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Contemporary drama in a rural setting

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Contemporary drama in a rural setting



    Writers, Keri Davies & Daniel Thurman
    Directors, Rosemary Watts & Marina Caldarone
    Editor, Jeremy Howe

    Pip Archer.... Daisy Badger
    Josh Archer .... Angus Imrie
    Ben Archer..... Ben Norris
    Brian Aldridge.... Charles Collingwood
    Phoebe Aldridge.... Lucy Morris
    Justin Elliott .... Simon Williams
    Emma Grundy .... Emerald O'Hanrahan
    Shula Hebden Lloyd .... Judy Bennett
    Adam Macy .... Andrew Wincott
    Kate Madikane ….. Perdita Avery
    Kirsty Miller ….. Annabelle Dowler
    Elizabeth Pargetter .... Alison Dowling
    Freddie Pargetter ….. Toby Laurence
    Johnny Philips .... Tom Gibbons
    Fallon Rogers .... Joanna Van Kampen
    Lynda Snell ….. Carole Boyd
    Robert Snell ….. Graham Blockey
    Roy Tucker .... Ian Pepperell
    Gavin Moss ..... Gareth Pierce
    Joy Horville .... Jackie Lye
    Chloe .... Eva Feiler

    • 12 min


    Brian wants to check in on Josh. He suggests to Adam that since Josh isn’t going to be charged, they should keep him in mind for tractor work. Later, Brian finds an exhausted Adam dozing over the accounts. But he’s had some good news; Xander’s new birth certificate with Ian’s name on it has arrived. Brian reports that Josh is concerned about the number of lame ewes. He thinks they need to get the vet in pronto.

    Fallon wonders whether Keira might like to enter the Easter bonnet competition. She’s been trying to drum up interest with local school children at the bus stop, but hasn’t had much interest. Emma thinks that parents always end up doing the children’s craft projects for them anyway. Fallon decides on a new approach: the grown-ups make the bonnets and the kids judge.

    Elizabeth can tell that Freddie’s finding it hard staying at Lower Loxley with no work on. She suggests they go out and have some fun. After lunch at the Tearoom, Freddie is ready to go home. Elizabeth wonders if he should speak to someone about his traumatic ordeal at Grey Gables. Freddie wants to put it all behind him. He can see his mum’s point, but compared with what Lynda’s been through, his experience is nothing.

    • 13 min


    Shula invites Kirsty and Pip along to a planning meeting for the Easter festival. She’s hoping Lynda will be the guest of honour. Pip’s way too busy, but Kirsty thinks it’d be nice to do something for the village. After a successful meeting, Kirsty and Shula reflect on how the village has come together since the incident at Grey Gables. Fallon has suggested an Easter bonnet competition.

    Justin wants to talk to Phoebe about income generation for the rewilding acreage. He’s found a patch of land adjoining theirs with a couple of barns for sale. He thinks the rewilders should buy them to convert into office space. They could become offices and a visitor centre in the long term, but for now they could be rented out to generate income. Justin would happily be a co-investor. Pip isn’t keen, but agrees that they will need an office and visitor centre.

    While Philip’s out on a walk, Kirsty asks Gavin if he thinks she should postpone the wedding. With all the business trouble, it doesn’t feel right. Gavin counters that it’s the only thing keeping Philip going right now, she can’t take that away from him.

    Gavin implores Justin to allow them to continue with their building work for BL. He doesn’t want the firm punished for Blake’s actions. Justin’s impressed by Gavin’s spirit and says they can restart their work. Justin says if one of his employees let him down that badly, they’d know a world of pain. Gavin assures Justin they’re on the same page on that front.

    • 13 min


    Lynda’s been moved out of the Burns Unit onto a ward. She’s worried about Blake, as she’s heard he’s mortified by the damage he caused and was also seriously hurt. She phones Roy and asks him to visit Blake to explain she’s forgiven him. Roy’s busy with daily management team meetings and working on the insurance claim but promises to see him later in the week.

    Roy finds Josh in high spirits. He’s just heard that the police won’t be charging him.

    Robert intercepts Ben and Josh on their way into visit Lynda. They want to tell her how Monty’s getting on, and have bought a bag of goodies from Jill and Ruth. Robert stalls them and says that Lynda’s busy with physiotherapy. Lynda tells Robert to put the word out that she doesn’t want visitors. Robert tells Lynda that James and Leonie will arrive at the weekend. She hopes they won’t want to see her.

    As they’re leaving the hospital, Ben bumps into Chloe, the doctor he met on his birthday night out. He’s surprised to discover she’s 25. Keen to get away, Chloe suggests Ben gets back in touch when he’s had more practice. Josh finds this hilarious and pokes fun at Ben for punching above his weight. Ben warns Josh that if he doesn’t shut up, he’ll be walking home.

    • 12 min


    Joy returns Josh’s jacket to him while he’s on duty on in the Brookfield lambing shed. While Joy recounts her hangover from the Felpersham night out, Josh discovers a problem with a lambing ewe. Brian appears and lends Josh a hand while Joy observes. Twin lambs are successfully delivered. Impressed Brian tells Josh that Ian has to go to Ireland for his aunt’s funeral so there is now lambing work at Home Farm for him.

    Robert tries to lift Lynda’s spirits but she’s tired and when another visitor arrives she wants them sent away. She changes her mind when she realises it’s Freddie. She gets tearful but then gathers herself. Freddie apologises for what he said before the explosion but Lynda has no memory of their argument. Lynda reveals Robert’s dad’s medal had always been on display, and not ‘gathering dust’ as Robert had claimed. This makes Freddie want to give it back but Lynda insists he keep it for Robert’s sake.

    Freddie tries to be positive but Lynda is frustrated by the state she’s in. She feels hideous and doesn’t think she’ll be the same again. She tells Freddie how much pain she’s in and takes off her scarf to show him that her head has been shaved for skin grafts. Freddie wants to fetch Robert but Lynda doesn’t want him seeing her like this. She also doesn’t want Freddie to repeat their conversation. She tells Freddie she wishes he’d left her in Grey Gables – she’d prefer to be dead than to be in the state she’s in now.

    • 13 min
    An Ambridge Spring

    An Ambridge Spring

    Enjoy the sounds of an Ambridge spring as we take a seasonal stroll through the fields, woods and lanes of deepest Borsetshire. Overhear some Archers characters as they make the most of the lengthening days and warming weather.

    • 10 min

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