacy, monkhood and other austere practices, giving up all the basic human desires (at least on the surface, as we now know many failed and just pushed their desires into shadowy behaviours).. Those who chose humanity may have chosen hedonism, bit many fell into attachment, addiction and cycles of emotionality.

    Author John Amodeo has been exploring for several decades how to reconcile these two aspects. A trained therapist and marriage guidance counselor, he was also a Buddhist and spiritual seeker. Though these two worlds were mostly kept separate, John set out to find out how to find the meeting point....very much the core essence of Tantra.

    The result is that he has found that relationship CAN be a valid part of our spiritual growth, if we apply the right tools and attitudes.

    In this podcast episode, he explains what that looks like.

    This includes:

    * An explanation of the different needs of our spiritual aspect and our human aspect

    * Exploring where these two meet

    * How relationship can become our spiritual vehicle

    * taking a look "attachment" and what that really means

    * How to avoid spiritual bypassing, but also not get stuck in the human experience

    To find out more about John and his work, please refer to:



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    How can a Couple Transform their Sex Life into Tantra?

    How can a Couple Transform their Sex Life into Tantra?

    Ma Ananda Sarita is one of the world's leading authorities on Tantra. She lived for 26 years in the Osho community, and 16 years in Osho's presence, receiving teachings and transmissions on the teachings and meditations of Tantra. We chat together about how sex can become a spiritual experience, and how a couple can transform an ordinary relationship into a tantric relationship. At the end of this podcast, Sarita shares step-by-step guidance for a couple's practice in spiritual sex. 
    In this audio:
    * Find out what Osho taught to Sarita about Tantra
    * Hear how to unite our hedonistic nature with our spiritual path.
    * Learn how a couple can surrender their egos to Love.
    * Discover how sex can actually accelerate our enlightenment and awakening.
    * Find out how a couple need to integrate meditation into their relationship.
    * Hear about "Love Appointments" and how a couple can schedule in their tantric experiences.
    * Discover how to recognize good chemistry with a partner.
    * Find out some of Sarita's secrets of Tantra!
    * Hear a step-by-step practice that you and your partner can try out at home!

    To find out more about Sarita, go to www.tantra-essence.com. There you will find links to her books, online courses and calendar of events. Music Sarita referred to is Deuter.

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