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Design The Simple Life - The podcast for you who desire to create a simple, healthy and harmonious business and life. Website: http://www.ylvamariadesign.com

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Design The Simple Life - The podcast for you who desire to create a simple, healthy and harmonious business and life. Website: http://www.ylvamariadesign.com

    50 episodes Celebration 🥳

    50 episodes Celebration 🥳

    This is episode number 50 and a celebration one. It´s a mix of the most popular episodes I have published and I hope you’ll like it.

    To celebrate number 50 of Design the simple life I will give you a very great opportunity to help you simplify your life. One year ago I made the very popular course ACADEMY OF SIMPLICITY and until the 30th of November you'll get a HUGE celebration discount.

    Academy of Simplicity is a 4-weeks online course about decluttering and simplicity.

    Module 1 - Life soul essence

    3 lessons:

    Be aware of your daily habits

    Manifest your dream lifestyle

    Create your own digital vision board.


    Module 2 - Organize a clutter-free home

    It’s all about decluttering. I will guide you how to declutter all your areas in your home within 2 weeks and it will give you a huge difference both in your home and in your entire life. Everything will be so much easier after you have accomplished this module and have decluttered your home. Remember that you decide what kind of things you will keep or not and I will show you how to decide.


    Module 3 - Simplify your everyday life

    4 lessons 

    Daily routines to simplify and live in harmony

    How to live in a simple way

    Keep focus and continue your lighter life

    Self-care for your health



    1. Design your home with feng shui pdf guide

    2. Weekly uplifting meditations


    Get the course with lifetime access for only 99€ instead of 397€:

    SIGN UP here!

    Use discount code: AOS50


    OBS! Last day to sign up for this affordable price is 30th of November.

    Questions: Simply send me an email to info@ylvamariadesign.com



    Ylva ❤️  

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    Episode 49 I The 10 most common things we often forget to declutter

    Episode 49 I The 10 most common things we often forget to declutter

    Join my Masterclass "The Simple Life Formula" for FREE and learn all you have to know to start creating your simplified life. I´m looking forward to meet you inside of the masterclass which will be in Zoom.

    Choose the Day and time you want. You have 4 time options and I hope some of them fits your calendar.


    In this episode I give my thought of the most common things we often forget to declutter. There are things you can change to eliminate it and I'll give you suggestions in this episode.

    Here are the 10 things:


    Old spices

    Plastic containers


    Paper piles


    Online social groups

    Old food

    Bathroom cabinet

    Garden pots

    Next week: 50 Episode CELEBRATION 


    /Ylva ❤️


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    48. Episode 48 I What to do when your things breaks

    48. Episode 48 I What to do when your things breaks

    Have you ever thought about your reaction when some of your things breaks? I have and I have also realized that my reactions and feelings have changed over time. Yesterday, two of my cups in the kitchen fell to the floor and I was fully aware of how my mindset has shifted.

    In the last episode I told you about The Simplicity lifestyle membership . - The membership and community for all women who want to add simplicity into their lives and make a change. Maybe you have already started to simplify your home and life, but need some kind coaching or if you are a totally beginner my membership is for you. We´re going to declutter together in the monthly workshops and you´ll be well coached in the monthly masterclasses about simplicity, feng shui and holistic mindset. It going to be amazing!

    Everything takes much more time than we think and for now there are some small changes I have to do for the preparation for the membership, but you are most welcome to sign up for the waiting list here at my website: www.ylvamariadesign.com/the simplicity lifestyle  Then I will send you a notification when it starts up. I’m looking forward to see your name on the members list. ❤️

    In this episode I´m talking about the mindset about when your stuff breaks. Maybe you can remember when you were a child and you accidentally broke something by mistake and someone become angry or showed their emotions in a way. Or maybe you felt very sad when some of your things you liked get broke. I think this is very common and especially between child and adults. It’s so easy to show the emotions too much for our children when they by mistake break something. And the result of that is a crying child in a locked room or a corner. That scenario isn’t healthy, so if you’re there I think it’s time to start think a little bit different. 

    All children break something by mistake now and then and that’s a part of our life. So, don’t get upset when your children break something. Take it easy and you’ll have better relation to your children.

    Sign up to my FREE 3-days wardrobe declutter course and start your simplifying journey today!

    See you soon!

    /Ylva ❤️




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    47. Episode 47 I 5 steps to love your home more

    47. Episode 47 I 5 steps to love your home more

    For me it’s very important to love my home. If I don’t it doesn’t feel good and then I immediately want to change something. I move a furniture. Add some flowers, paint a wall or something like that. It’s the small changes which makes the difference. 

    I have been working very hard to set up my membership about simplicity, feng shui and holistic mindset. That’s why I have been a little bit off from my podcast. Sometimes life is like that and we have to accept it as it is. In the membership The Simplicity Lifestyle we’re going to have new masterclasses and workshops each month and I’m so excited about it. I have invited very professional people for the masterclasses. So, if you would like to make a change and start to simplify your life, create a clutter-free home and uplift your mindset The Simplicity lifestyle membership is definitely something for you. I hope you gonna like it and I’m looking forward to coach you.

    Guest in this episode: Sarah Dew - She is a master life coach and goal success coach, a self-published author and the founder of A simple and contented life.

    Read more about Sarah at her website www.asimpleandcontentedlife.com

    Sign up for The Simplicity Lifestyle membership here!

    Ylva ❤️


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    What to do when life is too much

    What to do when life is too much

    We all have time periods when life is very hectic or times when we feel everything is a big chaos. It feels like there is nothing to do about it when we are in the middle of the chaos. I feel you, I have been there and I have some great tips for you today. 

    If you haven’t seen my new website and my new upcoming membership The Simplicity membership and my photography art prints I definitely suggest you to check that out. The photography art prints are available in 4 different sizes and are printed on a beautiful high quality aquarelle paper. 


    The membership is for you who would really dive into a simplified life without any clutter in your home and includes the 3 pillars simplicity (or declutter coaching most exact), feng shui and holistic mindset. So, we’re going to have decluttering challanges, masterclasses about simplicity, feng shui and holistic mindset and also monthly q & a:s. So, this is really great, because you get both coaching and new skills in this membership. 

    The Simplicity lifestyle membership is now open for enrollment if you would like to sign up as a founding member for a very affordable price of 15 € per month. BUT, only for a short amount of time this price is just august out. After that the price will goes up, so if you think this is something you would like to bring into your life go and sign up today.

    Sign up as a founding member HERE!

    My website: https://www.ylvamariadesign.com

    I hope I can inspire you a little bit in this episode if your life is very hectic for now.

    all my love,

    Ylva ❤️

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    5 things to avoid when you declutter your home

    5 things to avoid when you declutter your home

    Last week I published my new website and I have made some changes in my business. I have started a webshop with my photography art which I’m very passionate about and for the moment I´m also working on the content to The Simplicity lifestyle membership which is going to start in september.

    This membership will help you declutter your home, simplify your life in a nice and calm speed and I think that’s the way to go if you would like a sustainable uncluttered home and a simplified life. 

    Join The Simplicity Lifestyle membership as a founding member HERE!

    In this episode I cover 5 things to avoid when you’re starting out to declutter your home. This is very common mistakes people does when they ´re starting the simplifying journey, but there are solutions for everything. 

    Have a wonderful day!

    /Ylva ❤️

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